A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 2)


Chapter 2

“And how about the lights? Did they came up with color mix?’
“Yes, Takahashi-san, they did. They sent us previews. I find them pretty, Yagami-san also was content. Now we only need yours and president’s opinions.”
The manager and the assistant were sitting at a huge table in the middle of the working office, which had more tables around. There were other people, men and women, working at those tables. But at this table were just the two. One of them was very short, had a bit masculine voice. Her hair were in a ponytail, there was also a huge black’n’white ribbon in her hair. Other than that, her clothing was very formal, white blouse, black skirt, black heels. The assistant had dark brown hair in a high bun, with bangs. She had a cute baby face and was always paying attention not only to the manager but also to her surroundings. So she noticed a strange commotion and decided to inform Takahashi about it. She tucked lightly on the sleeve of manager’s shirt.
“Very good. Now, on this part of stage… What’s the matter, Niigaki-san?”
“I think you should raise your head from these papers and look around you, Takahashi-san.”
The short woman raised her head and her eyes widened. Ten of her co-workers were standing in front of her desk with pleading eyes, one of them holding a bouquet of red roses. She coughed a bit and smiled fakely, trying not to offend them.
“Did something happened?” asked she politely.
“Takahashi-san, please go out with me!” asked her one of them.
“No, dine with me!” shouted another.
“Let’s go to amusement park, Takahashi-san.”
“Me, pick me, me!!”
“Can you visit my parents?”
“Let’s work together till the morning comes..”
“I’ll buy you more huge bows for you to wear.”
“We’re the same height, there should be no problems for us to ki… I mean, go out.”She was just standing and looking at them with confusion. How come they are so blunt today? It’s not like it’s the first time this is happening, but she rejected them so many, no, countless times. So they should have already gave up. But no, they were as fired up as always, wanting to have her all to themselves. And then she noticed a peculiar thing. All of them were talking one over another, just one of the guys was really quiet all the time. The one holding the roses. It was Kuramochi Asuya. He was standing a bit aside from them all, but suddenly he stepped up.
“Takahashi-san, I don’t want anything from you. Just please, can you accept these flowers as a gratitude that I can work with you?”
“Um, Kuramochi-kun, you’re very sweet. Thank you.” she took the flowers and gave them to Niigaki-san to put them in a vase with water. Risa was about to go, when the door to the working area suddenly opened, revealing frustrated figure of their president. She was very beautiful, wearing very fashionable dress and a fur jacket, her nails were long and painted very neatly, nicely. Her light brown hair were straight and in a ponytail. Her long boots were also from fur, ring earrings shining in the sunlight.
Everyone went straight to their working places, Minami cleared her throat and beseated herself slowly in a seat. Risa hurriedly went off to her own floor, not wanting to feel the rage of the president.
“You all, if I again find you not working…” her voice was not very sweet and brought fear to everyone, except Takahashi. “Oi, Minami, hurry to my office. NOW.”
“Yes, Itano-sama.” murmured she and went straight to the mentioned room.
“Kumi, prepare the papers for the meeting. And for the next half hour, if anyone asks me or Takamina, say we’re not available at the moment.” and she closed the door and locked them, leaving scared co-workers and silly smiling Kuumin. She turned to Minami.
“What was all that about, huh? I just went to dine with a client, and when I come, I find you hogged up with a bunch of men?” hissed Itano.
“Tomochin… It’s not what ” she couldn’t end her sentence, as Itano slammed her into the wall and kissed roughly.
“I belong to you, Tomochin, and to no one else.” smiled warmly Minami and tiptoed so to kiss gently her girlfriend. “I’m glad I made you jealous, though that wasn’t intentional.”
Itano hissed again and raised Takamina’s skirt.
“Look what we got here. You were waiting for me to satisfy you, weren’t you?”
“It’s embarrassing…” blushed the midget.
“Well, I might let you wait a bit more, or I might not…”

Kuumin was eavesdropping on them, while drooling. This cute, a bit clumsy, dark haired secretary was very fond of a certain president. She was jealous of Takahashi-san, as Itano-san was her girlfriend. Nobody knew about it, except TakaTomo themselves and Kuumin. She tried to settle herself in a more comfortable position, but the work phone rang. She frowned and went to answer.
“Shibuya Fashion Line, secretary Yagami speaking. How can I help you?”
“Hey, Kumi, it’s me.”
“Oh, Mariko-sama, good day.”
“So, I wanted to ask if you could spare two VIP tickets for my friends.”
“Everything for you, Mariko-sama. Left or right? Or front?”
“Front. The best view.”
“Okay. Is that it, Mariko-sama?”
“No. I have good news. You can tell Shibuya to not look further for the last model. She finally agreed. I persuaded her.”
“Ah, Mariko-sama, you’re a genius!!”
“Thanks. But aren’t you surprised she agreed?”
“I am, but it’s you, Mariko-sama, so I expected you to persuade her sooner or later.”
“Un. Okay, I gotta go now. See ya around.”
“Have a nice day, Mariko-sama.” Kumi hang up and smiled. So she agreed… Strange, knowing her being at odds with Itano-san, but oh well, it’s better this way. Everyone gets the profit.

While Kuumin was on the phone, Itano smiled devilishly at her midget and took off her panties. “Look how wet you are. You wanted me so badly?” teased she further on and inserted slowly one finger.
Takamina gasped and sunk her nails into Tomomi’s skin. But just then Itano took the finger off and cleaned it with the tissue.
“We’ll continue this later. I have a meeting in half an hour. So, what do we have in the front of fashion line?”
Minami coughed, swallowed hardly, then tucked perfectly her skirt, kicking the panties under the cabinet. Then turned to her girlfriend.
“Well, we’re still in a search of the last model. Bu we can’t seem to find anyone so fitting the image as Ko…I mean, Ogura-san. She would be perfect, but as you know, she declined…because of you.” murmured the last part the short manager.
“I heard that. And I know that. You don’t have to point it out to me. So…what are we gonna do about it? We still need the last model.”

Just then Kuumin knocked on the door. “Um, president-san. I have news from Mariko-sama.”
Minami unlocked the door and saw a blink of disappointment in secretary’s eyes. The ribboned girl knew Kuumin’s liking to listen secretly to them making love, so she just smirked and showed her to come in.
Yagami fidgeted a bit and then looked at Itano.
“Ano…I have good news. Ogura-san has agreed to appear at our fashion show as a model for our line.”
“Oh, so Mariko-sama succeeded…” thoughtfully uttered Minami.
‘Very good. Then prepare the papers and send our assistant Niigaki to her. She’ll know what to do. That’s all?”
“Then you’re free.”
“Hai, president-san.” Kumi slightly bowed and left the office.
“Was she eavesdropping again?” stated more than asked Itano.
“Un. But that aside. What do you think?’

“I think she’s bored. Having a perfect life doesn’t always mean being happy. Yes, she’s a well-known model, yes, she has a husband for two years already. Yes, she just came from abroad, where she had her successful career become more successful. BUT. She had her life too perfect. Now, I believe Mariko said to her something about a challenge. Like, how it will be awesome, if she agrees and then she can have bickering conversations with me, knowing she’s the best option for our company. And yes, I don’t want to loose her, so I can’t mock her or order her around too much. So it’s entertaining to her.”
“Mariko-sama is clever to have come up with this plan. And yet, I wonder how it will turn out, knowing you two.”
“Darling, don’t worry. I have you by my side, so nothing bad will happen. You’ll stop me at the right time. Am I not right?”
“Tomochin…” Minami blushed, as it was rare for the fashion queen to call her darling.
“Now, I’m heading to the meeting. Can I leave this place for you? I don’t want to come and find the same scene as I found before.”
“You can trust me.”
“Good.” she gave a quick peck on the lips, and then left for the meeting.
I wonder if it really will turn out well….” thought to herself Takahashi. She went to the mirror, fixed her ribbon, then took her panties from under the cabinet and put them on. She then went to her working place, and continued discussing the plans with Niigaki-san.

“So, Haruna, how’s your husband doing?” asked Mariko after the phone call with Kuumin. The tall, short haired model wanted to break the long silence between her and the newly yet to be hired model, who was more famous than Mariko herself.
“Good.” answered she blatantly, too preoccupied with reading fan letters.
“Thanks for ignoring me.” murmured Mariko. She didn’t expect anything more though, as the arrogant model was known to be the air-head queen, also, she was not interested in anything but her work, husband and her looks. Well, she had a nice figure, Shinoda acknowledged the fact, but still, to be so cocky… She shook her head and made a call to Acchan.
“Hi again. Yes, I got the tickets. Oi, are you drunk? A bit? Wine? You know you can’t drink… Dear dear… Well, make sure you do not drive yourself.” she hung up. Really, what a troublesome person that Atsuko is. She looked again at the model. Her hair went in beautiful locks, her a bit huge ears were showing, and for Mariko she looked more like a long faced monkey than a cat, like others called her. Then she saw the model doing an action that made her stone for a few minutes.
“What…are you doing?” asked in a shock Mariko. Haruna was tearing into pieces one of the fan letters.
“Can’t you see?”
“Why are you tearing it apart? Isn’t it a fan letter?”
“It is.”
“Was the fan mocking you?”
“Then why?”


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