Unspoken Feelings. Part 5


A/n. Hello, dear readers~ Um, I know this update is way way WAYYYYYYYYY too late, nd I have no excuses, other than procrastination… I hope you guys enjoy this. This is a late Birthday present to Bunny, kinda ^^; I am just glad I was finally able to update this and cannot wait for the last part which will be very….HEATED.


“Ah, your mom’s cooking is the best~” Suuchan flopped on the soft mattress and stretched, soon being cuddled in Karen’s firm embrace.

“And I am still bitter about you choosing to shower without me.” Karen pouted while whispering and nuzzled in Suuchan’s soft hair. “Tomorrow morning I am not letting you escape though.”

“Hehe~” Sato blushed and pulled the blanket over them, tangling her legs with Iwata’s ones. Their bodies couldn’t have been closer and she definitely enjoyed the proximity. “Nee, did you set up the alarm clock?”

“Un, I did. Don’t worry.” Karen smiled and lowered herself until her eyes were staring deep into Sumire’s beautiful eyes. “Is something worrying you? I told you. With me you don’t have to think about something going wrong, I am here for you, alright?”

“It’s just I have so many things I still have to brush up when it comes to choreography. If I oversleep, or if the train is delayed or if—“

Karen cut the girl off by kissing her softly on the lips, then pulling back while never breaking the gaze from those beautiful orbs. “I told you before. I am here for you. So smile and enjoy my company.”

“Gomen, for being my usual negative self…” Sato blushed, unable to hold back the delight she felt after the soft kiss. She really needed to stop thinking and just let her girlfriend take care of her.

“Let me take your mind away off of things~” Karen whispered and hovered over Sumire, taking in the flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes of the girl under her, hearing the rapidly increased breathing and seeing the T-shirt covered chest rising in a haggard manner. “Let me take you high above the clouds and show you paradise~”

“Oi!” Suuchan blushed and lightly hit her cheesy girlfriend on the shoulder. Her heart was barely able to stay in her ribcage and the teasing didn’t help at all. Sumire simply couldn’t take it anymore and pulled Karen into a passionate kiss, but to no avail. The Ikemen girl avoided it and pulled Suuchan out of bed, Kabedoning her against the wall. Sato seriously felt her soul leaving her body.

“Su.mi.re~” Karen whispered and leaned even closer to the flustered girl. “I’m going to show you a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view~”

With those words – which would have ruined the atmosphere because of their cheesiness if not the fact Karen was looking mega hot with her disheveled hair and husky voice, her intense stare and towering over Suuchan – she suddenly kissed her girlfriend roughly, eliciting a hushed moan and a whimper much to her contentment.


As they were nearing their location, Sae was completely astonished how Mariya’s half of the body was on top of the Ikemen woman. The asleep girl seemed to be deep in the dreamland as her arms assuredly held onto Sae’s waist and her nose was deep in Miyazawa’s neck. The woman couldn’t help but stroke the other’s hair and try to fish out her wallet without disturbing the sleeping girl.

Sae was able to pay the taxi driver and not wake the girl up; the driver even opened the door for her as she carefully wrapped Mariyannu in her arms and somehow got out of the taxi, also able to grab the girl’s bag, Sae’s backpack still securely on her back. Ikemen woman at first was thinking if she should wake Mariya up but decided against it; the sleeping girl not only looked cute and adorable but also was really tired after the practice.

The woman was lucky as the taxi driver also opened the doors to the apartment complex and she quietly thanked him, bowing her head and then walking towards the elevator. Carefully turning her back to the button she pressed on it with her butt and soon she was inside, this time using her elbow to press on their floor number.

Sae somehow managed to carry the backpack, Mariya and her bag without problems and reach the apartment once the elevator door opened. The girl was still soundly asleep and Sae had a hard time pulling a key card out of her pocket, holding Suzuki with one arm and supporting the girl’s body with her bent leg, trying to keep her balance on the other.

Once in the apartment Miyazawa kicked off her shoes and slipped into slippers, padding into the bedroom, carefully placing the sleeping girl on the bed and then carrying the bag and backpack to the living room. Only then she slumped on the couch, feeling her body refusing to move until she got some rest. However, the woman persevered, standing up, going to lock the apartment door and then walking back to the bedroom.

She carefully took off Mariya’s shoes and even more cautiously undressed the girl until she was in her underwear only. Obviously, Sae always found Mariya’s body sexy to ogle at but now it was not the time so she carefully pulled out the covers from under the captivating body and then pulled them over the sleeping girl, sighing in relief once those curves were out of sight.

Miyazawa felt exhausted and wondered if she should take a shower or just lie in bed like that. It would be a good excuse to take a shower together with the girl later, once they wake up. Deciding upon that, Miyazawa slid out of her clothes, also leaving herself in underwear only. She then slithered herself under the covers and carefully wrapped her arm around Mariya’s waist. Instinctively, the girl cuddled into Ikemen woman’s arms, probably falling into a deeper sleep, if that was even possible.

Sae smiled and nuzzled in Mariya’s hair, feeling her body give in to the warmth and closeness of the other person. Before falling asleep she thought about setting the alarm clock, but then she remembered they both had a day off tomorrow. It meant no alarm clock and no need to wake up early. It also meant more precious time together. With those thoughts in her head, Sae soon drifted to sleep.


“For quite some time now I…. I have been in love with someone and…that someone…is you.”

It took a few minutes for Yui to fully grasp the meaning of the words that Yuuko spoke. Maybe because it was unexpected, maybe because she thought she was hallucinating. Yet it for sure affected the Kyoto girl as tears were already streaming down her cheeks even though the realization hadn’t struck her yet.

On the other hand, Yuuko was not sure how to take those tears. Was it happiness tears? Was it any other kind of tears, maybe relief? If Yui was thinking Yuuko might say she is actually ditching Aki-P’s wishes and is in fact graduating soon, this different kind of news might have made her relieved. Obviously, Ooshima hoped it was the former.

“I…ha….you….this all…is this what….I heard is right…?” Even if her sentence now was all a-la-Sousenkyo-acceptance-speech all over again, she didn’t care. Yui just wanted to know if this hallucination was just a spark of her imagination or if this was what Yuuko actually really said. It would mean so much for Yui to know her feelings were reciprocated, even if it was a temporary thing.

“Yui… I’m in love you.” Yuuko spoke again, deciding to take initiative. She cupped the Kyoto girl’s cheeks and gently positioned that cute head so that Yokoyama’s teary eyes were staring right into Yuuko’s determined ones. “I mean it in the deepest and the most sincere way possible. If it’s not you, then I don’t want anyone else. Don’t ask me when I fell in love or how. I just did. It just happened. And if you don’t feel the same way, it’s okay, really. I am just glad I was able to say this to you.”

The rush of emotions and the realization were quite a harsh blow and Yui was soon sobbing into Yuuko’s chest as the woman pulled her in close and soothingly rubbed her back, whispering sweet words in her ear. The Kyoto princess was so overwhelmed and yet this embrace, this different kind of hug that she was experiencing for the first time, it was very calming and encouraging at the same time. About ten minutes later Yui was crying no more, and she pulled back only to meet Yuuko’s gentle gaze yet again. Blush crept up Yokoyama’s cheeks and the girl was about to hide her face but as if reading her mind, Yuuko chuckled and shook her head.

“If you hide this cute expression of yours, I will be very disappointed and might have to hold your face again.” Yuuko teased, actually slowly realizing the Kyoto ohimesama might actually have some feelings towards her too. “Can I know your answer to my confession or is this too soon?”

“I…” Yui couldn’t speak. She felt too embarrassed and at the same time she was at a loss of words. Confessing her feelings after hiding them so well for a long time was not something she ever thought of doing. Yui just stared back at Yuuko, unable to produce anything else, only her heated cheeks, glistening eyes and rapid rising of her chest were giving away her answer. “I…”

Yuuko sighed in relief, her heart finally beating after dreading to hear a rejection and she realized she has a way of making Yui show how she feels. It might be a bit too fast, but the squirrel felt this was the moment of truth and she had to use a chance once given one. Ooshima once again cupped Yui’s cheeks but this time she leaned in without a warning and captured those alluring lips that were giving her delusional fantasies nearly every day. The taste was way better than her imagination painted it and soon she was passionately kissing the girl, pulling her into a tight embrace.

Yui’s head was on cloud nine, all dizzy and quite heated. Her heart already flew away and she closed her eyes, enjoying the blissful experience of kissing the one she loved. She obviously replied the kiss, letting Yuuko take full control of it. She felt arms pulling her into a tight embrace and she couldn’t help but sneak her own ones around Yuuko’s waist, enjoying the sensations and relishing in the bliss that was Yuuko’s kisses.


12 thoughts on “Unspoken Feelings. Part 5

  1. Im so mad and relieved that you have not forgotten this fic. I love it. I just frantically scrolled down to find Yui and Yuuko’s scene and I was not disappointed. I’ll read it again the full of it. Right now I need time to savor the fact that they have kissed. AND THERE IS NO STOPPING IT VBSMJDNFHKDJF SANKYUU MAMA

  2. *got the update notif*

    *click on it*

    *start read*

    *quick read on the first two couples*

    *slowly read and savor the main couple’s story*

    *vomit blood from the cliffhanger* Y U DO DIS… ひ~ど~い~

    *re-read only that part again and again*

    *grinning like idiot*

    thank you for this birthday gift…


    That was totally cheesy but hawt and adorable and adfgsjskgdksh I can’t express all these feels after reading that SuuRen part, Saku ❤

    As for Sae and Mariya… Sae is a "gentleman" after all so getting stupidly intimate with another person would be out of the question *shot'd* This was really innocent and sweet as compared to SuuRen that was just asfdjskssnkskabdk aaaahhh *continues to fangirl lol*

    Then the icing on the cake– SquirrelHam X'D I find it hilarious how you made reference to Ham's way of speech in accordance to the Sousenkyou haha. But daaaang this was just so precious too and le asdhjdkdgdks feeeels! Yuu-chan is such a lead :v

  4. Why hello there.

    I read this…. shocking right?

    ALADDIN LYRICS? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    a-la-sousenkyo-speech. LOL

    I don’t have the smileys cause its not jphip….
    god damnit.

    *sips tea* jya!

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