The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 2

A/n. Yay, finally second chapter is here and some things are being explained >_< hope you enjoy this~

P.S. I wonder how many references to 48 Family related things you can find in this and following chapters~

Nori-kun, sankyuu for giving all of the advices!!!

As I woke up and opened my eyes I expected to be in my room but it appeared to be a different case. I was in a green field, wearing my favorite white dress, slight wind blowing and the grass swaying gently. The blue sky was calm and I stared at the white clouds, thinking of why I was there and not at my home. I suddenly realized I should be worried so I stood up and started running towards where I thought my home was, a smile apparent on my face for some reason, maybe because of how nice the weather was. Rushing towards the trees, I vaguely retraced my path towards my house on the other side of the forest. My mind had no recollection of how I ended up in this field but that was of no importance to me; I just wanted to enjoy the quietness and serenity that surrounded me.

I suddenly stopped in my tracks as what was in front of me was a huge hole. Well, not that huge, just it looked like an over-sized rabbit hole and for some reason I became really curious about what was inside. I mean, have you ever wondered what it is like to be a rabbit and live underground? What if rabbits have furniture like we have, with rooms and all? I got so intrigued that I took a small step further and bent down trying to look inside. I am really sure it was not a very wise decision to begin with, because unexpectedly someone pushed me hard and I found myself falling into that huge pit, my head becoming dizzy and my voice cracking in the middle of all screaming.

The fall then soon turned into a slow glide which soon resulted into a gentle landing on something very soft. I stood up and raised my head to look at where I fell from and… There was only darkness, not even one bit of light was seen and I realized I fell really deep down. I looked at my dress and surprisingly it was not even one bit dirty and even maybe tidier than before. Thanks to my parents being aristocratic nerds, this dress was the only not puffy dress that I had….so of course it was my favorite one.

I looked around and noticed I was not in a simple hole but…It was really a room!! And what a room it was… All pink and frilly, with nice couches and little tiny tables with vases full of never ever seen flowers… The lights were dimmed and I felt like in some magical fairy tale until…

“Oh tailz and whiskez… I dun hef mush taim!!!” someone mumbled and ran past me, pushing a pink door open and running out of the room. I stared at the opened door for just about half a minute and then started running after that passerby, thinking I might get some answers if I catch up… But I was always failing at any kinds of sports so few minutes later I was huffing and had to stop. When I looked around I found myself in a long dark green corridor with many colorful doors and one really big table. It was black and very huge and when I started wondering why, I saw a rope ladder hanging above the table and I realized it must be a way up! It was my chance to get back home and I decided to use it.

Of course, climbing the rope ladder was not an easy task and it felt like I was climbing it for ages but suddenly my head bumped into something hard and I carefully tried to lift whatever it was above my head, thinking it might be a manhole or something. But I was oh so wrong. I found myself looking at the other room which was dark red and white, and it was a bedroom!!! On the bed there were two people, both girls!!! I wanted to go back down but I just couldn’t as my curiosity level was really high.

“Yu…ko….” a girl in a black-pink sexy costume with ribbons voiced the name in a quite ragged groan. She had white-pink ears and was so cute and sultry at the same time that I blushed really hard. But she was not the one who made me blush.

“NyanNyan… So delicious…” the other one was wearing a white see through shirt and a bright pink-blue skirt, her hair tightly tied in a ponytail. Her make up was dark but she looked so…I don’t know why but my heart was beating so fast while looking at her… She was placing kisses on the one’s with cat ears neck.

“Ah….!!!” Just then I noticed that the girl called Yuko – I’d say she was a woman but you never know nowadays, with make up and all – was moving her hand in a very weird way, between….the other one’s legs!!! I realized what they were doing and couldn’t help it…I just went down and closed the lid (or whatever it was). It was hard to keep myself steady on the rope ladder because my heart was beating really fast and my legs were unstable. So I went down as swiftly as I could and then dropped myself on the black table’s surface and gasped for air, trying to recover.

When I regained my regular breathing I brought myself down from the table and started wandering around, trying every door but to my luck – or maybe misfortune – I could open none. Just when I was about to lose hope and tried the last door which was painted in red, the handle clicked and I realized the door was unlocked. After opening it all I saw in front of me was darkness but for some reason my legs carried me inside, my heart singing of longing. I had no idea where I was going I just knew that my mind was already in panic as I could see nothing but pitch dark around me.

Suddenly some flash of light appeared in my vision field and I turned my head to that side wanting to know maybe there is an exit. Something glimmered far away and I felt my heart beat faster and faster as my legs took me closer towards the shimmering object. The nearer I got the more I realized what it was. Soon I found myself in front of the huge mirror that was radiating rainbow colors. I really thought it was my way home but apparently it was not.

Just when I started thinking of how I miss my room and my parents – no matter of how snobby they can be – the rainbow glaze faded out and I saw the living room behind the looking glass. I wanted to go home really badly and my hand was reaching towards the reflecting piece that I called my escape, when all of the sudden something jumped out of it and on me, making both of us scramble and roll back into the obscure shadows, drawing us farther and farther away from the supposed freedom.

Soon after as I opened my eyes I found myself back in the too well known corridor, with same colorful doors that are locked. The only difference in the picture was me lying on the white-black tiles and feeling something heavy on me. Lifting my head up from the cool surface I looked down and observed something that made my usually calm cheeks blaze in deep pink. There, in between my delicate, untouched and very sensitive mounds was resting someone’s head!


9 thoughts on “The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 2

  1. I think I have 3 references but I’m curious about how many you put in XD
    For the story itself I just find myself with more questions, but then again that’s expected from the second chapter >< Oh and nice cliffhanger to end as well, I love these~ 🙂

    • Yup, u’re right, this chappie has 3 of them~ nyaha, u’ll se how many I have in store as you read other chapters >__<

      cliffhanger is a must in this chapter as next one will be quite the opposite from what one might expect 😀

      anyway, once again thank u for all the advices and..thank u for commenting~

  2. Hm I only found two. So I’m going to read it again. XD
    I’m really curious who is the one who took Rena from that mirror.
    Yuko and NyanNyan together. XD I just wonder how Rena could climb that rope. 🙂

    • Yup, go read it again, there are really three not two~

      I cannot reply to you about KojiYuu cuz the spoilers 😀

      And Rena-sama was driven by the home longing so that was the fire that helped her climb the ladder…what helped her down… you read it 😀

      I’m sure you are curious about the ending but mah, let’s see what the next chapter brings us~ >_<

  3. Wh0w. . . this is cool… I got more interested when I read the prologue… and I’m always checking on your blog for the updates 😀 I’m glad you also posted it on akblasphemy’s…
    reading it again .. Lolz!
    Looking forward to the next chap.

  4. yey…a new chapter…

    got minor nosebleed from kojiyuu’s small fan service there…I can imagine rena’s blushed face…kawaiii….

    will wait for the next chappie…

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