A/n. Yeah, after watching “Kawaranai Koto, Zutto Nakama Koto” I realized I want to write NishiKumi so badly and that is what I did here… This is all fiction (except the actual kiss part, on which I based this OS >_< ) and I just wish things happened like this in reality… Well yeah, have fun reading~

We were practicing and rehearsing this many times and I felt more nervous with the concert getting closer. On every rehearsal she would end further than on the one before and blush in deep red color. Then she would bow and apologize for her mistake and would say that next time she will definitely get closer. But that never happened until…

Yes..The actual concert. I was so nervous but I was acting like always not even one bit showing my nervousness. I think I knew she won’t be able to get close enough, or at least that’s what my experience from rehearsals taught me. But then came the actual time and she…

Kissed me!!!



Yeah, my eyes were wide and everything and it was good with the act I had to perform but… I was actually surprised because we did not even plan to kiss in real life, not to mention like this.


I know that every girl in SKE at least once has dreamed of being kissed by Nishishi because she is just so awesome and cool. She’s like your everyday prince. Nakanishi has a very low voice, can dance, sing, act, is Ikemen like, gentle and patient with all of us, and overall has really strong leadership abilities, so I am not surprised she was chosen as a Leader of SKE and captain of Team S.

I’m sure that if I did not graduate Akimoto-san would have left me in Team S and then I’d be so happy to be in that team led by non other but Yuka herself. Yet here I am, in my own apartment, and every night I keep dreaming about that kiss of ours… No matter where I go or what I do…I want to feel that DOKIDOKI feeling again… Her eyes were staring at me then…but then she pulled away and blushed, grabbing my hand and running away while laughing it off.

Though no one knows that her hand was shaking and no matter how she acted in front of cameras backstage no one knows what happened when there were only two of us in the dressing room… It barely ever happens, such an opportunity and she used it to the fullest…

It was hard for me to look her in the eye but she gently held my chin and raised my head so I had no other option. Her eyes were so gentle and calm but they also had something that made my heart leap forward.


Her voice was so low and so….I can’t even describe how I felt then… My memories from that time are still quite blurry but I know I said at least one word…or was it just some sound..


“I wanted to kiss you so badly that I just went ahead and did so. It was NOT for the spectators. I really wanted to kiss you and right now I want to do that again. Can I?”

I think I nodded my head or maybe just blinked a few times and she understood it as a yes. Her lips were gentle and soft, and kissed me so tenderly that my head was spinning and I tugged on her costume, holding tightly, afraid to scramble on the floor because of how jelly-like my legs became.

Nishishi let go of my chin and then hugged me, wrapping my waist with her firm hands and pressing herself harder against me. She deepened the kiss and her tongue slid inside my mouth, making me blink like my Dance character. But soon I was mesmerized by it, as her tongue was exploring every spot that it could reach inside my mouth and all I could do was give in, and I actually moaned in her mouth!!

She pulled away a bit and chuckled, caressing my cheek with one hand and still strongly holding me close with the other. She brushed away a disobedient strand of hair from my face and leaned closer.

“You are so cute, Kumi-chan… And so beautiful and tasty… I think I will never get enough of your lips…” She whispered and then let go of me, because we had to go, hearing the footsteps behind the dressing room’s door. I was leaning against the wall, and she was checking her costume in the mirror when Mizuki came in and her eyes beamed with understanding.

“Oh~ Did I miss a moment? Haha, well, let’s go to perform, I won’t tease you~ Well, maybe I will~ But seeing how Kumi can barely stand I think I can give you two minutes to steady yourselves and then come, we have to discuss the last minute changes of our positions.”

And she left as fast as she came in. God, why she has to be so good at reading the atmosphere? I’m sure, if that was Rena-san, she would have asked me if I was alright and if I can perform, not even thinking about something perverted. If that was Yuria, she would probably have ignored us, dozing off in one of the chairs… But it was Mizuki… I’m sure now everyone knows about what happened…


Her voice took me out of my thoughts and I raised my head to look at her face full of worry. I smiled and shook my head implying it was nothing to worry about but she just hugged me tight and started caressing my back, which surprisingly made me feel calmer.

“Mizuki can be quite a tease but she won’t tell anyone, I can promise that to you.”

How…? Ah, like I said, she is our dream bo…I mean girlfriend…Yeah…

“And Kumi…”

She raises my chin again, making me look yet again at those eyes that can make you drown in a second.

“I promise to you, that no matter what you will always be No.1 in my heart, like you always were. And when the right time comes, I’ll come to you and properly tell you how I feel. Will you be able to wait for me?”

Her eyes were serious and so sincere that I just nodded and buried my face in her neck, unable to proceed any more thoughts, just relaxing in her arms. Then we went to others like nothing happened and only Mizuki and Jurina were giving us all-knowing looks, others were acting like always.

Later on I saw Nishishi talking with Jurina and after that conversation no more teasing looks were cast towards me or Yuka. I was glad to know Nakanishi talked with them because of me feeling uncomfortable being teased and I was smiling the remaining time of that day. But the last two days were a train-wreck…I don’t want to remember them and I just…

I’ll wait for you, Yuka… I know how you value SKE and I know how you love to be like a father figure to those kids… I still remember our first night when you came over and said all those words to me…loving and sweet and caring… I felt so safe in your arms… I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes…Yuka….



5 thoughts on “DIIPU KISU

  1. This one shot hit me right in the heart. It’s really lovely~~ (*o*)/
    Ikemen Yuka looks nice and charming \(*O*)/ I’m in love~with Yuka~~ *heart* Nishishi cared so much about Kumi’s feeling even she is going to graduate :3
    Kumi is willing to wait for her how beautiful
    PS: Mizuki is a troll like always XD

  2. sooo sweet… (too bad there’s no onion emoticon here)

    though I’m not so into SKE -my heart already taken by the Osakan Girls- but this story still can touch my heart…as expected from saku-chan

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