The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 1



A/n. Well, this chapter is more centered on other characters and we see first sighting s of MaYuki… I was thinking the first chapter to be quite different from what it is now…cuz this was supposed to be chapter 2 or even 3 but… Decided this would let the story flow more nicely, not revealing too much information until it is needed.

“Mayu, are you sure we’re going the right way?”

“You doubt me?”

“Well… I am just not sure this is the right way…”




“No, wait… Don’t get mad at me, please! Mayu! I didn’t mean it! Come on, you know I just!!… Wai…. Oh, Mayu,…. Come on!”

The girl’s facial expression changed around hundred times in one minute, it made the other girl in a silver hoodie chuckle lightly but the tall girl was so much into freaking out that she didn’t even notice that.

“Yuki, I thought the last time in England proved that I am reliable enough, right?” Mayu glanced at her clock. “By my calculations we have just enough time for what we planned.”

“Well… I think this silver hoodie looks better on you than the pink one you wore in England…”

“How can you change topics so fast, ignoring the main one?” Mayu asked slightly irritated. Yuki’s comment about her looking good made her blush and she was glad the hood hid it well.

“What I am trying to say here… That time in Australia you failed… Your clock always says we have to hurry and that we don’t have time but… Then you miscalculated, agree with that…”

“Humph. Then turn into her and let’s hurry.”

“I c…can’t… You know how I hate it when my boobs get bigger…” Yuki blushed and fixed her black and white maid’s uniform. “I already feel embarrassed wearing this here…”

“BLACK.” Mayu’s patience was gone and she called out the other side of Yuki. In just a matter of seconds Yuki’s uniform became all black, and instead of the skirt there were short shorts.

BLACK looked around and noticed a dark alley. She grinned and dragged Mayu there, which resulted her turning invisible in the dark. Then both of them in a speed of the comet appeared in front of the house they were looking for.

The girl in a hoodie felt dizzy from such fast journey but soon she was as good as new when her lips clashed with BLACK’s.

“Mou… I hate being her..” Yuki whined, returning back to herself and pouting cutely.

The smaller girl just sighed and walked past the gate into the house, knowing the raven haired girl was following her. She glanced at her pocket watch then at her clock again. They still had enough time.

“Here is the mirror!” Yuki shouted excitedly and went to touch it.

As soon as the mirror was touched, it went into all kinds of colors, radiating bright light. Soon a woman appeared in it, flashing a wide smile with squirrel like teeth and dimples.

“Finally. Nezumi, I still wonder how come you are better than that rabbit, huh?” the petite woman asked and then her face turned all serious, making both girls in the house stay still. “You have it, right?”

Both of them nodded and then Mayu extended a picture of some girl towards the mirror. She let g of it and the mirror absorbed it and soon the midget was holding it in her hands.

“So this is Matsui Rena, huh?” A grin appeared on her face. “Alice is going to like this~”

The two shuddered again, hearing Alice’s name being mentioned.

“Eto… Yuko-san…. When can we come back? We miss home, you know?” Yuki spoke and lowered her head.

“Well, I have another job for you. Since you are better than that rabbit, you will do another job of hers. Make Matsui Rena go down the rabbit hole. DON’T let her touch the mirror, you hear me? If she does… We all are done for.”

“H…how?” Mayu asked.

“That is not my problem. Just make sure she falls down the rabbit hole so Churi can look after her.” Yuko was serious and glared at the two. “This now depends on you all, if we are going to be saved or not.”

Then her expression change into a lewd one and her eyes turned to somewhere else.

“NyanNyan, wait for me~!!” She turned back to the girls, eyes shining like two polished diamonds. “See ya later!”

After she disappeared form the view, the mirror stopped radiating bright light and soon the rainbows were gone too. Mayu and Yuki were looking at each other until the first rays of sun appeared in the room.

“So, wanna grab coffee and go look for the rabbit hole?” The hooded girl asked.

“I still wonder if I wanna crash the master bedroom’s bed with you first…” Yuki blushed and gulped, seeing how Mayu’s eyes turned from calculating genius ones into very lustful ones.

“Let’s crash the bed first.” Mayu smirked and carried the raven haired girl upstairs.


12 thoughts on “The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 1

  1. Just got round to reading this, and man am I confused XD I was under the impression that Rena and Alice were the same person.. so this could actually mean anything ;^^ Also this will clearly has Alice in Wonderland moments in them so I’m interested in how those turn out.

  2. I read this chapter 3 times =.= I still don’t understand some things 😕 was is Yuko the one who called Rena? I guess :3
    But I really wanted to see more of mayuki XD why it ended their I wanted to see how they crash the bed XD

    • I am currently writing the second chapter so dun worry, things will be explained – not all of them but at least a tiny portion >__< it's all because of Alice(s) :3

      Mirror Mirror on the wall… Who's the creepiest of them all?


  3. This is very interesting!! I will be waiting for the next update! Thanks for the story Sakuchan!! (๑‵●‿●‵๑) I will keep lurking in your story more! O((>/////<))O

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