Janken Taikai

A/n. I was bashing this Janken Taikai, feeling it was rigged (well, one could easily tell that, nee?) but… How does Jurina feel about all this?… That’s what I thought and here is what I came up with… I hope I dun fail… Yuki, gomen for any mistake in this…. m(_ _)m

Might contain foul language (I’ll find that out after I finish writing, let’s see where my mind carries me with this… ><“ )

(the whole story is from Jurina’s POV)

I never had any expectations towards this, if you ask me… Especially after last year’s rigged one I thought some kenkyuusei or ex-team 4 member will be pushed through yet again… To think I was his target… How it all started…


I knew nothing of it.

No one did.

But I figured how it all works.

The beginning of it all started about half a year ago, when Aki-P invited me and Mayu into his office, saying he has a matter to discuss with us. We went there and were surprised with his proposal. We were to play Janken with him. The one who wins will get a solo single, which in Mayu’s case would be the 4th one while in my case the 1st one. The one who loses will have to use paper in the upcoming Janken Taikai no matter what. He said that we will hold hands behind our backs and pull them out only after the signal is given.

“Jan-ken-pon!” Togasaki shouted but gave no signal to show our hands in front so we held them behind our backs.


Mine was scissors, while they both had rock. I lost, meaning Mayu won.

Mayu got her 4th single and I had to use paper for the upcoming Janken Taikai.

I forgot about it all until one day before the competition Togasaki messaged me, reminding of the deal. I sighed and realized I have to comply.

And thus the fated day came.

My first fight was against Mutou Tomu. She is a nice girl and I really enjoy her as a fellow Team K member. I saw the spark in her eyes and I knew she wanted to win badly (but who didn’t?). Yet I won as her hand turned into a rock. She was surprised as was I. I was happy and didn’t think of anything suspicious. I even thought it’s only my luck when I won against Fuuchan.

However, the confident Haruu was surprised to lose against me and I knew right away (probably by then everyone noticed that) something is wrong.

Truth to be told, I was disappointed but at the same time happy. This double feeling was there but I couldn’t express it, not in front of this many people watching. I had to act, put a mask. I casted a glance at the group of members, looking for Rena-chan but she was nowhere to be found. Later on I spotted her with Miichan and Sayanee, doing the commentary. Her eyes cast only one glance at me and it was so cold and hurt so much that I realized this is more than simply serious.

I realized the whole nation is gonna blame me even though I did nothing wrong. I could care less about the whole nation but Rena-chan’s unforgiving stance was unbearable.

Keeping my mask on I went to battle with the next person, already knowing the outcome and still having to act like nothing is decided. I won against Mizuki, Tano and others…my mind is quite a blur from there on until my speech… I tried to separate myself from all the happenings in there, to let my mask act it all out for me.

I wanted to change paper into scissors or rock but I knew that once I do it…my idol life would slowly crumble. One does not mess with Aki-P. Ever. As one does not mess with Rena-chan….

I said the speech the way they all expected me to say but inside I was slowly dying because I knew Rena-sama will never forgive me. She always said she respected Aki-P so I was sure she wouldn’t believe in me not being part of this conspiracy…well, at least not willingly.

Backstage…they all congratulated me and smiled in front of cameras but I could see through their masks…They all faked it… Well, except those few older members, who knew how things work and all the tricks that Aki-P can pull off. Yuko-chan patted my shoulder and invited to go for karaoke some time later, Mari-chan messaged me comforting words, Tomochin invited to sleep over… All others were really cold when cameras were not there…

Yet I pretended to not see all that and acted my usual cheerful self, except…I couldn’t find courage to approach Rena-chan… To see hate in those eyes was the last thing I wanted to happen…

“Fuck you all, morons!” the too-well known voice shouted and we turned our heads towards its source.

There, wearing her serious gaze and biting on her nails was Rena-chan… Oh, so she finally dared to show them that Gekikara was one of her real sides when someone makes her really mad… She’s gonna make me pay, right….

“How dare you to not believe in Jurina?!” Her loud mocking voice echoed in the dressing room and it was really obvious why she was made the captain of Team E. “Do you not know how hard working she is?! Do you have any idea what things she went though to be where she is now?!”

I stared in disbelief and awe at the same time. She was defending me… She got mad because they doubted me… !!!

“I thought we are SKE, girls who have a strong bond! What have we become?! How dare you act like this?!!! Stop believing all the lies and face it finally! We are all puppets in Aki-P’s hands!” She was so beautiful when being furious, I couldn’t take my eyes away of her, forgetting the reason why she was yelling. A goddess of Nagoya, my dear princess.

“R….rena-chan….” Airin tried to approach her and hug but was pushed away.

“You know, Furukawa, that we are together only in front of the cameras, right? Why are you approaching me now, thinking I will forgive you? Even you, Nao, failed me… I never knew you all can be so gullible…so naive…”

She suddenly started giggling and laughing crazily then pulled Nishishi closer by her shoulder and stared deeply in to the trembling Team S captain.

“Even you…you were with us from the very beginning….CAPTAIN.” Rena-chan spat out the words and released the grip, making poor Nishishi fall down on the floor.

I decided it’s time to stop her and hugged her from behind, feeling her collapse in my arms. She started shaking as tears fell down her cheeks. She was crying for me….I just had to be strong for her.

“I love you…Jurina…too much to let this happen…” in between tears she finally voiced the words, making all members stare with their mouths agape. “Either I graduate….”

“No….Rena…” I used my serious voice and raised her head by the chin so she would face me. I wiped away ehr tears and kissed her gently on the lips. “We just have to go through this together, like always.”

I smiled reassuringly and looked at other members.

“Even if you don’t believe me…please, don’t let her graduate…. We can grow together as a group from now on, this will strengthen our bond, I am sure of it…” I voiced slowly and saw members tearing up and nodding their heads.

Soon they all started opening up, voicing out that KumiNon, FuruYanagi are real and all other things, trying to strengthen the trust and the bond even more.

I carried Rena-chan bridal style to the unused room and let her sit on my lap, hugging her and caressing her back while whispering comforting words into her ear.

“It’s you who needs all of this….why the tables are suddenly turned….” She mumbled and nuzzled in my neck, making me blush.

“I’ll cry tonight a lot, I know it… So for now I will be strong for you, so you can be strong for me later on…” I smiled reassuringly at her.

To think even I faltered out of fear and stopped believing in the bond we have… I felt guilty… I wanted to say her all that….but when she looked at me with those beautiful orbs I realized she knows all that….

Indulging in those soft lips I forgot everything, even the victory which was not the one I was happy about. What I was happy about was the person, who was always there for me and who, I knew, will always support and defend me.

After all, we are wMatsui.

The couple whose bond will not be broken no matter what.

We have each other in this cruel world and that is all that matters.


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