Checkmate. Chapter F


“You have a visitor.” The security guard announced while opening Jurina’s cell. Ignoring her nonchalant expression, he put on the handcuffs on her outstretched hands and shoved her out of the cell, leading her to the visiting room.

For Jurina to keep this nonchalant expression was a task very hard to carry out, but she really didn’t want anyone to see the real her thus she kept her cool as much as possible. The black haired assassin was hoping for a certain person to grace her field of vision and her hopes were not shattered. Once she entered the visiting room, she nearly lost all her cool from seeing the person she wanted to see for so long.

“Since the lady has authority here, I’ll leave the room for fifteen minutes.” The guard said to the visitor and bowed slightly, afterwards leaving and closing the door behind him.

Upon his leave the room felt tense, maybe because the two haven’t seen each other for so long, or maybe because they both had to act a certain way to keep their image. After all, they both wanted to be in each other’s arms right now and since that was not possible, the tension in the room was reaching the peak.

“How have you been?” The visitor asked, sitting with her back straight and hands neatly placed on the table top. Her voice was as soothing as Jurina remembered and in the end she couldn’t help but let out a smile.

“Well, considering the fact I am in jail, things could have been worse. I could only complain about the food and the bedding. Other than that, things are quite fine.” Aside the fact she missed this person too much. However, she decided to not say it, at least not yet.

“So like you.” The woman spoke again and leaned in a bit closer, but not too much. “Do you still want to be with me?”

“What a dumb question. When did I not want to?” Jurina felt slightly annoyed, maybe even disappointed. Then again, what with all her playing around, this woman in front of her must have felt Jurina was only playing. “That’s the only thing I want right now. To be with you.”

“Mh. You’re lucky I believe you.” The lady spoke and motioned for Jurina to lean forward.

She couldn’t help but do what asked. The Matsui assassin simply loved this woman too much to complain out loud, unless it was a banter or joking. She stared at those beautiful eyes and couldn’t help but lean even closer.

“Not too close.” The woman whispered and pressed a finger on Jurina’s lips. “I payed for you.”

Jurina’s heartbeat was going on insane levels, despite the fact this was not the place or the time to be aroused. She tried to keep focus and slowly ruminated the spoken sentence in her head. Pay, payed, for you, I payed, I payed for you. !!! She payed for Jurina, which meant her wish was about to come true, which meant this woman was only testing Jurina, wanting to make sure their feelings were really mutual.

A knock on the doors made them both go apart. Jurina tried to put on as nonchalant expression as she could and the lady simply smiled coldly, though her eyes sent Jurina warmth and caring. A guard walked in and slightly bowed again.

“Your time is over, lady Iriyama-sama. Everything is ready.” He spoke and bowed again.

“Thank you, Ooshima-kun. What was your name again…? Ryouta, right?” Iriyama  Anna spoke and smiled. “I’ll speak on your behalf to Yamamoto.”

“Ah, thank you so much, Iriyama-sama.” The guard bowed even more and then hastily uncuffed Jurina’s arms. He then led them both to where Jurina’s things were held and gave them to sign a few formal papers.

Jurina was more than happy to sign and then she looked at Annin with a cool smile, though for the other it meant more than just that.

“I’ll change and then we can go.” Jurina walked to the changing room after speaking the words and then changed in as much little time as possible. To say she was happy was an understatement. Even assassins had happy moments in their lives and to Jurina being with Anna was more than a happy moment. It was a blessing. She was now free from her family, part of Anna’s life, part of a different life. She walked out the room and then together with Iriyama walked to the car. The driver opened the doors to them and they got seated inside.

Right away when doors were closed Jurina felt soft lips pressed against hers passionately and all she could do was respond, relishing in the sweet kiss and warm loving embrace. Minutes later they parted and she couldn’t help but smile, seeing the loving expression Anna held.

“Let’s go home, Jurina.”


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