Checkmate. Chapter D

A/n. So yeah, decided to toss away my laziness and fix this part. Did that, like always, with the help of Yuki-kun. Now I can concentrate on other things. When I have free time…. I’ll post the next chapter (need to finish writing it first… OTL ) Anyways, hope you enjoy this.


The jail was not a very comfortable place to live but she did not mind it at all. What she cared about was a certain person. She was concerned and anxious at the same time. Concerned about things like if that person is going to come, what will that person say and how will that person react to the situation. She was also anxious to meet that person, too anxious for her own good, because you can never be sure what to expect from that person and she craved that unexpectedness from the said person. How come? It’s simple. She was in love. She hoped that person will take action, as the said person’s words slightly hinted that. If those words were to be made into actions, she’d be free from her family problems, from her crazy sisters and from all the problems she had now. So staying in jail kinda had its own privileges one would not understand but she found this situation rather useful.

If only that person would hurry… But she knew that person liked teasing a lot, so she won’t come out of here soon… Unless the said person might change their mind about all the things that happened… Well, Jurina did deserve this teasing, as she might have done something to get this kind of treatment from the one she loves, but… she did not go overboard, now did she?.. Well, she might have kissed a one or two other girls too passionately, even if it was just for acting purposes… She might be too clingy with her sister Rena, but that’s a given. She just can’t live without snuggling into her sister’s breasts, even if there are not that much to snuggle into… She just loves the blushing Rena too much to scrap all the groping.. But yes, she might have done it too much and now she’s paying a price… What was left was to wait for that person, no matter how long it takes…

(Atsuko POV)

It’s today that she said she’ll come… I hope she keeps her promise. All police forces are ready. Yes, they’re pretending like they’re working but truth to be told, they’re ready for anything that might happen. This Rena person, she’s capable of such massacres that one will never know when she might strike again and how bad the damage might be. I myself am prepared for it physically, but mentally.. I’m not sure about that… As the last time, when I talked with her eye to eye I lost my cool…. I wonder if I can keep my Ace name and status after today…

“Maeda-san, she’s coming.” says Oya Shizuka, assistant police inspector of Yamamoto Police Headquarters.

“Good, let her in and be prepared.” I warn her and muster my courage. God, if you exist, please, help me go through all of this…

(Rena POV)

All dolled up I go, huh? No, I’d be glad to wear a summery dress, high heels and have my hair flow nicely, but instead I have to wear these leather clothes, these long boots and have my hair done in that crazy Gekikara’s trademark hairstyle. And I have to bite nails… If only they knew how hard it is to be in her shoes… Here it is, the long awaited office… Yamamoto Police Headquarters. A place where I have to surrender. Mhm, I see everyone expected to have me here… Ah, I have to go upstairs they say… There it is, Chief Superintendent and the Ace of all police forces, Maeda Atsuko. Just like in the picture. Just… Her eyes… So beautiful, so deep… She’s pretty… If it weren’t for this situation, I would gaze at her forever and maybe even blush, but now I have to pretend I’m some creepy girl… She’s scared, I can see that but I don’t want her to be scared of me… Oh wait, she’s scared of Gekikara, not me… Well, that’s good…

“Hahahahhaa….nee…okotteru?” I ask her and I hope I sound convincing. Yup, she shivers a bit and then clears her throat.

“I believe we both know the reason why you came here…” Her voice is very nice, like silently flowing water, a bit husky. She must be really nervous but she is trying to keep her cool.

“Nee…do you really think I came to surrender…? Hahahaha….” I bite my nails after the question while tilting my head to the side. Her eyes are now wide open, she didn’t expect I’d ask her the question.

“Then why did you come here?”

“To prove myself innocent, hahaahha… Lock me in, do it. Then you’ll have to let me out. Hahahahahha!” I giggle and watch her in amusement. At least here I don’t have to act, as her emotionless face is really entertaining. Because her eyes show so many changing emotions, one could drown in them. It’s hard to admit, but she’s really cute. Too cute…

(Someone’s POV)

Sorting the documents out I glance through the opening between tables. I observe the whole scene carefully, taking in even the tiniest details. After the somewhat awkward conversation of Gekikara and Maeda I try to put the pieces together. While I do that, I still keep glancing as I don’t want to miss anything out. Miyazawa puts handcuffs on Rena’s wrists and together with Akimoto bring her to her cell. All the officers and probably even the prisoners are watching with mouths wide open, as the most feared person, the brutal serial killer, the massacre organizer and perpetrator is being arrested and brought to her cell.

Yet why no one notices that the girl is not who she pretends to be I wonder… It seems as if there is nothing that would show that…However the keen eye would notice the gentle look in her eyes, the fair soft skin, cleanliness under the nails (Gekikara usually has lots of blood there, as she loves the taste of it maybe ‘A TINY BIT’ too much) and a bit shaky legs. We all are police officers, our job is to notice those details. So why does no one see that she is not Gekikara? Maybe… Maybe she has split personality? That would be a very bad situation, because one never knows when she might snap.

No… Something is not right here. Like… It’s Gekikara, but at the same time it’s not Gekikara… How can it be? What if…? !!!!


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  1. love it till the end…waaa…who’s that someone?? oya shizuka?? ah..huhu..acchan n rena!!! hihi…gonna wait for the next chapter..

    thanks for updating this!! I absolutely enjoying it..XD

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