A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 3)


Chapter 3

“So, as I was saying, we’re really proud of you, Sayaka. You really make our name shine, and we really think you’re doing your best. And congratulations on getting the highest grade possible on your exam.”
“Thank you, daddy. I love you both too.” answered in a deep mature voice a girl with straight, black hair and clever looking eyes. “but you shouldn’t praise me this much…”
“But you deserve it, my dear. All you do are good things. The things we think are beyond amazing.”
“Daddy…” a slight worry was heard in her voice as she glanced at another person by the dinning table. That didn’t go unnoticed by her mother. She also looked at another person with a hate in her eyes.
“While Sayaka is doing her best, you, Tomomi, are not even trying. All we see is your frowned face. You should at least try to smile more. And your grades are not improving at all. And just look at yourself. No maturity, no fashion sense. A fail. A person not worthy of holding and carrying this family’s name.”
“Mom, how can I smile, if even when I get the good marks, you never praise me. All you do is whine, how I am not that pretty as Sayaka, that my voice is too weak, that I lack there and there, that I should become more feminine and respectful.” a cute voice owner answered, trying to hide her striving anger. She had a baby face, yet somewhat sultry looking lips, and long, light brown curly hair.
“Well, I say that, because Sayaka really is better than you. You should try harder, if you want to be respected and praised.”
“You know what, I’m not hungry anymore.”
Tomomi stood up, tossed the napkin on the table, pushed the chair out of her way and went to her room, ignoring the discontent looks from her parents. She was more than pissed by her parents ditching her every single day. She fell on her bed, facing the pillow and gritted her teeth. How long are they gonna rape her mind with this nonsense? How long? Because she felt really tired, trying hard all these years, and still being not good enough. Whatever she did was not enough. She was top student, yet they wanted her to be number one. She became number one, the university she was in was not to their liking. She changed university, her looks were not to their style. She changed her hair from darker brown to light brown, and made them in curls. Then they said it’s her fashion sense that’s lacking. She changed her fashion style, then her manners were not okay with them. Everything she did, everywhere she went, they were not satisfied with her. Only her sister was perfect in everything she did.The door to her room opened. Sayaka went in and closed the door.
“Neechan… I’m sorry for before… I know, you are frustrated, and I really apologize for what you had to go through. It’s my fault, as I never defend you. I’m sorry, neechan…”
Sayaka sat on the floor by the bed and placed her head near her sisters back. She felt the bed shifting and next minute she was pushed away on the ground.
“Go away.”
“Tomo~mi… Please…”
“Have you any idea how I feel?! You, though being younger than me, are praised every single day! All I get from parents are rubbishy comments about me, and yet all I do is trying my best. I have perfect grades, I am popular at school, even in this city I’m known better than you, and yet, they still praise YOU. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!”
“I hate it when they badmouth you, too… But can I do something about it? You know perfectly well, that I have no power over them. They’re okay with me as long as I’m obedient. Being in this family is a burden for me, as my sister is suffering, and I can’t stand that. Yet I can do nothing, just sit and watch.”
“Saya, wake up, we’re not real sisters. There is no point for you to pity me. I bet you’re glad I’m being insulted every day.”
“That’s not true!!! I… even though we’re not real sisters, I still love you like a real one..”
“You do…?…” Tomomi was on the verge of bursting into tears. She knew her half sister loves her, yet her anger for such different love from her parents overwhelmed her and stirred all the emotions inside. This blunt statement knocked her in surprise, yet this was not the first, and really not the last time she was hearing it.
“Yes. Come.” Sayanee hugged her sister and let her cry her heart out. She understood the situation perfectly well. She had no idea why their mom, her half sister’s real mom, hated her real daughter so much, yet praised another, which was not related by blood, more than anything else. It was cruel. Way too cruel, yet she could do nothing, just comfort her sister silently at nights in this room.

After calming down Tomomi wiped her tears and smiled weakly.
“Let’s do the usual.”
“Un.” agreed Sayanee and they both took a stack of newest magazines. Then they settled on Tomo~mi’s bed under the blanket and started talking about boys, fashion, food, other girly stuff, then began flipping through magazines.
”This dress is so kawaii~!” exclaimed Tomomi with shiny eyes.
“Un. Look, neechan, the shoes.. KYA~!”
They were in high spirits now, after reconciliation, talking about the things they both loved. It was really fun being like this, two sisters chatting like best friends.
“Neechan… Do you see what I see?” asked Sayaka.
“Yes.. The Shibuya Fashion Line fashion show on Friday, live on TV. Oh my god, we have to watch this!!!!”
“Un un!!” agreed Sayaka and jumped out of bed. She was happy, the problem with her sister being solved, their relationship on good terms. “It’s a pity I have to go to sleep, you know I love these evenings with you…”
Tomomi jut smiled warmly.
“So I guess see you tomorrow, neechan.”
“Un, see you tomorrow.” answered cute voice owner, watching her sister leave the room.

One and a half hour later Tomomi made sure everyone in her family is asleep, then changed her clothing and got outside through the window of her room. She looked around, then quietly ventured straight through garden to the very end of their property, where little gates were located under a huge tree. She took a small key from her pocket and unlocked the gates, went outside of the property and then locked the gates.
“Ojousama, good evening!” bowed two men to her. One of them had long hair tied in a low ponytail, and very masculine facial looks, like a Greek statue. Another one was very handsome and was wearing a certain uniform. He was a real pimp, a lady killer. And both of them were the best bodyguards one could have ever had.
“Sakuya, Gakuran. Any news?”
“Yes. Your old enemy got out of his hiding place. We still have no idea who lured him out, but he started his business again. It appears he told everyone he’s not afraid of you.”
“Well… It seems I have plans for tonight. Big plans. We’re visiting my ol’ good enemy then. Bring the car.”
“Hai.” said both in unison and went to take a car, hidden deeper in the woods, that were also Yamamoto family’s property.

Everyone from the high social levels knew her as the older daughter of Kasai-sama, now Yamamoto-sama. Her mom was a wife of the famous anesthesiologist, so she was respected because of her parents’ status. She and her sister were called ‘Ojousamas’ by everyone, including their friends and even enemies. But only a few from high society levels knew, that one certain Ojousama was leading a double life, as she had a yankee side to her. She loved fighting, but was too clever to get involved too much, so she let her bodyguards do the dirty work. In the past she had a comrade and a friend, a daughter of famous pharmacist Kuramochi-sama. Asuka was a closest person to her, they shared a lot of things together. They even were called Kabuki Sisters in the past by the street gangs and their enemies. Yet one night a disaster happened, and now she is the only one of the two left in this world. So she now called herself as Chiyuu when in her secret yankee life.

After driving for awhile they reached the deserted area of the city. Leaving that behind, they reached the part of the city unreachable for the creamy society levels. It was the lowest part of society, with all the street thugs, gangs and poor people gathering and living there. After passing it, they reached the road to the secret hiding place of her ‘beloved’ enemy. At first it looked like it was in ruins, but the signs of someone living and passing by were seen very perfectly, especially by the keen eye of bodyguards and Tomomi herself. She noticed a tighter security than the last time, and just nodded her head. The bodyguards left the car and dealt with security in no time. She smiled to herself and left the car also.

Chiyuu chuckled at the sight of what her bodyguards did to those men on the opposing side. She laughed devilishly and continued on to the main ‘party’ house. On her way to it, her bodyguards easily delt with security, beating them up, until they lost their consciousness. They were not at fault that their boss did so many things, they were just following his orders. So they did not deserve such a cruel dealing with them as the enemy of hers did. She opened the door to the house, and noticed a short man, trying to hold his toughness face on.

“Momo-kun, it’s been a long time.”
“Ookabuki.” hissed the said man.
“I’m not Ookabuki anymore. Don’t you dare to make fun of what you did.”
“right. You lost your precious Kokabuki! Haha. Who killed her? Oh wait. Don’t answer. It was me, wasn’t it? Haha.”
“You…” Tomomi was nearly loosing her last drop of patience.
“Maa, yurushite-nyan. Or so I’d like to say, but I don’t feel like it.” mocked again Momo-kun.
“Enough!” shouted Chiyuu in her angry low register voice, making her enemy and even her bodyguards shiver. “You know why I came here. You seem to forget one thing I stated clearly before. No sighting of you here. You broken the rule, and you did another unforgivable thing, that we both know very well of.”
“Chiyuu….” he shivered and fell on his knees. The wrath of this Ojousama was just unbearable. “Please, forgive me… I beg you.”
“Hahahaha. Like I ever can forgive you.” after laughing fakely she mocked her enemy, then turned to her bodyguards. “Kill him.”


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