Checkmate. Chapter E

A/n. Yeah, an update that no one expected O.o well then, I’ll jut drop it here, I have no excuses for updating it after such a long time…


The interrogation chamber had only two people in them. One was Chief Superintendent Maeda Atsuko who just stared at another person in front of her, waiting for some explanations or admittance. Another was Matsui Rena, acting as her twin sister Gekikara. She was biting on her nails, fidgeting in her seat with eyes sparkling with interest while observing The Ace of all police forces. Despite the fact that she hated to pretend, Rena actually quite enjoyed being a creepy girl for once. This way she didn’t have to hide her intimidating gaze towards the beautiful and cute officer and could just stare at her without any mercy.

“Nee….okotteru?..” She asked while tilting her head and then giggled. While handcuffs were not the most comfortable accessory she ever wore, it allowed her to have both hands at her mouth at the same time, so she switched over to biting nails on another hand.

“Not yet.” Atsuko simply replied and sighed. “Look, I don’t have the whole day so can you start telling me whatever you have to tell me?”

“I already did~ I told you one simple truth. I am innocent. You caught the wrong person, Chief Superintendent Maeda Atsuko.” Here Rena smirked, seeing how that left a slight pink hue on Maeda’s cheeks. Matsui was sure the reason for it was the way how she said her name, slowly prolonging the vowels in a very inappropriate vocal undertone. “Now it is up for you to believe me or not.”

“How can I believe you after I caught you in action?” Atsuko asked, slightly intimidated by the tension she felt between herself and the creepy murderer.

“You have two options, hahahaha~ One is to just let me go if you believe me. Two is to put me in jail if you don’t believe me. Simple, right?” Rena asked while letting out another giggle. “However, I warned you already. you put me to jail and you will find out I am not the murderer you’re looking for. So either way you will find out the truth.”

“Isn’t the second option better?” Ace asked, unsure of why she was indulging herself into this unnecessary conversation. “In the first case, if you are guilty it is my loss. In the second case, if you are guilty then I have you in my jail and there is no need to try catching you again.

“Maeda-san…” For the first time Rena slightly got out of character she was supposed to portray and leaned towards the woman in front of her. “No matter if you are right or wrong, then first option is better for you either way. Because if you are wrong, then me – an innocent person – isn’t ashamed publicly and can keep living my life. Also, it lets you save a few more people’s lives. In second case, if you are wrong, the real culprit will kill more people and I will just stay put in jail while being innocent and keep repeating to you: didn’t I say so?.”

“Why are you avoiding the choice of me being right? And do you really think I can let you go that easily without  you giving me actual evidence here on the spot?” Atsuko started getting angry and pissed. There was no way a criminal was to walk away just like that from jail only because they claimed they are innocent. Facts and evidence stated Gekikara was the murderer and here she had Gekikara, in handcuffs and ready to put to jail.

“Take my fingerprints then.” She simply stated. “I have nothing to hide, so take my fingerprints and you will see that I am not lying.”

“You really are something…” The policewoman was getting really furious now and she stood up, approaching the sitting ‘monster’. “You left not even a slightest fingerprint in any of the crime scenes, however, you made sure to appear on every single camera that was installed in those places. And now you bluntly tell me this lie, to just take your fingerprints and try to match them?”

“There you have it. Another reason for you to let me go. I didn’t know that I didn’t leave any fingerprints.” Rena was sure this all was very confusing for the Ace to intake and it was the reason why she was sent in Gekikara’s place. To confuse everyone, get herself in a jail and let Gekikara make another massacre happen. However, now Matsui had a bit different ideas than what she originally had before coming to this place. “How can you confine me when I have no recollection of doing any of my crimes or leaving any fingerprints, other than the words you say or those fabricated videos from installed cameras?”

“You…” Atsuko leaned down towards sitting creepy girl, such an action making their faces be really close, just inches apart. “Do you really think I am that dumb to believe you?”

“No, I think you are really an idiot to not believe me. And…you are an idiot, because you are too close.” Matsui said and closed the remaining inches, kissing the stunned police officer. Despite being shy most of her life, in this outfit and role Rena felt too confident for her own good. Also, those lips just begged to be kissed and she didn’t want to miss such a chance. She was about to cut the kiss off when to her shock Maeda replied, pulling her in closer and prolonging the kiss.


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