The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 4

RenaKin-075A/n. Oh god, it’s been So Long! since I updated this story and good thing I know everything that needs to happen in it, so yeah, just had a mood to work on it :3

Hope you like this 🙂

Just a heads up, this chapter is from Rena’s POV, continuing from where we left her in Chapter 2

P.S. How many references to 48G related things will you find in this update~?

I pushed the person away and held onto my chest, as if trying to protect it from someone who dared to nuzzle in it. I still could feel my cheeks somewhat flushed from such an encounter, when the person in front of me got on her knees and bowed, hitting her head onto the tiled surface.

“I am really really really really really really really really rally really really really re-“

“Enough.” I cut her off. For how many more times was she going to repeat the word ‘really’?

“…really sorry…” The female said and raised her head. She was cute, and her smile was charming. Wait, don’t people usually look sad or guilty while apologizing?

“Um…yeah, it’s okay…” I said. “Eeto…May I know who you are?”

“Churi pichupichu~” The girl replied excitedly but then for some reason she all of the sudden stopped smiling. “It is not safe here and I have a task to take you to the Castle, so we should get going.”

“But I was looking for the exit and I couldn’t find my way out… And when I finally found the mir-” I started but then Churi cut me off with a horrified expression on her face.

“SHHHHHHHH!!!!! No speaking of the devil in here. We should be going, I will explain everything that I can on our way to the Castle.”

All I could do was nod and follow the girl. While following her all the way back to the place where I fell into, I had a chance to observe her appearance and I was not surprised to notice her wearing a bright yellow blouse under a white vest adorned with green-blue gingham check pattern here and there, her skirt was also of same style as the vest. Her hair had a huge cream-white flower accessory pinned to it and her long laced boots were the same as her vest and skirt.

As we approached the room that I have fallen into, she turned to me and smiled brightly, then walked towards the bright pink writing desk. As soon as she approached it, one of the drawers turned into a very bright yellow color and opened itself, widening and growing while spreading bright yellow color across the room. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, in front of me were huge golden gates that shimmered in rainbows and sparkles.

“There, our exit is here, why would you go elsewhere?” Churi asked me a rhetorical question, well, I think it was rhetorical, if one assumed that I was not from that place and had no knowledge of why was I there or where actually was the place itself. “Pichupichu~”

As soon as she chimed the words, the gates opened and an even brighter light shone from inside it. The girl giggled and pushed me through the gates, repeating ‘pichupichu’ as excitedly as I think only she was able to say. The moment that I opened my eyes, the golden gates were gone and we were in a calm and peaceful forest in the middle of a crossroad.

“Where….where are we?” I asked, wondering that maybe she will take me home. However, seeing how some flowers were taller than me, I decided we were definitely still in that strange place that I fell into, just outside of that room.

“On our way to the Castle, of course~ I have to take you there while the flowers are still awake, because one they return to their lethargic state…” Churi shook her head with fear written all over her face. “Let’s go.”

“…..un….” We started going towards the left road of the crossroad and then the girl pointed to me a path that was going alongside the road, just on the soft grass. I realized that was the one we had to take and thus I stepped on it. As soon as I did so, the whole grass lit up in a magical dewy bluish color and with every step that I took, it seemed as if the grass was carrying me instead of me walking on my own. “Wow, what is this feeling?

“Pichupichu~ There is a story behind everything here, milady~” The girl started. I was slightly taken aback, because it was the first time she addressed me. She didn’t even ask me my name and I felt like it would be rude of me if I told it when she had no interest in knowing it. “It is believed that a long time ago, when The Real Duchess was still alive, this grass was grown personally by her. It is being said that if a person who has a Royal blood running in their veins walks on this grass, only then it will shine in moonlight color.”

“Aah… But it is only rumors right, knowing how I am not from this place, it just cannot be true…” I started but Churi didn’t reply to my question .It was weird, but I thought that she just probably wasn’t really listening to me as she kept on telling the story and explaining to me about the place I was in.

“But many things happened since those bright days and the land turned to grim and dark one, as you can see it now. Flowers that were once the best singers in the land now bring nightmares to those that dare to pass by when they are in their lethargic state. People, that were once eating fresh and delicious food now eat things that are weird and abnormal. Everything is in a disorder ever since Ali….umh, ever since the darkness fell on our land. But you no fear, milady, I am taking you to the safe place, there nothing bad will happen to you. The Castle is a place where everyone is expecting you and I am sure you will find the visit there pleasant and unsurprisingly welcoming.” She cast her glance at the grass. “Ah, it’s getting dimmer… We need to hurry…”

We started running, and even though I might not be the cleverest person that ever existed, I understood one thing. The grass probably reacted to those flowers that were slowly going to their lethargic sleep. No matter how weird it sounded to me – flowers that can sing you into a nightmare state – I’ve seen enough weird things here to start disbelieving in such a thing. And Churi’s face was so full of fear and worry, I just had no other choice but to believe in her, and a slight terror tingling my spine was not helpful at all.

Since I am not a very good runner, it must have been thanks to the grass that we reached The Castle gates faster than I thought, or maybe it was only because I had no idea about the distance between the place we appeared at and the Castle itself. The gates were very different from the previous golden ones. these were even larger than those before and their color was as black as the blackest tar. For some reason I was even more scared of entering through them than being sung a nightmare lullaby by the humongous flowers. However, Churi’s calming smile mad me realize I was fearing only the fact that I knew nothing of the place I was at or the people I was about to meet, according to Churi.

We entered through the gates and I had to stop for a second to intake the view that has greeted me. We were in a huge green field with many random white doors in it and tiny white flowers scattered on the grass. That was all. Nothing else was seen in the garden, unless you could count an enormous Castle of the eerie dark purple color, that was sunken in a same colored mist. I wasn’t really sure if the place was supposed to give me happy feelings or scare me but then Churi grabbed my hand while grinning happily.

“Milady~ Pichupichu~ We are here~ We are finally safe~” She excitedly exclaimed and dragged me towards a huge brown door that had some letters and numbers written on it, but it was really too dark to tell what they were. “Let’s enter~”

I slowly nodded and we opened the doors. It was time for me to find out why was I in this place and who was waiting for me behind the dark brown doors.


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  1. I started to read this with an interest of trying to catch the story as a whole. I see where the two sides are seemingly maybe matching up eventually XD

    Oh well can’t wait

  2. Pichupichu~~~ Hello!
    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really “RALLY” liked this fic.
    It “MAD” me feel happy~.
    *sips tea* time to go~
    *frolicks away* pichupichu~~~

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