Iroppoi Jirettai

Iroppoi Jirettai

Everywhere I go, people wear little clothes. The air is kinda refreshing, and the sun is not too hot. Here people freely kiss or make out in public. They drink, eat, chat, party, look for potential romance adventures. They spend their time leisurely. Because here, where I am, people relax and have all time to themselves. I was not supposed to come to this sexy island, especially without you, but…

I’m here three days already. All the weekend I spent mumbling under my nose that I’d be happy if I was with you, that I want to meet you soon, and that I wish you’d hold me to the end of life, no, forever. Again but…I remember the beginning so clearly, like it happened only yesterday. When it comes to us, girls, we all feel that way. That is, we want to meet a prince of our dreams, who is destined for us in the stars. We want to be loved, taken care of, treated nicely. But after I met you, I understood not all women feel that way. You never wanted the same thing. On the contrary, you wanted to be the prince…

It surprised me at first, when you started giving me flowers, sending me gifts, or when mails from you bombarded my phone in the middle of the night. It went like that for a while: lonely evenings, spent watching TV or reading a book, then happy times, reading your mails at midnight, writing you back in one word sentences. I, being a tsundere and yankee type, never thought someone will take interest in me. But you did.

It was really nice, being treated so well, BUT… I was going to ask you for more… Because as the time went by, I felt more and more attracted to you. All the times we went to cinema, had dinner or simply watched at the smiling stars… One day its afternoon became a witness of this love in my heart, when I couldn’t hold it in anymore and confessed to you. You blinked a few times and looked confused. I thought I’ll say it again, that I love you, but finally you came out of your stupor and kissed me. Loving each other and getting so close was a huge step forward for us.

I was always impatient for more of your kisses, and very clingy towards you. In a very sweet voice you jokingly sometimes called me your ‘sexy fool’. I was happy, hearing that I was yours, but actually we never did THAT, so that declaration of yours was unofficial. And before I knew it, one night you took the initiative and made me YOURS. I asked you afterwards to hold me tight and never let go. You agreed and I was really happy, until…

The journey to your parents’ house. You were driving, the road was slippery from the hard pouring. You said the god was weeping, his tears were for us, for our happiness. I laughed, then we turned on the music and sang along. But suddenly… I don’t know the details of the accident, but I know you cried a lot, I know you just couldn’t move on. You became a matchmaker, or as I call you, a sexy cupid. You have a hunch for this kind of things, and you look damn gorgeous from up here.

Walking by the sea, I always notice happy couples and cringe. It’s a paradise here, in heaven, yet for me the sea highlights jealousy. My jealousy. As I am separated from you… Ai-chan… I love you so much… And I miss you so much… Your Reina-chan needs you. Your sexy fool will be waiting for her sexy cupid in this sexy island… You can even call this craving to meet you a sexy impatience… As we use that word a lot in our vocabulary… I shouldn’t say it, but I want you to hurry and come here, were I won’t be all alone… Ai-chan…


One thought on “Iroppoi Jirettai

  1. You should definitely post some of your fanfics for people to see on Asianfanfics or Hello!Online. You never know what kind of reception you will get 🙂 The story about how AFF was created is sweet and also sad but the creator has done something amazing for most Asian pop fans to put their stories and communicate. I wrote a similar post about his story behind it and I hope you will take a look and possibly comment:

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