The Attraction of The Mirror. Prologue


A/n. Yeah, long time no see pals! Well, Saku is finally updating something and it means she will update soon again!!! Yay? Maybe… Ah, procrastination has been on the highest levels and so… Yeah, but I hope I manage to start updating things…. OTL As for now, hope you enjoy this short random crack (another crack is slowly on it’s way, being proofread b someone >_< )

“Alice! Don’t touch the mirror please!”

“Eeh? Why?”

“If you touch it… Just come and have tea with us instead.”



Father’s voice echoes in the living room and I back away from the mirror. For some reason it attracts me too much but I still have no idea why. And even sitting down and sipping the tea with parents feels so…not real and fake…

My real name is actually Matsui Rena but I have a British name too as my father is from England, some sort of a lord. We came to Japan and I knew from the very beginning everyone was against us. We came from the country which was still very much into nobility while other countries were slowly changing from those boring snobbish times into those more modern, using cars and phones instead of carriages and letters…

So my English name is Lewis Alice and apparently all women in dad’s family for some reason were named Alices which is kinda weird. But it is a tradition so yeah, one has to follow it. Of course, I’d prefer it if they would call me Rena instead at least here, in Japan… Yet all I hear is Alice and even Japanese people call me that way… I just wish….I wish someone would love to know my other name…. I wish for someone to call me…

“Alice, your tea will get cold.” Mother lectured and I sighed, sipping tea and taking a bite of a biscuit.

For some reason I would always glance at the mirror, even if I was far away from it. I wonder why I wanna stare at it, why I wanna touch it… Am I a narcissist? But as far as I know I am not even pretty… Pale skin, black hair, double scar above and under my left eyebrow… I even have a very weak body, unable to do any sports…thanks to all the boring views in England…

“Alice, look at how you eat, your dress will get crumbs on it. Be glad we don’t have guests over, what would they think?” My mother scolds me again and I look down.

The pink puffy dress that I am wearing, with corsage and many bottom layers, the elbow length lace gloves that I have to wear even at home and hair done in ringlets… I hate my life sometimes….


I raise my eyes and look at my parents. They sip tea and eat biscuits, talking about possible candidates for me to marry. Maybe I misheard it.


Now shiver goes down my spine and I look around. What I see in the mirror makes me drop the cup of tea. There, on that huge mirror which attracts me so much, I can see perfectly well a huge mouth, only mouth with white teeth, grinning like there is no tomorrow. And it calls my name again, making me feel dizzy and then there is only blackness.



15 thoughts on “The Attraction of The Mirror. Prologue

  1. Some of this sounds vaguely familiar, a girl wearing a corsage, the spine tingling grin. But I guess there’s still a lot to find out, plus am I right in expecting a certain scene where someone/something falls XD

  2. that mouth..white teeth…grin like crazy…gekikara!!! *grin* ..LOL..make me curious n excited for the next update…

    thanks for this!!!

    I’ll wait for the next chapter for sure..XD

  3. At the beginning when I read I was like “Alice? who is that it’s not an AKB fanfiction oO” don’t laugh but I was thinking of the story of Alice in Wonderland XD But it wasn’t that Alice it was Rena I facepleamed at what I was thinking then I cantinued reading :v
    a lonely Rena-chan and a black-out~ I wonder if in this fic Rena can turn to be insane XD it’s really interseting I love mystery~~ :3

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