Unspoken Feelings. Part 2

YuiYuuA/n. So, part two is here, some things are escalating, so I guess enjoy? 😀

Kawaei slipped into a pair of jeans and a white sweater. After looking into the mirror and seeing she looks the way she wanted the girl left the dressing room, slinging a backpack over her shoulder. Her eyes scanned the theater and seeing the person she was looking for, Rina chuckled and skipped over to one of the benches.

“Annin~” Kawaei voiced in her usual happy tone and dropped herself on the bench next to the ice queen. “I am ready to go~”

“Are you gonna go home wearing these sneakers you practiced with?” Anna raised an eyebrow and pointed at the slightly worn off sneakers that the baka girl was wearing.

“Ara…” Riichan looked at her feet and sheepishly laughed while slightly sweat-dropping. “My bad, ehe~”

“Silly girl…” Iriyama shook her head and stood up. “I’ll start going then, you’ll catch up after changing, right?”

“Mou, Annin~” Rina pouted and looked cutely at Anna. She might have had a baka character around everyone, but it didn’t mean she was a real baka. She just wanted to lighten the mood for the ice queen. “Wait for me~~~”

“Hai hai.” Anna smiled and waited for Riichan to change into everyday shoes. She found the idiot girl so cute, especially because she has seen some sides of her that others had no chance of seeing in a million years. It made the ice queen feel special and she couldn’t help but smile even more widely. “Please hurry, I am quite hungry.”

“Mou, you always say that and yet I eat more than you do…” Kawaei complained and tossed her sneakers into the backpack. “We can go now~”

“And that’s how you gain weight, Rii~” Anna playfully poked her girlfriend’s belly and was tickled in return. “…m…mou stop….h…haaah…gomen!….”

“That’s what you get for making fun of me~” Riichan stuck out her tongue and then skipped ahead, knowing Iriyama will follow after.



“Mou, I told you to drop the -san with me, Karen…” Sato Sumire sighed and flicked her friend’s forehead. “We are friends, right?”

“Un, but I like calling you with -san, you know that~” Iwata Karen said, rubbed her forehead and then grabbed Suuchan’s hand excitedly. “Which reminds me… Will you sleep over tonight?”

“Mhm… Let me think…” Sato pretended to ponder even though she already had the answer ready. She always enjoyed staying over at Iwata household. The girl’s family was very nice to Sato and spending time with Karen was really enjoyable and refreshing. “Okay~”

“Yatta~ Then I’ll let mother know to cook for you also~” Karen grabbed a phone and started dialing mother’s phone number.

“Hai~” Suuchan smiled and then suddenly blushed. Mainly because the thing she anticipated mostly for when going to Karen’s was the two of them cuddling under the same blanket, her friend’s warmth invading her personal space and making her feel all fluffy inside. Whatever would happen afterwards was the biggest secret the two held between themselves and Sato blushed even more. The day was going to end with a blast.


While taking a shower Yui couldn’t help but tremble and ponder over the upcoming happening. To think she was going to go on a date with Yuuko-san was just… Yes, they were quite close and were quite good friends, but… Every time when it was just the two of them, Yui had these butterflies in her stomach and it was always hard to hide her excitement and embarrassment that would always accompany her whenever she was outing with the squirrel woman. Especially because Yuuko was always very honest and sincere towards Yui, which made the Kyoto princess feel even stronger feelings towards the Team K captain.

Back then, when the shuffle happened and she was moved from Team K to Team A, Yui felt devastated. Team K was her dream Team and she always looked up to Yuuko in more than just senpai-kouhai way. She was devastated to realize she will see her crush way less than before because the two already had quite busy schedules. Her only chances would usually be at the theater when the Team practiced or performed, but now, that they were in separate teams, it was all like what Yui dreaded for.

So seeing Yuuko come here today was unexpected and pleasant at the same time. The only worrisome thing was that they were going to Karaoke. It meant Yuuko was going to drink which often resulted in Ooshima being very clingy and too openhearted. Yokoyama didn’t mind the openhearted part most of the time but when Yuuko was drunk…she would say things that she didn’t mean or feel; they were all a drunk person’s talking. Yui, hearing the words she always wanted to hear from her senpai and knowing they had no meaning, would feel devastated every time on such occasions.

Turning off the water she sighed and dried herself then dressed up. Checking herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but see the tired eyes and slightly flushed cheeks. Well, no matter how hurt she would feel after every fake confession, she still anticipated outings with Yuuko. Yui grabbed her bag and walked back to the theater, where Yuuko was playing around teasing Takamina.

“Do you even reach Acchan’s lips I wonder if she doesn’t bend over~ I am sure every time you have to tiptoe and maybe even grab a chair~” The squirrel woman teased the Soukantoku, even if she really didn’t mean most of it. It was just fun to see how the midget reacted to her teasing. “If any time you need help lifting you up, let me know~”

“Yuuko!!! Mou~!!!” Minami puffed her cheeks and pretended to be angry. She knew she was being teased, it was inevitable being this short, not that Yuuko was very tall to begin with. “Oh, Yui, you’re here.”

“Un…” Yokoyama could only chuckle at the two midgets’ antics and then blushed seeing Yuuko completely turn her attention towards her.

“Yui-chan~~~ Let’s go~~~” Yuuko grabbed Yui’s hand and dragged her out of the theater. “I am sure you are hungry, so let’s go to a Yakiniku place first~”

“…h…hai~” Kyoto princess didn’t know why Yuuko was this excited about their outing. Well, it was always like this, but for some reason today it seemed like Yuuko was on fire. Yui would never know what the older woman was thinking, she just didn’t think it was because she was this excited to have an outing with Yui. She always felt that Yuuko simply enjoyed anyone’s company, as long as she could drink, eat and relax.

“Don’t worry, today no drinking, I promise~” As if guessing Yui’s thoughts Yuuko assured and smiled at the black haired girl. Despite the smile, Yuuko was slightly nervous because today was a special and important day. She had something to say to this beautiful Himesama and for that she needed to wait until the two of them were completely alone.

-to be continued-


7 thoughts on “Unspoken Feelings. Part 2

  1. that’s fast…less than a day since the 1st part and now 2nd part is up

    so next will be the date, confession, then a hot and passionate romantic night for the two???

    fufufufufu~ 楽しみ。。。

  2. Wahhhh??????!!!!!

    SuuIwa…what kind of secrets are you guys hiding under that blanket eh??? Heh…Oi sakuradrop-san it’s been a long time since I’ve read any of your fics and you’ve made some really good improvements! I’ve missed them–thank you for taking the time to write this :’)

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