My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 4


A/n. Hello, guys~ So, as some of you probably know, AKBlasphemy48 got shut down. I just wanted to say thank you to Max for giving us opportunity to enjoy the freedom of posting and reading a fanfiction of no boundaries, for as long as it lasted.

Now, since this is something my fans probably love the most out of everything I posted there (aside from A.L.I.V.E. fanfic, which you can find on AKB Fanfics on JPH!P forum), I am re-posting this fanfic of mine, called My Kuchi Utsushi Butler, or MKUB for short. Hope you enjoy, re-enjoy and be patient while I work on the next update (which is Chapter 6 and a SMUT *grins*)


 WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language.

Jun simply couldn’t take his eyes away off of Rena, who was peacefully sleeping in his arms after their hot session. Memories kept flooding into his head from the old days. Back then, the first time he met Rena, was a fated time that changed both of their lives. He couldn’t help but bless that day, because if he was not there on time….things would be very different right now. He used to blame himself for not getting there way earlier, but now, when he was serving Rena-sama for three years, he realized he could have not changed anything, and maybe things would have gotten even worse. Looking at the raven beauty in his embrace, Jun smiled and closed his eyes, letting the memories from the past flood his mind completely, hoping it will make him fall asleep.

FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Matsui Jun always despised his father to the point where he swore to kill him one day. No matter the consequences, no matter the fact that his father’s blood was running through his veins. He cherished all the little positive memories he had of his mother, because thanks to his father, their lives were a complete disaster. Not only did Matsui Rinario tortured and abused Jun’s mother, forcing her to have sex in public places and always leaving her covered in his seed and naked anywhere in the castle, he would force her sleep with his drinking buddies and make her the laughing stock in front of the many lovers that he had.

Jun got his share as well, being called a useless son, too good looking to have any brains in his skull. His father would beat him too, even more than he beat Sakiko-sama, maybe because the woman was needed for sex, and he was just a useless possession from having unsafe intercourse. Not to mention the fact that his father denied him being his son, blaming his mother for whoring behind his back and getting this child from another man to dirty the name of Matsui family. He even went to such lengths where he imprinted ‘FAILURE’ on Jun’s side with a hot iron when the boy was only twelve. The scar went from just below his chest all the way to the side of his back.

Nevertheless, Jun still got the surname, however, sometimes he wished he did not. With the surname came all the abuse and hate from the older man, and in addition, pressure to follow Rinario’s footsteps into succeeding his rank. One thing was clear. Either Jun obeyed whatever orders he was given so to gain Earl title, or he would have to watch a whole bunch of his father’s bastard kids fight for it in between themselves. Any other in Jun’s place would have chosen the first option. He was not any other person. So he decided to enjoy watching the fight while rebelling against his father, at the same time being in preparation to kill him.

He chose to run away and hide in the abandoned hut that he found in the forest once. Back when he was a kid, he used to play all by himself because no one dared to approach him thanks to his royalty. Well, other reason was that some kids would simply make fun of him. Jun would explore the town, sewers, forest, fields and even the castle while pretending to be in search of the treasure. No one really cared about him much, even if he was missing, so he had all the time in the world to explore. His mother couldn’t take care of him, for she was always either sleeping or fucked by someone and Jun really had no intentions of watching it all or hearing his mother’s cries.

So one day, while in search of the imaginary treasure, Jun found this abandoned hut in the forest and since that day onwards the hut was his hiding place. No one ever came looking for him anyways, but he knew this was his hideout and safe heaven if ever he needed to run and hide, or just spend time alone and escape reality at least for a bit. Thus when he decided on fleeing the castle, the hut was where he went. Jun would occasionally go check out the situation in the town or castle, and since he knew all the shortcuts, hideouts and secret entrances, it was no big deal to stay unnoticed.

It would be different if he still had a reason to stay in the castle for, but the fact, that his mother died from infectious disease when Jun was thirteen, was a huge factor in having no reasons to withstand Rinario anymore. He fled when he was eighteen and was really fine and well on his own. He had a job as a caretaker at one of the lower class family’s and he was happy being in charge of the most simplest things. The pay he got let him live simply but comfortably and Jun even was able to fix the hut for it to look like a summerhouse. He had no friends even at the age of twenty, not that he ever needed any company, apart from huge loss in his heart due to his mother missing from his life.

When the current Earls in waiting brought random women into the castle, he really paid no attention to any of that because he knew they will keep doing whatever they did. Another reason was that he still was waiting for the perfect chance to kill his father, and up till then he succeeded in making Rinario think that he was dead or long gone and lost. Jun was sure his father never even once thought about him more than a useless thing and just remembering how he treated Sakiko-sama back in the day always made Jun’s blood boil with anger and hatred. His mother went through so much pain thanks to that man and he swore he will not be Matsui Jun if he didn’t succeed in his mission of revenge.

However, a fated time came when he had to act in order to save an innocent soul from being tainted and impure. Yes, he never paid any attention to whatever the bastards or his father where doing, but then he witnessed a little frail girl being carried into the castle. Her clothes were torn, the white dress was full of dirt and he could tell she fainted from all the beating wounds that could be seen on her tiny body. Older women and some of the older teens were of no importance, but a little girl being raped was something he could not let happen. Jun realized this was his chance to finally take revenge on his father and save that girl at the same time.

Using all the secret passages and hiding places he followed the perpetrators into one of the castle’s chambers, where Rinario was waiting in all his naked un-glory for the girl to be tossed at him so he could rape her. Jun didn’t wait any longer. He unsheathed his sword, jumped out of his hiding place and started slaying all the other bastards in the room, until there were only him, his father and that girl left in the room. Rinario stared in shock but not for long. He turned to a pile of clothes, grabbed his own sword and extended the tip into Jun’s direction. Words were flowing out of his mouth, most of it was mockery and hatred, but Jun could care less. A fight broke out and in the end Jun succeeded.

He killed his father, cutting his head off and revenging for Sakiko-sama and the little girl, who was lying on the floor without any signs of being alive. He approached the lifeless body and was stunned and amazed to see it was a young lady in her teens with her chest slightly heaving, her very pale skin marred with wounds and bruises, her beautiful face covered in dirt and with signs of it being slapped repeatedly. Jun stood up and went up to his father’s body that was lying in the pool of blood and spit on it. He swore to never comeback here and to never let anyone know about his identity, even if it cost him his life.

Then he heard a noise, a faint whisper and he knew it was a girl. He went back to her and took the poor lady in his arms bridal style, carrying her out of the hideous place, all the way back to his hut-now-summerhouse. Jun laid the lady on his bed and treated all the wounds and bruises in the best way possible, ignoring the alluring body that the girl possessed. After he washed her up and made sure she is the best condition possible, he only then let himself look at her with the man’s eyes. He regretted it right away. The girl was more than gorgeous, she was of fascinating and stunning beauty but it was not all.

There was just something about her that made Jun’s heart beat faster than usual. He never had this feeling in his chest before, where one’s heart feels like it is clutched in the hand of the person you’re looking at. He felt like if he was never to see her again, his heart would fail on him. As weeks passed by, Jun realized he fell in love with the beauty in his bed. While the girl was slowly recovering, she was still not waking up, which made it harder for him to go to work everyday. The man got used to seeing the girl right after he got back home every time, however, he knew that the day when they have to part will come. Soon his premonition came true.

Feeling the princess stir in his arms Jun returned from the journey of his past and looked at the girl in front of him. Her lips were slightly parted, with her chest going up and down in a steady rhythm. Her ever so pale skin was in a huge contrast with her long black hair, but it was what made her even more exceptionally flawless in his eyes. The butler used his free hand to undo the buttons of his shirt and his eyes right away squinted. He still couldn’t stand seeing the scar from back when he was twelve. It was the only thing, other than the Royal Family’s last name, that reminded him of his past. And he knew he will never be able to forget it. Ever.


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