My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 3


A/n. Hello, guys~ So, as some of you probably know, AKBlasphemy48 got shut down. I just wanted to say thank you to Max for giving us opportunity to enjoy the freedom of posting and reading a fanfiction of no boundaries, for as long as it lasted.

Now, since this is something my fans probably love the most out of everything I posted there (aside from A.L.I.V.E. fanfic, which you can find on AKB Fanfics on JPH!P forum), I am re-posting this fanfic of mine, called My Kuchi Utsushi Butler, or MKUB for short. Hope you enjoy, re-enjoy and be patient while I work on the next update (which is Chapter 6 and a SMUT *grins*)

 WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language.

“Ohimesama, the bath’s ready.” Jun nudged the napping princess and the black haired beauty batted her eyelids open. Her arms naturally sneaked around his neck with her still being sleepy. The butler took a deep breath in, trying to steady his heartbeat that just suddenly quickened. “Do you want me to carry you?”

“Un…” Rena leaned even closer to him and Jun had to put everything he got in order to not lose in the battle with himself. The princess looked so gorgeous, so cute and sweet, and she actually looked too inviting. Yet he knew he couldn’t overstep the boundaries. “Bathe me, Jun…”

Her low whisper nearly stunned him and the man looked at the raven haired girl’s eyes. They were so deep, sincere and passionate. The lust and assurance in them nearly made the butler growl. Yet he was her butler not because he was weak and he had to live up to the expectations and the promises that the two made some time ago. Jun took Rena in his arms and carried to the bathroom, where he gently sat her by the sink.

His gentle fingers started undressing the girl, while Rena’s breathing became slightly ragged. He tried to shoo away all the thoughts that were occupying his head. Only when the princess was fully naked he found some nerve to look her in the eyes. The moment their eyes met, Jun got lost in them. He knew there was no way to resist that gaze but to simply repeat to himself that they made a promise he cannot break.

The butler lifted the still limp princess and put her in the bath full of soothing water with rose petals and oils. He started massaging Rena’s neck and shoulders in a gentle manner but soon the man realized it wasn’t helpful at all. Jun went to the side of the bath and looked at his princess with concern.


“Jun… I can’t…please….” The pain in her eyes and the sorrowful tone of her voice made the man finally realize what the problem was.

He was debating hard with himself. They made a promise a while ago and overstepping the boundary would mean walking on a mine field but he also knew it was the only way to delete the frightening memories of Rena’s past from her mind. The thing that The King and The Queen and many of the servants were still up was also not a very helping factor. Yet Jun knew he lost this already. It was his only choice and he would do anything for his princess, even if it meant him losing the job afterwards. That, of course, would be breaking of the second promise.

“Rena-sama….” He took in a deep breath. “Fine but we are not going to do this again. We promised to each other…”

The raven haired girl only nodded, her hand rose up and caressed his cheek gently though he could see she was terrified by the memories which were awaken after that bastard prince forced his groping onto the fair lady. The butler saw the nearly lifeless expression that the princess was succumbing into and he knew it was now or never.

“Rena.” He finally turned off his butler role for now, his voice becoming lower and huskier. Jun’s gaze now was totally boring into the princess, the passion inside him burning freely. He leaned in and whispered to her. “You are mine.”

He then started kissing down that beautiful neck, earning a light shiver from the girl. The man pulled back and lifted the princess out of the bath, wrapping her in a huge towel and carrying her to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he started kissing her on the lips, his kissing technique not failing him. The girl soon responded, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him closer to her.

“You’re so beautiful…” Jun whispered and gently caressed Rena’s belly, smiling gently when she gasped from the contact. He showered her neck with kisses once again and then planted a kiss in between her breasts. It resulted in a low whimper from the princess and the butler repeated the action once again, this time slowly trailing his tongue over to one of the nipples. As soon as his lips wrapped around the protruding bud and started sucking on it, the girl let out a few low moans, trying to hold in the sounds as much as she could.

“Jun…” The princess tried to wiggle her hips in desperate motion but the butler firmly held them in place. She soon felt him trailing his tongue down her stomach and onto her thighs, planting soft kisses there. She bit her lower lip hard, not wanting to moan loud. If only her parents weren’t home or they were somewhere else…like then…

“I wanna taste you, Rena…but we both know it’s impossible without that beautiful mouth of yours moaning in frenzy, nee?” He smirked and soon grinned, noticing the princess taking the pillow and muffling her mouth with it. “Oh, so you also want me to taste you? What a naughty princess you are~”

The blush could be seen even through the pillow and the butler chuckled, his breath tickling Rena’s most sensitive spot. She tried moving her hips again and soon felt his lips just above the sensitive nub, which made her whimper into the pillow. Her free hand was blindly looking for his head in order to push it where she needed it the most and Jun, seeing that, only trailed his tongue back up to her now oversensitive nipple, gently biting on it, earning a smack by her hand. He smirked and kissed all the way down to her sensitive spot once again. Seeing the juices dripping out on the towel under the princess made him hard as a rock but he pushed his needs away.

“Itadakimasu…” Jun whispered and ran his tongue over the wet slit, soon inserting it into the depths of her sopping cave. The muffled moans that he was hearing only made him work more diligently as his tongue explored the depths of the nether region. Yet he knew the girl needed assurance that it was him who did these things to her, as when her mind goes blank she might go back to that time… Jun pulled out his tongue and gently removed the pillow from Rena’s face. He then kissed the girl passionately while inserting one finger into her burning core. The moans in his mouth turned into a more passionate kissing as he added a second finger, moving those two digits earnestly. Feeling the princess biting on his lips only turned him on more as he brushed her clit with his thumb and smirked into the kiss as the princess shouted into his mouth, arching her back. Rena came instantly, her juices flowing out and running down his fingers and onto the towel.

Rena fell back on the bed and panted in a haggard manner, feeling Jun wrap arms around her as he lied next to her and kissed her hair. She felt so secure and so light. The girl absentmindedly cuddled in his arms, feeling him pulling the blanket over her and gently kissing her cheek. The princess knew that in the morning things will return back to how it was before but for now she just wanted to enjoy this dream, where she could have the only person she loved without any boundaries or formalities. After all, Jun saved her that time. Not only did he save her life, but also he saved her pride and gave her the thing she never got from anyone else.



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