My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 2


A/n. Hello, guys~ So, as some of you probably know, AKBlasphemy48 got shut down. I just wanted to say thank you to Max for giving us opportunity to enjoy the freedom of posting and reading a fanfiction of no boundaries, for as long as it lasted.

Now, since this is something my fans probably love the most out of everything I posted there (aside from A.L.I.V.E. fanfic, which you can find on AKB Fanfics on JPH!P forum), I am re-posting this fanfic of mine, called My Kuchi Utsushi Butler, or MKUB for short. Hope you enjoy, re-enjoy and be patient while I work on the next update (which is Chapter 6 and a SMUT *grins*)

 WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language.

She absentmindedly chewed on the soft meat, which she hated with all her heart, and tried to stay focused on the conversation. Her parents, The Queen and The King, were chatting lively with another one of her candidates. Rena like always never even cast but one glance at the prince and even when greeting him she looked anywhere but his face. Surprisingly though his voice seemed somewhat nice but as she heard more of the conversation the raven haired girl got the impression the prince was cocky. She was good at reading people and she knew she’ll have to face the annoying man later on but now all she wanted to do was gaze somewhere else. Not so long after her wish was made true.

Outside Jun was tending the rose bush, being without his jacket, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and a few top buttons undone. His muscular arms made Rena drool and she felt happy she was eating as it was a good excuse of her drooling. Her butler was the best thing that could happen in her life and she would never exchange him into anything else. Especially because she had a crush on him and he was always so caring and understanding towards her. And he didn’t hit on her, always being polite and composed, even though he really had many chances to use her. As she was about to drift into her fantasies more she felt a light tug on her side.

“Darling, would you mind showing Mr. Miyazawa around?” her father asked and she sighed. She really had no intention of doing so but it might be a good opportunity to stare at Jun. She cast a small glance at the window again. He was still tending the rose bush so she made up her mind.

“Un…” She stood up and waited, making sure that the prince would follow her. Rena still didn’t look at him and kept staring anywhere else, explaining about the grounds in her calm and silent voice. Prince Sae’s lame jokes while walking around the grounds were getting the best of her, and all she wanted to do was to run away somewhere safe where there would be no marriage arrangements. Yet the princess couldn’t do so and just kept on walking.

They then approached the garden and she looked around. Jun was nowhere to be seen and the black haired girl frowned. The only reason why Rena gave this cocky man a tour was only because she wanted to see her butler badly. She sighed and kept talking and explaining until they reached the part where the flowers and trees hid them from the main grounds. She expected them to go around the castle and then the princess would finally get rid of him but apparently her intentions were understood wrongly.

“Mhm, so you led me to this secluded place with only one thing on your mind, right?” The black haired girl felt his arms sneaking around her waist, pulling her closer. “You just couldn’t contain yourself from dirty thoughts so you avoided my gaze all day…”

Rena wanted to scream but she was so afraid that she could not even move. The princess felt his hands caressing her belly, while his wet lips were kissing down her neck. She couldn’t move even one bit. All she could do was just stay in place like a statue. Only Rena’s expression gave away how the girl felt in reality. Her wide opened frightened eyes, trembling lips, even more pale than ever skin and the dead stare to somewhere far away told that she was nowhere near fine or content.

“Let.Go.Of.Her. NOW.” The voice which suddenly stabbed the air around them didn’t promise anything nice and sweet, it was full of anger but it also held it cool and cold.

“Now why would I do that? She herself led me here.” The prince smirked and continued kissing Rena’s neck. He saw no reason why he should listen to some servant and let go of this delicious treat. He paid no attention that the princess was still not moving.

“If you don’t let her go now…” No one ever dared to oppose this voice and this glance that the butler now possessed, at least not those, who ever saw it. He could really burn a hole in a person’s skin if only he had fire power inside him. But he didn’t need that to scare people away.

Prince Sae backed away and then was hit will all power Jun got inside. He tried to fight back but Jun just avoided every punch which was laid at him and then kicked the prince to the groin. He then spit on Sae and kicked him yet again, watching the prince roll on the ground while holding onto his hurting prized possession.

“Get the hell out of here by your own will or The Queen and The King will know of your deeds. I will definitely tell them what I just observed here, and if you think my voice doesn’t mean anything in the castle…TRY to do otherwise.” The intimidating and killing glare Jun sent to the prince made Miyazawa scoot away as fast as he could. Considering the state he was in that was a pretty fast escape.

Only then, when the cocky prince left, Jun carefully took the princess in his arms and through the backdoors took her to her bedroom. He laid the lifeless girl on the bed and went to the kitchen. No one saw him taking the spicy cracker from the hidden opening behind the painting. Then the butler went back to the still laying Rena and locked the door.

The butler bit on the one side of the cracker and then got closer to the princess. He caressed her lips with one finger gently until she opened them just enough for the cracker to go inside. His mouth was on fire already but he didn’t care about it even one bit. All Jun cared about now was this princess who showed no signs of life other than breathing and staring.

The spiciness though seemed to start doing its job as Rena’s eyes were getting back their light and she finally clutched onto Jun’s shirt. She started munching on the cracker until it was all gone, even the part in Jun’s mouth. That of course made them both kiss each other though surprisingly the princess was the first one to touch Jun’s lips.. It was a bit unusual as it was mostly Jun who took initiative; only because no matter how much the princess craved for the cracker she never stepped over the boundaries first, as  she was not only really shy around him but also…if anything was to happen, Jun was always ready to take the blame. Now this time it was a bit different.

The butler felt the princess tongue inside his mouth and he gently sucked on it. He could hardly control himself but when the black haired bit hard on his lip he knew he had to pull back or she will become uncontrollable, like the last time. Jun tried to pull back but the princess locked him in her arms, devouring his lips and pulling away his shirt. The minute she tried to unbutton his shirt Jun found some strength inside and backed away all at once. He stood there by the bed, doing his buttons back and watching the princess giggle. Then she tilted her head to the side and he knew what was next.


If the butler didn’t kiss her at that moment, the whole castle would have probably heard the creepiest laughter in their lives and he’d lose his job immediately. The kiss he gave her made Rena open her eyes widely as Jun poured into that kiss all emotions he was keeping inside as of now. Gladly, in a few minutes the princess was all limp and tuned on but at least the giggling side of her was gone. Jun pulled back and caressed her cheek.

“Do not ever go with other men somewhere where I cannot see you. I could have killed him for what he did to you.” His voice only held seriousness and boiled anger but the gaze was gentle and the touch on Rena’s skin was really warm.

“Jun… Sleep with me tonight…” Her eyes were pleading and he couldn’t say no to her.

“I’ll bring you dinner and then after the bath I’ll stay.” He gave in to her cute expression. He knew why she was so afraid, her past got back to her and he knew only in his arms she could fall asleep after what happened today. He was her butler after all but not just a random or simple one. He was her kuchi utsushi butler.


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