A/n. This list was done BEFORE Umeda Ayaka announced officially her graduation. I am not removing her and not replacing her with anyone because I love her that much and honestly think she deserves mentioning. Obviously other graduates deserve that too, what with Ripopo, Mariyagi and Nakkii affecting me greatly, or 48G pillars such as Takamina and Sae affecting all of us and 48G. However, that is for another post on some of the graduates that I might make in the future. For now, have fun reading.

P.S. THIS IS SOLELY ENTIRELY MY OPINION. You do not have to agree with it, but please refrain from commenting negativity about the members.


->->-> AKB48 <-<-<-

~~~Team A~~~

  1. Yokoyama Yui ♥ (I think this was really obvious. Those who know me or follow me at least a bit, you definitely have heard of my undying love to this girl. Yokoyama Yuihamtoku ohimesama. I cannot even with this girl. Seriously. She is everything to me. I fell in love with her since the beginning of 9th Generation and if I had to go back, I would still pick her as my bias. Seriously. After Yuuko-sama and Rena-sama left, my heart was warmed and healed by this precious queen and I cannot be more thankful. Do you know how sexy she is? No, not overly in your face sexy. She has this regal aura, where her sexiness is so refined, so smooth, so perfect. I don’t know the exact word, it doesn’t roll out of my tongue even if it keeps bugging me in the back of my head. And then she can be super adorable, but not you-wanna-make-me-puke-from-cuteness adorable. It’s like, you see her smile, her beautiful eyes, hear her giggles or her laugh and you cannot help it, you wanna hug her orjustdraghertothebedroombecauseletsfaceitsheistodiefor Yet she also has an ability to be cool all of the sudden, her aura becoming undeniably captivating, her stern serious gaze luring you in and you don’t care if she is gonna punch you kick you or whatever, you would allow her to do anything to you, because she is just that perfect. Obviously most of us remember her oh so funny speeches at Senbatsu Sousenkyos, however, she greatly improved since then and her speech at AKB48 10th anniversary really hit the spot. She did really well, I am so proud of her. She is going to become an awesome Soukantoku, and I don’t wanna hear it any other way.)
  2. Shimazaki Haruka (SURPRISE x3 I really really surprised even myself with this. Why? Well, for her to be higher than Maachun, Sakuratan or Myao is something I still cannot wrap my head around… Not that it is possible to literally wrap one’s head around something, but you get what I mean… This girl has been growing on me, like, for centuries. I used to not like Paru at first – which we all sometimes do with over-pushed girls – but at some point I was caught in her trap and realized there was no other way for her but always up. So here she is, and I don’t think she will go down any time soon. Her cuteness, her stage presence, even her saltiness, I welcome it all with arms wide open.)
  3. Ogasawara Mayu AND Shiroma Miru (with Maachun, I always had her high up in my list, she is nothing but awesome and wonderful and just funny. I love everything about her, she is so beautiful – those who don’t think so, keep your opinion to yourselves, because this girl deserves some love, she is so underrated it hurts – and if I start talking about her jokes and personality, it would take me 1 hour of a recording, which I do only for Yuusei so you’re gonna have to deal with this post only. And Miru is another surprise even for myself. She has been constantly skyrocketing my bias list…but to be this high up…. Well, I love NMB a lot so it had to happen at some point. Is it her personality? Her hot body? The way she dances? I don’t know. I just love her ❤ I’ll talk about her more in Team M section.)

Special mentions: Miyawaki Sakura, Miyazaki Miho, Owada Nana, Nakanishi Chiyori, Iriyama Anna, Taniguchi Megu

~~~Team K~~~

  1. Mukaichi Mion (this girl has some undeniable charms to her. If you watch AKBingo, you must know what I am talking about. If you also watch the stages or the concerts, then you must definitely know what I am talking about. She is adorable, pretty, cute, has a liking to Mogiman – IT IS A PLUS, OKAY? – and I love Mion’s smile so much. She was always high up in my ranks but for her to go way above some of my usual favorites, what can I say? Good job gurl)
  2. Minegishi Minami AND Shinozaki Ayana (Miichan is an obvious choice, knowing how I was there since nearly the very beginning of AKB48 creation. She is 1st Generation, her personality is wonderful, her jokes are never ending, her MCs are so great. Her aura and presence, her dancing, she is beautiful and alluring, and she rocks either as a feminine lady or a very Ikemen boy. I’ll take Miichan any day to pamper me, so yeah… And then Ayanan… SWEET LORD THIS GIRL IS GONNA BE THE END OF ME ONE DAY. I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT THIS GIRL IS DOING TO ME. Her smile, her body, her voice, her moves, her aura… You name it. Perfect.)
  3. Yamamoto Sayaka (let me ask you something. Does loving this girl need any reasoning? I mean, if you have not heard Sayanee singing live, have not watched her play a guitar ever so wonderfully or have not seen her dancing to the point you wanna cry from how perfect that is… You are missing out on a lot man…or woman… But that’s beyond the point. No, but seriously. This girl is an amazing leader of NMB48, she is a perfect captain to Team N and she is just a package of everything you wanted. Obviously, her being part of Team K and my favorite Team relying on the popular NMB member might not be a plus, but I don’t care. Take it or leave it.)

Special mentions: Fujita Nana, Tano Yuuka, Mogi Shinobu, Ishida Haruka, Ichikawa Manami, Mutou Tomu, Nakata Chisato

~~~Team B~~~

  1. Watanabe Miyuki ♥ (I mean… She is my NMB48 bias for a reason, she is my 48G 2nd favorite for a reason, okay? Mirukii has everything you might want in an idol. Sexiness, sultriness, perfect dancing, cute voice, steady husky vocals, gorgeous figure, beautiful face, alluring aura, charming expressions, she is a tsurishi for a reason. I like her personality, haters can go away, but I love her.)
  2. Kizaki Yuria AND Kato Rena (Yuria has always been one of those girls that one must include in their rankings, ever since her SKE days. Obviously, she used to be way lower in my ranks but I knew one day she will go up. I love her, especially her acting and her personality, makes me wanna watch others sink under her demeanor LOL Her dancing is really good too. Renacchi is just a princess one must never ignore. Annin used to be my favorite in AnRiRe but Rena didn’t take much time to take over that spot. I love her so much, she is so classy and at the same time she shares this “snobby-ish” personality with Yuria 🙂 )
  3. Watanabe Mayu and Sakaguchi Nagisa (with Mayu I think it is obvious I am biased towards her byutipul oshiri which I am obviously in love with because I love oshiris, also, I love Mayu’s personality and acting, I think she improved with her dancing a lot and while I do not think she fits as a perfect center of AKB – Acchan/Yuuko/Sasshi pull it off really well tho – I still find her presence amazing. Her MCing in Utage was great, she can be both adorable and gorgeous, what can I say? Sweetie. Nagi is such a cutie pie and she is just so sweet and I just wanna go and hug her and cuddle and… No, no dirty thoughts. I just feel like an older sister of hers, she is such a precious gem of Team 8/Team B. Those of you who are still not familiar with her/Team 8, I suggest you go and check them out, because you are missing out on A LOT)

Special mentions: Yabuki Nako, Iwasa Misaki, Kashiwagi Yuki, Fukuoka Seina, Takeuchi Miyu

~~~Team 4~~~

  1. Takahashi Juri ♥ (Let me tell you a little story. When Original Team 4 was formed, I had my eyes on two people at that time, no, actually three. Iriyama Anna, Takahashi Juri and Oba Mina. You probably can tell where this is going but for those who cannot, I’ll explain. Juri was not a fan favorite. I think I was one of the few that liked her from day 1. And we all can remember when in Sousenkyo Juri didn’t rank and it was not such a big deal to most, but she was down and I was down for sure too. Then Team 4 was scattered throughout the A, K and B and we all felt the pain together with the girls. With the next Sousenkyo approaching Juritan claimed she was gonna leave if she was not to rank. She didn’t rank, but she didn’t leave. I was glad. I would have cried buckets if she did. When she was moved to Team B, I was overjoyed. That’s where her talents and her awesomeness was laid before those who had no love for her. She became a favorite very soon to others, while I stayed proud to have followed her from day 1. And that’s when she ranked 28th and I cried buckets, from happiness. She deserved this so much and as her oshi I couldn’t have been happier. And then in the latest Sousenkyo she was 25th. This time I didn’t cry, I expected her to rank high and I was so proud and in love, seriously. Till this day Juritan is the bae I cannot help but gawk at with hearts in my eyes as if I was some anime character. I want people to appreciate her and acknowledge her. Aki-P already did, now it’s your turn people. As the captain she is amazing, as an idol she is perfect, as an actress she is wonderful, at least in my eyes. And one day she will replace Yuihime as the next Soukantoku, I strongly believe that she has such an ability.)
  2. Iwatate Saho (Her burikko chara is amazing and I really like how she manages to balance between cute and sexy. Sahhoo was my Team 4 bias before Juri was put in it, so it’s a no-brainer she still is very high in this list)
  3. Komiyama Haruka AND Kawamoto Saya (What is there not to like about Komiharu? I know a lot of people are annoyed by her dark side but I actually like that a lot. I guess I am fond of people who manage to attract my attention this well, even if their ways are dirty or inappropriate sometimes xD and she is super cute and adorable 🙂 Sayaya Sayaya Sayaya baby is just such a wonderful sweet person and I feel the need to poke her cheeks or take her out for some delicious treats every time I see her. She was picked in a 2013 Draft Kaigi and I cannot be happier about that.)

Special mentions: Murayama Yuiri, Kojima Mako, Natori Wakana, Omori Miyu

~~~Team 8~~~

  • Hokkaido & Tohoku: Sakaguchi Nagisa AND Yokoyama Yui the 2nd (Since I already talked about Nagisa, let me talk about Yokochan a bit. This girl has been slowly crawling her way up the ranks in my heart when it comes to Team 8. Since Team 8 has so many members it could make an entirely new group, I ain’t gonna rank them. They all are precious and you guys should check Team 8 out, if you haven’t done so. Every day a different girl captures my attention, so I am going to mention those that stand out the most. Yokochan – aside from sharing both last and first names with Yuihamtoku ohimesama – is a bundle of adorableness and I cannot help but be drawn towards her. Just watch AKBingo to see how sweet and cute she can be 🙂 )
  • Kanto: Oguri Yui AND Oda Erina (Yuiyui is so sweet and charming you wouldn’t believe she learned hip-hop. This girl makes you smile every day – if you watch Team 8 everyday, that is xD. Odaeri, because VOCALS man, her vocals are great)
  • Chubu: Chou Kurena (I seriously am still trying to figure out what is it about this girl that makes me so into her. I don’t know, I just seemed to like Kurenyan way before they even had first performance, just from pictures alone. And over time, getting more into Team 8, I realized I do like her a lot, just what is it that makes her so charming to me?..)
  • Kansai: Ota Nao, Yamada Nanami AND Nagano Serika (I started liking Nao after seeing her performances in theater. There is just something about the way she smiles or the way she dances that I seem to be really indulged in. Her stage presence is brilliant and I think she might be my bias in Team 8 overall. Nanami is a pushed girl and while she is not in my Top5 favorites from Team 8, she still stands out to me so I had to mention her. Serika, oh pretty gorgeous Serika. Serika is so beautiful, I cannot even…)
  • Chugoku & Shikoku: Nakano Ikumi (so, this is obvious. Ikumin is pushed, she is center most of the time and this is where most people might be not okay with that. However, my own experience showed that I shouldn’t neglect pushed girls only because they are pushed and if I feel they want to barge into my heart and stay there, I let them do so. Thus she is here. And she is a very bright person on stage, her smile could light a candle in seconds. She obviously warms my heart all the time. Other girls, I still have to fully embrace their charms, so sorry if your biases are not here ^^; )
  • Kyushu: Kuranoo Narumi (watch Naruchan centering Nagisa no Cherry, being in Nageki no Figure, or basically her every stage performance/appearance. This girl does things to me I am scared to talk about. She is gonna go far.)


~~~Team S~~~

  1. Matsui Jurina ♥ (When it comes to Juripup, I remember I always liked her – duh – but it was not to such extent. I obviously still prefer Rena-sama over her, and my bae Yukiko, but that’s another story for another time/topic, because right now we are touching only the current members. What is there not to like about Jurina? She can be cute and adorable, especially when she goes into her puppy mode and all you wanna do is squeeze her in your death grip and expect her to pout…oh my, that didn’t sound creepy at all, now did it…right. Then she can be super cool and badass, where I end up dying and squirming and spazzing and squealing and only god knows what other embarrassing things I do while being in a trance under cool badass Jurina’s presence. Then there is yet another side to her, sexy and flirtatious, the hardest one to resist. Her abs, don’t even get me started on the gaze she gives you, or the way her body moves and you know you wouldn’t mind her topping you any day… Thank god she is legal, this would take me nowhere good if she was still underage. And let’s be honest, we were praying for her to reach the age of 18 and once she did, we all sighed in relief, because let’s face it, this girl knows how to work it. I cannot resist her. Ever.)
  2. Miyamae Ami (Those of you, who have no idea who this girl is… Go google her this instant. This wonderful bae is just so precious, I cannot even… Or watch 12-gatsu no Kangaroo, she is centering the song with Ryohatan. You won’t regret researching this girl, Ami-chan has many charms to her and her smile is so compelling *-*)
  3. Yamauchi Suzuran (Tsurishi desu nee? This fisher seriously has such a perfect oshiri, but that is obviously not the only reason I like her. I love her dancing, her fishing abilities, her stage presence and her voice, oh dear~ On the more serious note, she was part of the Original Team 4 and I liked her a lot. It was sad to know she was shunned to the back lines and when she was moved to SKE I expected her to garner more attention… She is still in the back lines… Not even part of the Senbatsu… Well, I love her and I support her fully, so no matter what, Ranran, FAITO!)

Special mentions: Inuzuka Asana, Futamura Haruka, Ooya Masana

~~~Team KII~~~

  1. Oba Mina (Minarun is super funny and her body, – I dun care what everyone says, or what her chara is supposed to imply – to me she is not fat and I love her boobs, even tho I am not an oppai person. Minarun is a charming person, I really like the way she puts herself out there for us and her stage performances are always pleasing. Her move from AKB to SKE was clever and it did a lot of good, both to her and SKE. I have no complaints, more Utsukushii-Inazuma-like Minarun please, cuz that was perfect.)
  2. Furuhata Nao (SKE vocals queen, and if I dare say, her vocals are even better than 95% of AKB girls. Without a doubt. Her saxophone game is on point – please, no dirty imagery – and can I tell you, this girl has been growing on me so much. It started at some point on SKE no Magical Radio, I believe. Yeah, where she was paired with Rena-sama and while Rena-sama did funny rapping/shouting over Nao’s composed singing, I couldn’t help myself but fall for Nao’s charms a bit. Over the time she turned out to be quite a bae, I mean, have you seen her magazine scans? Holy, she is hot. And once again, her vocals, perfect.)
  3. Souda Sarina AND Takayanagi Akane (Sally is a bundle of joy, my soul gets cleansed every time that girl speaks. Churi is someone I admire a lot in SKE, the way she put herself in front for her team when she was the leader and the way she disregards herself only to help out and be there for others, she is very admirable. Go Churi! P.S. FuruYanaGAY is LAYF. Just sayin’.)

Special mentions: Ishida Anna, Matsumura Kaori, Ego Yuna

~~~Team E~~~

  1. Saito Makiko ♥ (this girl… Where do I begin? If you peple don’t know who Makki is, I suggest…no, scratch that, I ORDER you to stop reading at this point, go look her up, then come back here. Seriously. This girl needs lots of love, okay? Now before you start wondering why – if you disregarded my orders to go look her up – let me tell you. She easily might be one of the SKE’s best dancers EVER. She is amazing, she has lots of stamina, she knows how to work her beautiful charming eyes and face. Her personality is really relatable, she is a great senpai to her juniors and she went through a lot, joining with 2nd generation, being demoted and later added again. Basically similar to Kikuchi Ayaka from AKB, difference is, Makki never left. I know everyone says she is not funny at all and they laugh at her for the boring things she says when MCing – funny, cuz she is from Osaka, lol – but I always find that chara of hers hilarious and to me she is just so amazing I wanna fight hard for her. I want people to appreciate and acknowledge her, so please, give her a chance!)
  2. Sato Sumire (Suuchan is someone I always found fascinating, even back then when she was in Team B. Her smile is so attractive, it is really contagious. I always end up grinning from ear to ear whenever she smiles. She also has a great body, her oshiri is super cute, I like her eyes and… Can I say? I have a soft spot for her voice. It is one of the best things that Team E received after Suuchan was put into it. Her voice *insert lots of heart emoticons here* and her personality is not annoying, not to mention the fact she is the perfect future wife for Karen, hence the SuuRen ship)
  3. Shibata Aya (okay, now here’s the thing. I used to hate her. And I usually never hate idols. I sometimes dislike them or take no interest in them, but I never use the word hate. However, with Aya it was hate at some point. I don’t really know why, more like, I cannot exactly remember. But at some point I simply couldn’t stand her. At all. And now she is in my top 3 in Team E and really high in my ranks. I guess it helped that I watched a lot of SKE stuff and saw more of her and found out there was nothing to hate about her, if to be super honest. Aya’s dark personality is really just so my type (seeing how I like Komiharu, this comes as no surprise, right?) and her doe-like huge eyes bore into my soul every time she looks at the camera. She might be annoying at times but that is her charm and I cannot be happier I gave her a chance to grow on me. Also, her body and the way she works the camera…oh boy…)

Special mentions: Kimoto Kanon, Tani Marika, Umemoto Madoka, Kumazaki Haruka, Takatera Sana, Suda Akari, Goto Rara


~~~Team N~~~

  1. Jonishi Kei ♥ (Keicchi easily has one of the best bodies in NMB in my opinion. Well, because I have a certain type of bodies I like, so if you ever saw her magazine shoots or in PVs, you will know what is my type by looking at Keicchi. Her waist line is so pretty, her oshiri is nice, her long legs, oh boy~ Her oppai are not too big for my taste and her face is nicely shaped. Her dark chara is what makes me like her even more – you can really see the pattern now xD – and I cannot get over how actually gentle and caring she is to everyone despite what she tries to portray in MCs and on screen. I love her. Nuff said.)
  2. Sutou Ririka ♥ (before I start my spazzing let me tell you something. It used to be Jo Eriko in this spot. Until Riripon has come into my life like a wrecking ball. No pun intended – because she wrecked my ranking quite a lot – and I am serious about this. I still love me some Jo Eriko, but this girl… CAN I JUST SAY HOW PERFECT AND LOVELY RIRIPON IS?! I have no idea what she does to me but I am so captivated and in love, I cannot even begin to explain. She could easily be in No.1 spot and it would not be wrong, but Keicchi is just that important to me, so I cannot place Riri bb above her just yet. Riripon was the only choice of Team N when Draft Kaigi 2013 happened but before she was picked, back when we got pictures and list of the draftees attending, omg omg omg, I was instantly lured in. So I obviously was very glad Team N picked her. Rii is my favorite draftee from 2013 Draft Kaigi, no doubt about that (Sayaya and Sally come really close, as 2nd faves). I spazz every time I see a glimpse of Riri bb, she is just so well rounded. She can be cute, cool, sexy and charming and omg her gaze kills me every time. Bunny (Skyle) kills me by sending me her pictures – as if I don’t kill myself enough with them – and it’s probably very easy to bribe me by sending me Riripon goodies, just saying. Don’t use this information for your personal needs, on the other hand, if you send me her pics or videos, I might sell my soul to you. Maybe not my soul, but you get the point… oTL)
  3. Yamamoto Sayaka

Special mentions: Jo Eriko, Kato Yuuka, Yoshida Akari, Kishino Rika, Yamaguchi Yuki

~~~Team M~~~

  1. Tanigawa Airi ♥ (oh Airi… She is so Ikemen and yet she can be super feminine. I fell in love with this girl so bad that she – when Team M was formed – even shared first place with Jo in my ranks back then. Up till now she is my favorite Team M member, though it used to be Fuuchan a while ago for some time. It has a lot to do with me having a chance to watch more Team M stages and my love for Airi went on full throttle once again. She is amazing and her stage presence is undeniable. This bundle of everything one might want in an idol is my joy in Team M)
  2. Shiroma Miru AND Yagura Fuuko (for me to rank Team M was very hard, I’ll be honest, I ranked them last because of how hard it was…. They have so many amazing people, not that other teams don’t have, simply these are obviously on around the same level… I think Fuuchan is an obvious choice when it comes to my biases, at least at this point after you read – if you did – this post up till here. So Miru should also come as of no surprise. I have a thing for dark/devil personality idols so these two fit right into that alley. Fuuchan, aside from her sometimes dark chara, is such a precious girl, her cuteness and beauty radiates from afar and her eye smile is one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed in NMB. Then we have Miru, sex bomb(?) of this team. Seriously, her body makes me FEEL. Miru makes me acknowledge the bi part in me that leans towards women. She does things to me no other idol ever did. Now let me explain. Those that are higher than her in my ranks, some of them obviously are gorgeous and sexy and make me feel, but Miru is special. She has something that I cannot pinpoint but it’s there. You gaze at her and you suddenly feel like you and her are the only two in the room. You get lost in her gaze, in the way her body moves, sways, lulls you in. Miru is special. END OF STORY. P.S. FuuMiru ship is LAYF.)
  3. Kinoshita Momoka (I want Kinoshita to Kabedon me. There, I said it. Seriously, she is hilarious and funny and all other things, but when she acts all Ikemen…. Oh dear, oh boy, let me stop right here and right now or I’ll end up writing out a fantasy of SakuMomo and how she Kabedons me and how we end up in… um, never mind. Just know she is awesome, kay? And her ever changing hair colors, don’t hate them. She owns any hairstyle or color, seriously. Momoka rules)

Special mentions: Fujie Reina, Mita Mao, Kawakami Rena, Murase Sae, Kushiro Rina

~~~Team BII~~~

  1. Watanabe Miyuki ♥
  2. Umeda Ayaka ♥ (I am a sucker for Original Team K, and Umechan was one of my faves. She still is. I love her to bits and pieces. This girl can sing, can dance, can entertain and is one hella talented idol. To think that soon she won’t be a part of 48G anymore… On the lighter note, I loved her move to NMB48 from AKB48. Why? Well, NMB has very hard hitting (most of the time, that is) and fast paced choreography, which is exactly the niche that Umeda needed after being placed in Team B that have…cutesy image. I am not saying BII doesn’t have that cutesy image, they do. But their dancing is what is important in this case. SKE and NMB are known for their strong and epic dancing performances and I am super glad Umechan got a chance to explore her capabilities and perform in a group/team that goes along with what she is good at. I will support her no matter what she does – wouldn’t be surprised her taking the musical path – yet secretly I hope for DiVA’s reunion ^^;)
  3. Yabushita Shu AND Kawakami Chihiro (Oh, the days where I used to dislike Shuu and was all over Chihhii, because let’s face it, Chihhii is life, okay? But then Shuu grew on me, I think I should thank NMB Geinin! for this. And now these two girls are one of the many reasons why I love NMB so much. Once again, another brat/devil character that I love, Shuu, I am looking at you xD and Chihhii, oh dear, this cutie is just so adorable, can I bear-hug her? Omg, I sound like a pervert…which I won’t deny that I am xD )

Special mentions: Shibuya Nagisa, Kusaka Konomi, Terui Honoka


~~~Team H~~~

  1. Sashihara Rino ♥ (Sasshilegs is amazing. I still remember her being in AKB, then she was this funny girl that most of us thought was ugly and non appealing, then the scandal happened, she was sent to HKT, pulled herself together for the lollies’ sake and…BLOOMED. You need to get on Sasshilegs train immediately, if you haven’t done so yet. Seriously, the way she rose HKT to power and popularity and the way she made herself and her lollies successful and known after that scandal ensued, what can I say? Admirable nonetheless. She is one of the best MCs that 48G has to offer, I love her wholeheartedness that she puts into everything she does and I couldn’t ask for more. Go Sasshi. P.S. HAVE YOU SEEN HER DIVINE LEGS?!)
  2. Anai Chihiro AND Tanaka Natsumi (OH KYAPPU, such a sweetheart and such a bae. I really love Chihiron’s stage presence and how she is super photogenic, seriously. Then there is Natsumikan, and you cannot go wrong with her. Boss always knows how to cut through, her dark humor and in your face personality really shines. Omg, the pattern is really here, I really do love dark characters LOL. Annoying is another word, but not in a bad way 😀 )
  3. Kojina Yui (another dark one, though in this case she is more like Ripopo from NMB. The way she talks and acts, I cannot with her. BAE. Especially the mirror happening at Sousenkyo, definitely one of the best Sousenkyo moments xD You also need to watch her stage performances to know her better. When she talks in MCs, really, the charms are there.)

Special mentions: Yabuki Nako, Akiyoshi Yuka, Matsuoka Natsumi, Tanaka Miku, Yamada Marina

~~~Team KIV~~~

  1. Murashige Anna ♥ AND Miyawaki Sakura ♥ (My love for Russian Monkey has started from a long while ago, since her debut in HKT. And then Aanya appeared in Majisuka3 as Jovijovich and I fell in love even more. Her mentaiko joke never gets old – if you think otherwise, I suggest you keep it to yourself, cuz Imma protect mah baby, kay? – and Aanya’s adorableness and fail chara is what makes her very appealing. Sakuratan used to be way lower in my ranks, but over time she really grew on me and even if I think her running is super funny and her acting needs lots of work, she is such a bubbly girl and her suddenly matured body…oh boy)
  2. Moriyasu Madoka (Princess, Lady, Ohimesama, Doe, Beauty, Grace, Poise. I could give her so many names, the list is endless. She is a wonderful piece of HKT and she is one of those that I instantly think of her when hearing HKT48. Madoka is very talented and beautiful, I also really love her voice. I know it is not powerful or perfect – who is perfect anyway – but the undertones of her voice swivel in my heart and stay there for a long time way after she has done talking/singing.)
  3. Okada Kanna AND Motomura Aoi (I’ll be honest here. Okada used to be way lower due to me not taking huge interest in HKT back then. Her having the injury in 2014 also has some influence, since she wasn’t around for about 4 months I think. Somehow, watching stages and performances I started noticing her more and she has been part of my HKT lists now for quite some time. But this is the first time she is this high within Team KIV. And now that I’ve seen her partaking in Junai no Crescendo unit at HKT48 Himawarigumi 2nd stage… Oh yeah, you go girl *insert flying hearts emoticon* And then Aoitan. Another honest admittance oncoming. I started to like her because of my friend Kuchi. Seriously, I took interest in her after Kuchi’s huge love towards her and then, because I payed attention to the girl, I started seeing her charms and adorableness that she excudes in mostly everything she does. Bae for sure.)

Special mentions: Kumazawa Serina, Oota Aika, Ueki Nao, Fuchigami Mai


4 thoughts on “SAKU-CHAN’S 48G BIAS RANKING. 2016 January

      • indeed, our biases are kinda similiar…now I’m tempted to write down my own biases–since I’m kinda lazy allow me to write it here–and I’ll leave the kennins to their original team so /lol

        Team A
        1. Yui Hime, it’s obvious that the Princess herself will be took this spot /lol
        2. Megutan, her role as Head on MG5 flew her right to this spot–she’ll be 1st if Hime still in K
        3. Baby Nightingale Hiwatan, she’s cute, adoreable, funny, and so damn small–makes you want to protect her from the harsh world

        Team K
        1. Miion, another obvious name here… imo she’s Yuko’s “reincarnation”
        2. Manami, the hidden gem of 15th gen… nurture her more and she’ll shine brightly
        3. Yuami, one of Hime’s harem… it’s cute to see her being tsuntsun over Hime for not keeping her promise to take her out on date
        4. Giant Shimada, 3rd on my 9th gen rank–just fall short after Miyu… if Miion is Yuko’s “reincarnation” then for me she’s Akigori’s “reincarnation” 🙂
        5. Mogi, can’t leave Miion’s hubby out can’t we…
        6. Ayanan, I bet she’s the “culprit” behind MogiMiion couple… her sexy husky(?) voice was… [feel free to fill the blank]

        Team B
        1. Yuria, what can I say about this hot baka captain…
        2. Miyu, 9th gen’s lil sister, why this talented young lady is so underrated?!
        3. Lil Moe, one of 48G’s good singer… bring her back to Team K please…

        Team 4
        1. Juri, another name on Hime’s harem and the next Soukantoku(?), the head of her generation…
        2. Naachan, her sharp eyes caught my attention… she’s also a good singer
        3. Sayaya, this potato princess might looks calm and kinda gloomy outside, but inside she’s brimming with passion…not to mention she’s also kinda hot and her habbit pursing her lips was…
        4. Yuiri, Naachan’s wifey… just like Megu and Sayaya, her act&role on MG5 sent her to this spot
        5. Mako, yet another name on Hime’s harem… love her smile and that otter-like pouting face of her is so cute…

        Team 8
        Nagi, her gap is great… just like Sayaya, she might looks calm and reserved–more of shy if I might say–outside, but brimming with passion inside…maybe this is a trait of people from hokkaido?
        Kasumin (Fukushima), she’s the 2nd/3rd best singer from Team 8

        -Oden-chan, Team 8’s best singer nuff said… her “Suki suki Rally” gag is kinda funny
        -Orin (Ibaraki), Team 8’s fisher also the designer of Team 8’s mascot Eitokun
        -Hiichan (Tochigi) one of great dancer… from the same prefecture as Yuko /lol

        -Yokomichi, this rubber ball of lightning is a real monster… 8km of daily run?! that just insane…
        -Haruna (Toyama), a cute Megane Usagi /shy

        -Nana, 俺の妹…the dorkiest of Team 8–as expected of Kansai native, she’s a natural born comedian… she even already start her own harem… and (again) her husky voice…
        -Nao baba, Team 8’s leader, their main pillar of support so far
        -Momoka (Nara), 2nd/3rd best singer from Team 8, on par with Kasumin
        -Serika, Hama (Shiga), Rukacchi (Wakayama), can’t left out these kids alone /lol

        -Ikku, the pushed ace&center? I don’t mind… Nana’s 1st harem /lol
        -Tenten (Kagawa), fresher udon chara /lol

        -Shippo, one of Team 8’s Trident Heads along with Ikku&Nagi… another name on Nana’s harem…
        -Moka (Miyazaki) unique sure name 「谷口」it reads as Yaguchi instead of (normal) Taniguchi

        I’l justl skip SKE since I’m not really familiar with them and only care for few name…

        Team N
        1. Sayanee, the all round artist, great singing voice, great dancer, good guitar skill, dorky personality, great leader
        2. Uuka, one of NMB’s great dancer… she might/might not be the next leader…
        3. Riripon, our dorky philosopher…
        5. Keicchi, the “most hated” member… she deserve that title for having that nice body while she’s a big eater… I mean she love and can eat as much as she want without being worried about her weight… if I’m a girl I’ll hate her to the marrow but luckily I’m not /lol
        6. Akarin, she’s kinda sexy in my eyes…
        7. Yamarina, good dancer&good cooks /lol

        Team M
        1. Azusa, Nana really got nice pair of eyes for spotting her… she deserve more attention&support not only because she carry the weight as Post Yamada Nana–former NMB’s 2nd in command–but also because she has no fellow generation on her back… luckily she’s doing good so far
        2. Reinyan, she’s done great as captain… Maimai must be proud of her…
        3. Okichan, another NMB’s great dancer… glad finally she’s on senbatsu after 5 years…
        4. Rinacchi, cute imouto turns into sexy imouto…
        5. Mita, this otaku is getting prettier as of late…
        6. Momoka, I can’t believe that her dream is to become a NEET…
        7. Megumin&Ayatin, a dorky beauty& dorky yankee combi… call her Me-chan and she’ll give you her sexy(?) dance /lol
        8. Rachel, Anchu, Shion, a variety trio…

        Team BII
        1. Emichi, the freshly graduate captain… congrats
        2. Enoki, another great dancer with good sense of variety…
        3. Chihhii, former figure skate athlete(?)&Keicchi’s lost sister /lol
        4. Kokochan, a lady-like with great cooking skill

        I’ll also skip HKT since I’m not familiar with them and only care few of them… as for the youngest NGT, let’s leave them for next time….

        P.S I wrote this using my stoneage phone

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