New Pencil

A/n. Well, this is another crack shot I decided to write when it popped up in my head so yeah… I hope you guys enjoy reading, and it has some well-known pairings mentioned (with a certain – or a few certain – crack pairing(s) ). The story itself might be pure crack so sorry for any mistakes…. OTL (this is kinda dedicated to AshuraX, Zita, Skyle and nori. Though only kinda cuz…well… You’ll see yourselves >_<



~few days before Rena’s/Gekikara’s B-Day~

-Yuko’s POV-

It’s Rena’s birthday in a few days and I still have no idea what to give her as a birthday present… Even snuggling in NyanNyan’s boobies didn’t help… Think Yuko… What would that spicy girl want? I know I have to give her something simple this time as she is not a fan of fancy things… And she is my girlfriend, for god’s sake!!! Chotto…. Ah! I remember now!! She was talking with Center last time and mentioned her favorite pencil broke.. This might be a good idea, un un… But yeah, I guess after she broke the pencil she went into her Geki state…. So THAT’S WHY Atsuko came back last time all bruised up and with biting marks on…!! Wah, Gekikara can be really scary…. Well, it’s not that I am afraid of her or anything… Okay I might slightly be, but it’s only because I know what she can do…. Ha, so it’s decided, a new pencil… Maybe with melon pan pattern?..

-Acchan’s POV-

Ah, I might be wrong but I am sure she was complaining about a broken pencil last time when we had sex…. Having Rena as a girlfriend has its ups and downs… When she turns Geki…. I still have those bite marks from the last time we made love… It was rough and hot…. But when she’s not in Geki state she’s polite and gentle and even can be very helpful… So if I buy her a pencil…. I like her S side so…. Well…. No matter what an S I am with Minami, I am a pure M with Rena and I can’t help it…. I have to buy her a pencil, it’s decided…. I think a melon pan pattern would do good, yup~

-Yuihime’s POV-

If I want to have Rena on my side I have to buy her a good present…. As Otabe I would not care but…outside school we all became really close and good friends and…. We are actually dating so…. I wonder why she is never mad at me… With me she is always gentle and nice but I heard when in bed her Geki side is awesome… I think I want to try it out so I should buy her a pencil and then make her break it!! Yeah!!! Then she’d turn into Geki and oh yes, I’d see for real what kind of person she is in bed!!! I am really tired of being the leading one in our bedroom…. It’s time to make her top me… Which makes me think of the pattern for the pencil… Melon pans?

-Jurina’s POV-

Nya~ I know just a perfect present for my dear Rena-chan~!! We’re dating for two years now – in your face Nezumi!! You couldn’t get YukiBlack in the end as she went to date Gakuran, hahaha~ – anyway, like I said, we’ve been dating for two years now and I know just perfectly well her needs… She wants to continue her drawing lessons and just last week she broke her favorite pencil! Now it’s my time to show what an observant girlfriend I am and so I am going to give her a pencil as a present~ Decorated with melon pans~ She’s gonna love it~ Nyaha~ Wait, I am a puppy so I should make puppy sounds instead of cat ones… I should leave all ‘nyas’ to Torigoya-san…. Woof~!

~few days after Rena’s/Gekikara’s B-DAY~

~Rena’s POV~

Four melon pan patterned pencils…. All broken and used for right purposes~ One broken pencil was dragged across Acchan’s back all night long while plunging my fingers deep in her wet core~ Another broken one was twisted in and around Yuko’s nipples while my mouth enjoyed the dripping juices from her delicious moist cave~ The third broken pencil marked Yui’s thighs in all ways possible while other -not sharp, of course – part of it penetrated her precious entrance~ And the last broken pencil~ Actually, I didn’t break it~ Me and Jurina worked all night on my latest homework~ I drew a nude picture of hers and I am proud of my work~ Then we gently snuggled to each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms~ I woke up tied to bed and then Jurina showed me the virtues of being an M…. I enjoyed it… It was different than with Yui… Because Yui is too gentle… Jurina was gentle too but… Her gentleness was sadistic and…. I came only once, after three hours of gentle caressing… Her fingertips and tongue…and teeth… I never knew I have so many sensitive places…. I wonder….should I hint about a broken umbrella for my next birthday?…. Why am I blushing…?


>//////< weird crack….


29 thoughts on “New Pencil

  1. sasuga saku-chan….what a crack pairing you got there…

    and the idea RenaGeki as a hentai harem queen really made me smile all the way…to make it even better, you put my Hime in…

    all hail S Geki….

    ps: I don’t mind being dominated by rena,yui,nana or sayanee on bed *major nosebleed just from the imagine it*

    • *nods* a random idea, thanks to someone >/////<

      J is always special to RenaGeki, no matter what~ She is always a some kind of exception in most cases~

      Which makes me ask you…want some smexy scenes between Rena-sama and her harem gurls? ><

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