Checkmate. Chapter A

A/n. Well, I am sure some of you oredi read this piece but I kinda edited it because I felt like finishing it. But oc, before posting the final part I wanted to edit and fix all the things that were inconsistent and wrong in the old chapters.

Once again, thanks to nori for proofreading!




She looked around and shivered, in fear of fainting on the very floor where her family members were lying, disembodied. Yes, she was scared, in her head she was already screaming and crying but now she could not make any sounds or shed any tears, as she was suffering from aftershock. She could stand on her feet only because of the tiny thought that processed in her mind after she perceived the view in front of her very own eyes. Falling on this floor would mean her lying in the pools of blood of her own family members… The thin line of consciousness became invisible and her eyes saw nothing but blackness. As the realization finally struck her, her body collapsed and she succumbed to the darkness.

(Two months later)

“It will be two thousand yen.”

She gritted her teeth, paid the money and left the store. Buying food was tiring, paying lots of money was bothersome and having to sleep at some shelter was infuriating. She passed a few streets that had seen better days and went through the empty tunnel, which was once filled with clean spring water. Now it was a path for her to walk every day and mingle among homeless, suicidal and drunk people. To think she was from a wealthy and rich family some time ago… Her headache became stronger; she gritted her teeth again and quickened her pace. After ten minutes the tunnel ended and she set her foot on the dirty grass, full of rubbish and feces. Leaving behind the messy area, she entered the thicket. She did not bother to wince or whine from pain, as she was already used to it, she was beaten every day after all, so what did it matter if some bushes or thorns scarred her body. She already had a few bones broken, her one eye could not see and she could hear only with one ear. So what did it matter, really?

However, it did matter. She was waiting for a perfect time to find a certain person. That person was responsible for some serious things, like that massacre of her family or other killings that happened to other families as well. Her mind had only tiny flashes of that time, when she came happy from school wanting to tell her family she got an A+ from her test. Yet what she found was bloody trails in the garden, widely opened doors and inside… She felt a migraine creeping up… Up till now she doesn’t remember anything further than walking inside and collapsing after seeing something gruesome, but she wakes up from scary dreams every night, not knowing what or who scared her. She just knows about a person who saved her and brought her to a safe place; she is very thankful to that person. That person is her informant now and she was going to meet her. She smiled vaguely and noticed her, doing push-ups with such a force she never even seen men pushing up.

“Hey, Bakamina, I brought food.”

“You hate supermarkets or money, yet you buy us food. Really, your insane love for food is just… Anyway, when are you going to change?” asked the short woman, not stopping in her actions, the bow on her head doing push-ups together with her.

“I can’t help it, my tummy is asking for food~” The black haired girl pouted but then her expression turned to the grim one again. “How… is she doing?”

The short woman stopped and looked at her with sad eyes.

“I wish I knew. Yet Yuko is saying she’s getting better. But… I myself see no signs of her getting any better.”

“Your girlfriend is a doctor, she knows her stuff…” The taller one sighed. “Hey, I’m taking a bath and we can go then. You should do the same. I don’t think your girlfriend would like to see you like this.”

“Well, I am in hiding. How am I supposed to look in this place? All princess-like in a pink dress and high heels? Between this trash and mud?” The woman asked, slightly irritated.

“You know, your bow does the same as your mentioned outfit, but oh well. Anyway, I’m going.”

“Wait, Atsuko… Who’s going to cook?”

“Minami… I am really tired after shopping so… We’re bringing it to our girlfriends, I’m sure they will know what to do.” Atsuko stated firmly and headed towards the shed.


(Acchan’s POV)

I always wondered how Bakamina was able to construct two bathrooms and other important things (kitchen, bedrooms and lots of many more…) in our hideout, a pull down shed that had a secret entry to the underground basement. That basement had all and everything the riches have, including the secret path to the main city. That path was wide enough for us to travel with bicycles and it had only one destination – Yuko’s garage. After taking our baths and dressing up in beautiful clothes and putting on makeup, we grabbed food packs and rode on bicycles back home. Yes, I was now living with them: Takahashi Minami aka Takamina or as I call her, Bakamina (or as her girlfriend Yuko calls her, Takamidget), Oshima Yuko aka Yuuchan, squirrel, midget, pervert, old man and other various names (she’s Minami’s girlfriend) and Oshima Yui aka Yuihan, Yuko’s sister and my girlfriend. It was Minami who saved me that time from falling on the bloody floor. I don’t remember it, but I dream about it a lot. Minami said I really fainted that time and she barely caught me. If not her, I would have ended up sprawled on the bloody floor.

The part about me having broken bones is true. I often get into fights when undercover. I am actually a police officer, an investigator who shouldn’t investigate the case because I am a victim. Or, to be more precise, I am the last remaining member of those victims… Yet this is a special case where I lead the investigation… And Yui is not my girlfriend, we just pretend to date because she has too many followers, ones she doesn’t like at all. Me being her girlfriend makes things simpler, as after finding out she’s dating a police officer they run away and leave her be. Well, if they don’t believe her dating a cop, then they have an awesome amount of happiness to meet me. And then there is another person. Minegishi Minami, Minami’s childhood friend whose family also went to extinction. Except now she’s in a coma and Yuko’s taking care of her, the awesome doctor she is. There is slight tiny hope she might wake up…but only as tiny as a piece of sewing thread. Or even as tiny as a spider web thread…

The person I’m looking for is Matsui Rena, a member of Matsui Family Clan, better known as the most feared and the most secretive yakuza family. We already have her sister Matsui Jurina in jail. It’s only a matter of time till I capture Matsui Mayu (yeah, she has a weird name if you ask me. I would name a girl Mayu if she had a different last name, like Watanabe or something like that) and then Matsui Rena will come to me herself. I have sources that have said seeing her near my family house, all bloody and simply walking away while smiling. At first I thought a girl younger than me is not possible of doing that kind of massacre alone, but after finding out the doings of that kid Jurina I started to believe in inhuman strength and stamina. I had enough. I will punish her, she will suffer. I’ll bring her down by any means. Just you wait, Matsui Rena. I will have you in my jail very soon. I am Maeda Atsuko, after all, and people don’t call me the Ace of police forces for nothing.


8 thoughts on “Checkmate. Chapter A

  1. I don’t thing this story is so simple like it seems.
    And yes Matsui Mayu sounds strange.
    O-O Takamina and Yuko are together? Unexpected.
    Rena (Gekikara) is from yakuza…awesome.
    Yui is there too XD

  2. Yui n pretending..really wanna see if it works..haha..especially when yui fans meet acchan..

    Matsui family as Yakuza n very secretive..huhu..can’t wait to see the epic fight between ace n Rena..n rena double personality might make me super duper excited..LOL..*me just assume things* ignore it..hihi..


    thanks for posting’s nice!! hihi..

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