Unspoken Feelings. Part 1

  A/n. Heyo people~ Not gonna talk much. Just a few notes about this update.

  • it is gonna be a OS consisting of 2-3 parts
  • this is set back in the day, way before the Dai Sokaku Matsuri, when Mariko-sama graduated and appointed Yuihime as the new Captain
  • most of the ships in this OS are my crack ships that I enjoy shipping secretly


Sixteen sweating bodies, sixteen passionate hearts, sixteen people moving in the same rhythm. Mirrors on the wall covered in a thick layer of fog, air in the room heavy and lacking the so much needed oxygen. Then the music finally stopped.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today.”

“Ah, yokatta~” Mayu sighed with a hitch in her voice and slumped on the floor, unable to hold herself up.

Other Team A members also dropped like flies, just Takamina and Yui went to sit on the bench to discuss some latest ideas and changes. They didn’t seem to be tired even though both were drenched in sweat, especially the newly appointed captain.

“Pwa….Hah…. I am so tired…” Juri murmured and rested her head on Annin’s stomach and soon after her head was being caressed by a gentle hand. It just felt so nice and wonderful to rest on the unequally rising belly.

“Who isn’t?” Anna retorted in her unusually ragged voice and kept on caressing the wet hair of her friend. Additional weight was the least that she needed right now, but if it was Juri, then she didn’t mind.

“..Those two on the bench…” Mayu spoke and all people in the room turned to her while giggling, except of course the Sou Kantoku and Captain, who were too immersed in their conversation to notice anything else. “What?”

“Yappari, Shijimi Usa was your real face~” Karen said and everyone laughed even more. It was funny to all of them, how the idol girl spoke in a ragged middle aged woman’s voice.

“Humph.” Mayu stood up and went to gather her things while somewhat staggering. “I’m off to shower.” They all were just teasing her, the cyborg was aware of it so she motioned for them to join and half of the members followed her, leaving the other half doing what they were doing before.

Ayarin was staring intently at JuriAnna, her head fuming with anger and jealousy. She didn’t voice it out yet, but ‘Comeback’ had feelings for Juri and seeing her so comfortably in the ice queen’s arms didn’t help the situation. Kikuchi tried dating Suuchan and even Marin-chan, however, it was all useless. Her eyes would always spot Juri, her ears would detect her voice in even the most crowded and noisy rooms. It was inevitable, she had to confess soon, before she decided on graduation.

wUuchan was cuddling in one of the darker corners of the theater, not wanting to move anymore than needed, with Fuuchan nuzzling in the crook of inviting neck and Suuchan holding her really close. At these times it was the only time that Yagura Fuuko let herself be this close with anyone else but Keicchi. Suuchan has become her only friend in Team A, with others it was just a fun experience to be with, they acted close only for the fans to think they all were friends. On the other hand, Sumire got along well with mostly everyone in AKB48 and it was a no-brainer, since it was her Original Group. To Fuuko this was not her beloved NMB48 and she would have preferred to stay solely there, but, as Jonishi assured her, this was a good experience to learn new things and try different waters.

Mariyannu and Marin-chan were still discussing if they could create a combi called ‘MariMari’ but felt it would be heart-wrenching and too reminiscent of Mariko-sama. Suzuki Mariya, however, was only halfheartedly into it, because her thoughts were with SNH48 members back in China. She was wondering how many more problems she and Sae will have to face in order to have an opportunity to properly call themselves as SNH48 members and perform the actual Team SII stage.

Takamina and Yui were still going on about the latest changes and what could be done to improve their stage performances, when suddenly theater’s doors burst open and a tiny figure walked in. Those still on the floor, after noticing who was the one so rashly entering the theater, just shrugged and continued doing whatever, just Ayarin waved to the tiny person, then locked her stare back at Juri.

“Sou Kantoku! Why are you still keeping them all in here?!” Ooshima Yuuko shouted, though not in frustration but teasingly, as she was also strict when it came to practicing and perfecting their performance.

“It’s not me this time, Yuuko, it’s Yui.” Minami smiled and looked at the blushing black haired girl.

“Ah, Yui~ Good job, good job~” Team K captain praised and hit Yokoyama gently on the shoulder.

“Why were you scolding me but you praise her?!” Takamina tried to sound hurt though she knew the reason why Yuuko was so nice towards Yui, and that made it all the more harder for her to pretend she’s unhappy.

“Because you’re The Midget and she is the Hime~” Yuuko teased and was soon elbowed by the Sou-chan. “Ouch~ Why did you do that in front of Yuihime?!”

“Don’t whine and stop with the teasing.. You will soon be able to make bacon with eggs on Yui’s face from how red she is right now.” Mayu stated while passing by. She just finished showering and was ready to go on a date with her beloved Yukirin. Seeing Yuuko visiting the theater on Team A’s practice time, she knew what business her Oshiri Sister had here and it made her want to tease the clueless Kyoto princess at least a bit.

“Ah, Shiriri-san~” Yuuko soon encircled her hands around Mayu’s waist and grinned. “Missing a certain mamaRin, aren’t we?”

“Oshiriko-chan, mind your own hime-business, would you?” Mayu jokingly grumbled while smiling and then smirked. “Which reminds me… You said you wanna hang out at Karaoke. Why not take Yui with you? We all are busy and whatnot, and she has nothing to do today, or that’s what I heard at least..”

“Mhm, good idea~ Thank you, Shiriri-san~” Yuuko turned to face a blushing Yui, still not letting go of her Oshiri Sisters counterpart. “Yui-chan, we’re going to Karaoke~ Go and take a shower~ Or…I’ll drag you there in this state~”

“EEh? B…but…” the Kyoto girl stuttered but after she was gently nudged by Bakamina, she realized she had no other option. Especially since Yuuko was her senpai, even if they were friends and in the same unit NotYet. “H…hai…”

-to be continued-


6 thoughts on “Unspoken Feelings. Part 1

  1. “Why were you scolding me but you praise her?!”
    “Because you’re The Midget and she is the Hime~”

    ouch…that’s a strike

    and squirrel, don’t tease your “future father-in-law” too much or you won’t be able to take your precious Hime out for dates again…

    now, next part please~ :p

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