Random Quick Scribbles

– Signs –

I know she will be in my bedroom or kitchen, waiting for me as always, with her dimpled smile and tiny figure latching onto me as soon as she sees me… I know she will support me no matter what, I know. I need her embrace, like, right now… Where’s my key? Don’t I look silly, tumbling with my purse while trying to find the item that will unlock the doors to my flat, where the only person I really need right now is waiting for me? I cannot press the door bell, can I? What if she’s sleeping? I don’t want to wake her up… It’s already so late, thanks to the director who prolonged filming time. As the main actress, what could I really do?

“I’m coming!!!” I hear the so well-known voice and I realize I pressed the doorbell absentmindedly… Well, that’s me, welcome to the world of the airhead queen. I see her opening the doors and her face lights up in the brightest way possible. “NyanNyan!!!!!!!!”

Yeah, here we go. I am hugged in the tightest hug in the whole world and there’s no way I can escape that embrace. Not that I want to. I love her scent, I love her smile, I love her antics. I love her. She makes me come out of the comfort zone and be more sensual than I usually am.


– Princess Locked in a Tower –

He was determined to save her, even if it cost him his life. Well, he was actually a she, but other than the raven haired princess no one knew that. No one really needed to know that. The Ikemen smirked and cut the last thorny vine. Then she – though preferred to be referred as he – started climbing up to the very top floor of the skyscraper tower. Of course, Ikemen girl used not thorny vines that went all over the tower walls as her support.

“Mou, baka!!! What if you fell down and died?!” The raven haired princess cried out as she pulled the other in through the window and right away into her tight embrace. “I couldn’t live, knowing my one and only love is not among the living anymore…”

“No, it’s you who is a baka… I would never do anything that would mean me losing you or you losing me. I knew I can climb up safely and finally get you out of here.” He (she) said and kissed the princess’s hand. “Now I’ll beat the crap out of all the guards and then I’ll take you to safe heaven.”


– Self-support –

I hate my family. I hate my life. I hate people. I hate everything and everyone. Even money, though I use it for my personal gains. Only because I have too much of it, and it never runs out. I want to be able to get away, but being the daughter of a mafia family doesn’t really allow me that.

However, there is one person I came to like. It’s you. You and only you, my love. You are the light in my eyes, my sunshine after the rain, my air that I can breathe when I feel like suffocating. Your beautiful eyes, curvy figure and over-exaggerated reactions are what makes me think I might not be an ugly rat. After all, would such a gentle and caring person take an interest in such a rat like me? No. Exactly. So maybe I am a mouse then, and even though I have the world in the palm of my hand, I think you are the one who has me completely fallen for you.

I thought of running away with you, but we both know it’s impossible. So while you are my father’s best assassin, I know there are times when I can have you all to myself and care about nothing else in this whole wide world. I just hope no one finds out about us or else…


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