A/n. So last time I did this and was excited with the results. Now, a lot of people announced graduations/graduated since then and thus here is my updated ranking. I am not including the graduated ones or those who announced graduations. Let’s be fair this time, nee? This time the commentary will be not as long well unless the member was not talked about last time ^^; And the special mentions are done in no particular order, just so you know ^^

P.S. THIS IS SOLELY ENTIRELY MY OPINION. You do not have to agree with it, but please refrain from commenting negativity about the members.


->->-> AKB48 <-<-<-

~~~Team A~~~

  1. Yokoyama Yui ♥ (I don’t think I need to state the obvious that she is perfect in very way possible. And the more 48G related things I watch, the more deeper I fall for her. How can one not?)
  2. Shimazaki Haruka (Yup, she stays high in my ranks, no changes here.)
  3. Miyazaki Miho & Hiwatashi Yui (First things first. Myao not being in my Top 3 last time doesn’t mean I loved her less than I do now. I simply felt the need to mention Maachun and Miru last time because they really shone and stood out. However, Myao was always my bias in Team A during A5 days, well, after Acchan obviously, but that’s a different story for another day maybe. So yeah, this girl has been in my high ranks for as long as I can remember. If you don’t think you had enough of me spazzing and joyfully puking rainbows about her finally getting the spotlight she deserved from day one, let me give you more of that joy. SHE FUCKING DESERVES IT AND I AM FRIGGIN HAPPY. MY MYAO BABY ROCKS, OKAY? There, go jump of a cloud and slide the rainbow, it won’t change anything. Unicorns are awesome and dope and so is Myao. And then Hiiwatan…my biggest weakness amidst the whole 2nd round of draftees. Sorry, Maria-chan, but Hiiwatan was always my fave since I saw all of the draftees. For her to be promoted to Team A, I am gleefully on cloud nine. Too many talks about clouds, but it’s full moon now, so expect some crankiness and craziness from me in this post.)

Special mentions: Ogasawara Mayu, Shiroma Miru, Miyawaki Sakura, Owada Nana, Nakanishi Chiyori, Iriyama Anna, Taniguchi Megu

~~~Team K~~~

  1. Minegishi Minami (I talked a lot about the reasons why I love her last time. Why she is all of the sudden No1? Well, I don’t know. I feel like lately I’ve been trying to give a chance to newer generations, since they are taking over, and I love most of the members. However, I always felt bad placing Miichan sometimes lower than she deserved. I thought a lot over this whole thing and realized – obviously being back on track with 48G related things helped – that Miichan is my Team K bias as of now.)
  2. Ichikawa Manami (Oh god, where do I begin…. And seriously, this girl is the full package. Starting from her stage presence going to her beautiful voice and finishing with her dancing, not to mention her personality… Oh boy, I fell hard and I don’t think I am better than Icarus at this point… But no, that reference should be left with Jurina… Read SKE48 part for that I guess ^^;)
  3. Mukaichi Mion & Shinozaki Ayana (Don’t think I love them less, just because they are lower than in the previous ranking. I still love them the same. They both are still awesome.)

Special mentions: Fujita Nana, Tano Yuuka, Mogi Shinobu, Mutou Tomu, Nakata Chisato

~~~Team B~~~

  1. Kizaki Yuria (If only Mirukii hadn’t announced her graduation… Oh well, I already said that I always have loved Yuria, so with Mirukii out of the picture, here we have Yuria taking the crown. Baka, Tsuntsun, yet epic dancer and has a quirky personality. what’s not to love about her?)
  2. Kato Rena (Renacchi just has something special and I simply cannot see her going anywhere from this secure spot…well, maybe up ^^;)
  3. Watanabe Mayu and Sakaguchi Nagisa (you can read about them in my previous post, no changes here really)

Special mentions: Yabuki Nako, Kashiwagi Yuki, Fukuoka Seina, Takeuchi Miyu

~~~Team 4~~~

  1. Takahashi Juri ♥ (Some of you might argue, but to me Juritan is like the best leader and captain Team 4 could have gotten. Any team really. Well, obviously I am talking about newer generations. We all know how older generations were too epic. And to me Juritan centered BIRD is the best BIRD version I have watched. OMG, her vocals killed me, literally I felt like dying. Everything about her makes me swoon. Perfection. I feel like I used the word perfect already too much but wait till we reach Jurina…)
  2. Iwatate Saho & Okada Nana (While I talked about Sahhoo on my previous post, I haven’t had the chance to tell you how much my love for Okada has grown. So much that she skyrocketed from not being mentioned at all to sharing second place with Sahhoo. THAT IS SOMETHING. I really warmed up to her and I am glad she go rid – not fully thank god – of her majime chara and now she is majime hentai lol. She is epic, especially her stage presence.)
  3. Komiyama Haruka AND Kawamoto Saya (No changes here, they are still my babies.)

Special mentions: Murayama Yuiri, Kojima Mako, Omori Miyu, Kitagawa Ryouha

~~~Team 8~~~

  • Hokkaido & Tohoku: Sakaguchi Nagisa AND Yokoyama Yui the 2nd (No changes  check previous ranking to read more ^^)
  • Kanto: Honda Hitomi, Oguri Yui AND Oda Erina (Hitomi has grown on me, she is a cutie pie, I love her so much. The other two are unchanged.)
  • Chubu: Chou Kurena (strongly secured here ^^)
  • Kansai: Ota Nao, Yamada Nanami AND Nagano Serika (No changes ^^)
  • Chugoku & Shikoku: Nakano Ikumi (yup, she is still here ^^)
  • Kyushu: Kuranoo Narumi (baby *-*)


~~~Team S~~~

  1. Matsui Jurina ♥ (Holy shizzle bajizzle, am I a roasted marshmallow that burned for being held too long over the bonfire or am I really Icarus, who flew too high until sun burned his wings and then he fell and died? I have no clue, but Jurina’s awakened sexuality has been killing me and slaying me so hard, I fear my bi side is showing more than it should… Not that I mind, but seriously, why can’t she stay cute and adorable? Why does she have to be so alluring…. Akai wa Pin Heel, don’t let me even get started…. Holy Crap, I need cold water…or shower…or ice pack… PERFECTION PERFECTION PERFECTION. I still have a complain to Rena-sama for not acknowledging the achingly beautiful love Jurina has towards her. but this is again another topic I do not dare touch in the ranking or it would turn out into super long rant that no one wants to read… ALSO, JURINA MUST WIN SSK THIS YEAR OR AT LEAST GET INTO TOP 3. ELSE, I AM GONNA RAGE AND PULL AN ELSA ON PEOPLE, OR EVEN MILEY… YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW WHAT THAT IS…)
  2. Yamauchi Suzuran (She deserves this spot, even if I feel sad about Amiami leaving… I don’t know if I mentioned how awesome of a dancer RanRan is in my previous ranking, but well, here I am, letting it slip here and stay forever etched in everyone’s brains. Don’t sleep on her, please.)
  3. Kitagawa Ryouha (So… I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge confession to make. This girl, I have been sleeping on her in a way I just asked you not to sleep on RanRan… maybe even worse… Honestly, I always found something off putting about her and seemed to dislike her character…. But she suddenly pulled out a Paru on me and I found myself captivated… Chicken LINE title is so wrong in so many ways so I am going to blame that… No, really, Ryouha looked fantastic in the MV and I like her in live performances.)

Special mentions: Inuzuka Asana, Futamura Haruka, Ooya Masana

~~~Team KII~~~

  1. Oba Mina (No changes)
  2. Furuhata Nao (Obviously Nao is still second.)
  3. Souda Sarina AND Takayanagi Akane (No changes.)

Special mentions: Ishida Anna, Matsumura Kaori, Ego Yuna

~~~Team E~~~

  1. Saito Makiko ♥ (BAE BAE BAE)
  2. Sato Sumire (no changes)
  3. Shibata Aya & Goto Rara (Aya is a clear deal, you all understand why I love her. Rara… oh my god, this girl is such a perfection I don’t even know where to start… Okay, let’s get this clear, she is illegal, so no dirty fantasies. But I feel like I finally found a person I can allow to take Rena-sama’s spot in SKE48 songs. Usually no one mets my expectations, but she actually goes over them. Her Kareha rendition, it was breathtaking.)

Special mentions: Kimoto Kanon, Tani Marika, Kumazaki Haruka, Takatera Sana, Suda Akari


~~~Team N~~~

  1. Jonishi Kei ♥ (I still cannot get over the perfection that Keicchi is. I don’t think I ever will)
  2. Sutou Ririka ♥ (LAKFVOUWRHFOUHNCLSVBLJFBLESHNFGVOLHNDF THIS GIRL IS GONNA KILL ME ONE DAY, her humor is so perfectly fine, her voice is so sickeningly like honey it makes me melt just from one syllable and did I tell you her round face is so adorable…. Okay, I need to stop… Like, RIGHT NOW.)
  3. Yamamoto Sayaka (She is like Takamina, all in one package… actually better, but let’s not argue over that. How can one not like Sayanee is beyond my understanding…)

Special mentions: Jo Eriko, Kato Yuuka, Yoshida Akari, Kishino Rika, Yamaguchi Yuki

~~~Team M~~~

  1. Tanigawa Airi ♥ (no changes *w*)
  2. Shiroma Miru AND Yagura Fuuko (FUUMIRU FTW)
  3. Kinoshita Momoka (I still want her to Kabedon me. I still find her attractive in ways I shouldn’t. She is hilarious and epic. Perfection… I seriously need to stop using this word… but I cannot help it, it is how it is.)

Special mentions: Fujie Reina, Mita Mao, Kawakami Rena, Murase Sae, Kushiro Rina

~~~Team BII~~~

  1. Yabushita Shu (This list has just had a drastic change… My NMB48 bias, Mirukii, has announced graduation, so I excluded her… and Umechan… let’s not talk about that… *wipes corners of my eyes* ya know, some dust gathered in there, no biggie… Well, this results in Shu becoming my Team BII favorite.)
  2. Kawakami Chihiro (Cutie pie~)
  3. Kusaka Konomi (This girl is hilarious. annoying yet hilarious. I like her a lot and I think if only management pushed her a wee bit more, we could have another Ripopo – but we do not touch this topic, I am still heartbroken bout my baby Ripo leaving 48G and seriously, I never dare to compare anyone to her. This is merely a note that Konomi’s career could take a different turn with a bit more push and acknowledgement.)

Special mentions: Shibuya Nagisa, Kinoshita Haruna


~~~Team H~~~

  1. Sashihara Rino ♥ (SASSHILEGS FTW)
  2. Anai Chihiro AND Tanaka Natsumi (no changes)
  3. Kojina Yui (obviously she still keeps her place)

Special mentions: Yabuki Nako, Akiyoshi Yuka, Matsuoka Natsumi, Tanaka Miku, Yamada Marina

~~~Team KIV~~~

  1. Murashige Anna ♥ AND Miyawaki Sakura ♥ (Russian Monkey and Unrunning Queen, best SakurAnna combo one can ever see xD but I love this ship and I love both girls, so anyone who doesn’t like them can simply STFU)
  2. Moriyasu Madoka (Princess, Lady, Ohimesama, Doe, Beauty, Grace, Poise.)
  3. Motomura Aoi (No changes, other than baby Okapan graduating….)

Special mentions: Kumazawa Serina, Oota Aika, Ueki Nao, Fuchigami Mai

~~~Team TII~~~ {new team!}

  1. Imamura Maria (oh, the joys this baby brings to all of us… I sometimes mistaken her wiht Nako, because they both are so undeniably adorable… but Maria is younger thus more illegal thus I am gonna stop right here. Oh, she shares last name with Yuusei xD )
  2. Yamauchi Yuna (those who follow Kpop and think SNSD’s Tiffany is the only one like that, well, this Tiffany can prove you wrong alright. Yuuna is quite a feast to those who want fun and adorableness and entertainment.)
  3. Kurihara Sae (our sleeping habits are veeeeery similar, it’s already a huge plus in my book, and we both love eating mangoes…and she is a charmer, really. People need to stop sleeping on her too, those who still don’t know who she is.)

Special mentions: Murakawa Bibian


2 thoughts on “SAKU-CHAN’S 48G BIAS RANKING. 2016 May

  1. glad to see Naa&Hiichan there /thumbup

    not much change on my side–some just getting stronger and solid on their spot while some start wavering–with just few new names can be added on

    -Tsucchan (yamagata) her deadpan expression was kinda put me off before… but now that she’s start smiling more it bring out her charm–somehow I see Tomu on her

    Team N
    -Yuuri she’s getting dorkier and bold as of late
    Team M
    -Sararan a good wife&moral support for Azusa just as she promised
    -Miikii never know that she’s such a ‘wierdo’–which is good of course–until I watched Yuu Gata ep13
    Team BII
    -Tantan be a good vice&hubby for Emichi will ya… /lol

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