A Drastic Change (Preface)


Have you ever wondered how your life changes when you meet someone special?
I have.
Because after I met that someone special, my life changed drastically.
I was sucked in a twirl of such twists and turns that made me realize I have a side of me I never thought existed.
I always thought it’s not possible to have a side you have no idea of having.
But I do have it.
And I found out about it just because I had to undergo a drastic change.

At that moment it felt like the time stopped for me.
Our eyes locked in a gaze of surprise, amusement, sudden appearance of sexual tension.
Everything around us became non-existent.
There were only two of us in the whole world for those few seconds.
And though it were just those few seconds, it was enough for me to understand what I needed in my life to be happy.
It was HER.
That special person I was destined to meet.
But I never knew it would change my life in such a way, that it affected also those around me.
Now I am in a crossroad.
What to do?
Where to go?
How to live further?
I remember how it all started so innocently…


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