Lust? Passion? Craving?

A/n. Like I said, I am updating another thing here!!! This is TOTAL CRACK and has SMUT in it, so beware dear readers~ I leave many things unexplained, that is why this is called CRACK!! Have fun -or not- reading >_<


I hate my sister so much that sometimes I want her to die. Not a real death though, just want her out of my life I guess. You see, there is this thing in our family. I am the youngest one and usually the youngest ones are being spoiled right? Well in this case it is totally different. My sister is being spoiled even though she is older than me. And she even has the guts to come to me and ask me things.

“Jurina~ Juju~ Please~” Her whining begins and I know I have no other choice but to agree with whatever she asks me to do.

“Ah, what if Yuko-san comes and I am not prepared?! Please, you gotta wash the dishes for me, Juri~” She goes on and on and yeah, I agree with her pleas, doing everything for her.

This day was not different from any other days. When she finished talking with her girlfriend on the phone and looked at me with her beautiful obsidian orbs I knew that there was no chance of me going to the football match with my friends. Instead I would be stuck at home all day to do something for my sister.

“Jurina~ Neechan~” She looked at me innocently.

“Yes, Rena-chan?” I asked, trying to sound interested, even though I was bored to death.

“Can you do me another favor, onegai?” She pleaded causing me to sigh.

“What is it?”

“Well….I really need to go to a meeting with a friend of mine and….Yuko-san is coming over…. Until I come back, can you spend some time with her?” She twiddled her fingers and looked down. It was the first time I saw her like this; usually she would look me straight in the eye.

“Is there something wrong, Rena-chan?” I asked, this time the worry being a real one.

“Eto… I think I am fine.” She looked at me and smiled weakly then suddenly flashed a bright smile. “Well, I leave things to you then.”

Watching her leaving the house I realized that I’ll have to spend time with Yuko and it made my heart race. This was a bad idea but I couldn’t change anything now, could I? So I went to make food – parents were off on a trip – and then cleaned the house, somehow anticipating the meeting.

I know, you think I have something for my sister’s girlfriend and you are right. But if you think I am the only one like that… Let’s skip it to the part where she came over and you’ll see I’m not actually the one to blame.

When she came over and I opened the door, she didn’t look even one bit surprised. Rena had probably told her everything and the smirk in that squirrel’s eyes gave me a sense of unease. I knew what was going to happen but I was still not mentally prepared for it.

Yuko pushed me against the wall, kicking the door close and then pinning my hands above my head, her hungry lips conquered mine and started kissing me like crazy, her petite body tightly pressing against me. I moaned into her mouth and struggled, trying to escape her hold. But even though she was smaller than me she was way stronger, despite all the hours I spent in the gym, dancing and playing football. Then her tongue slipped inside and started exploring my mouth, making me realize that soon I am about to give up. Her body was swaying against mine and I got the burning feeling appear down there. I also moved my hips and I could tell she was smirking. Then her lips travelled down my neck and sucked on it, leaving red marks here and there. I whimpered quite a lot and even though I hate it when she leaves marks, I enjoy being played with.

One of her hands stated tearing my clothes away while the other was still pinning my hands against the wall, making me only writhe in exasperation, my whimpers getting louder with each mark she made. Then Yuko was done and I was fully naked, just some pieces of clothing still hanging down my limbs. She grinned and then sucked a nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hard and tugging it, making me squeal and lose all my poise. Any shred of my cool aura was gone and I was just a teenager, squirming in hands of a very old squirrel. Okay, the very old part is not right, she’s just 24 but still… Way older than me, me being just 16. Of course, I don’t care about age and she doesn’t as well…as you can see from what we’re doing.

Suddenly her hand traveled in between my legs and her two fingers teased my entrance, making me squirm even more, my hips uncontrollably moving. Why is it that when I’m with her my mouth is always making these dirty sounds, I wonder… With my girlfriend Akane it never happens… I usually stay calm and tease her but with Yuko… Is it lust? Passion? Craving? Is it because what we do is forbidden and that is why such a fire is burning inside me?

When the two fingers inserted themselves into me I shouted and totally gave in, mind leaving me, her fingers plunging into me fast. I don’t remember anything after that, just that it felt really good and when we were done, I felt wonderful, like in heaven or paradise. She just magically released all negative emotions inside me and when I opened my eyes after the wearisome orgasm her squirrel smile was just in front of me. Yuko’s eyes were bright and gentle and she was caressing my cheek. I always thought that something is wrong with me, not having an orgasm with Akane… Apparently only Yuko was able to make me cum…

“Why….” Was all I could ask and she smiled even more brightly.

“And why not? Hungry?” Her hand caressed my neck and I whimpered, still sensitive after everything that happened.

“Un…” I mumbled and she went to the kitchen, later on bringing my made food and feeding me.

“Is it delicious?” she asked and I grumbled because it was the food I made. How can she doubt the No.1 cook in Matsui family?!

“It is…” I reply and see her taking a bite, her eyes becoming all glistering after tasting it.

“Uwa, oishii~!!!!” She keeps eating and I watch her with a smile on my face.

I know, when Rena comes back, things will go back to the way they were before, but once in a while to taste the forbidden fruit is not so bad, is it?


17 thoughts on “Lust? Passion? Craving?

  1. you want make me comment in a fic like this (=//////=) eeeeh what should I say ? It’s a smut (>/////<) and it's a JuriYuu (o////o) your pairings are weird as always Sakura XD But the topic looks really intersting and for when the word forbbiden is showed I start liking it *smirk* I'm waiting for more of you updates~

  2. Ah you went ahead and posted it XD Well I guess it is an odd pairing but then again Jurina is in it so I really don’t mind, plus I guess I’m used to odd pairs ><

  3. weird pairing…me like it

    no one can ever resist the charm of the squirrel…not even the cool juju…she even turned into an ‘M’ before her…

    I will wait for another stories -with another weird pairings- from you…

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