-no title- (Nobunaga x Gekikara)

Matsui Rena has long forgotten her name or last name. No one has ever addressed her other than Gekikara for ten years now. Well, not that she really cared about it. Her sanity was far gone, glimmers of it only appeared with Ooshima Yuuko present. She missed her mentor greatly and the sorrow in her heart never went away. On the contrary, it turned into more viciousness and craziness, making Gekikara the most formidable fighter in the city. Other than Maeda Atsuko, that is. However, the so feared Yuuko-san’s successor was in jail for quite a few years, which wasn’t really such a bad thing, considering Takahashi-san frequently visited the Maji female in her cell. Whatever happened during those visits, no one knew, well, no proof was ever-present even if they did.

Gekikara happened to avoid being locked up the past year due to the help of the friend she made, Gakuran. Well, now the Ikemen girl called herself Youran, but the crazy girl never liked the new name. A lot of things happened in the past and somehow Gekikara failed to graduate school yet again. Not really somehow, it was clear she was a lost soul and her concentration to anything but blood and screams was very low-key. She also managed to avoid the lockup that spread throughout the country, escaping being put to prison HOPE. One day, however, she found out about something that made her want to infiltrate the place.

Gakuran: yo~ *waves* genki?
Gekikara: *giggles*
Gakuran: good to know~ Listen, do you still remember Center?
Gekikara: *eyes sparkle* *nails being brought to her mouth* -click click- hahahahhahhaa~
Gakuran: of course you do… *shakes her head* anyway, did you know she has an older sister? Well, Center herself fled the country with Nezumi, who knows what they are up to, but I heard her sister is still in the vicinity.
Gekikara: that family…..owes me…. *glares*
Gakuran: I have to warn you though…you know I don’t like it when you put yourself in danger, but we both know you won’t have peace until you deal with your demons… so… her sister is in prison HOPE…
Gekikara: *for a minute her sanity seems to return* you don’t think I cannot handle a few guards there, do you?
Gakuran: ….we are talking about actual guns, like pistols, stun guns and other things like that, also a lot of cameras… If you decide to go, you need…well, we both know who you need to ask for help…which is impossible because…
Gekikara: yeah, because that rat is nowhere near the country… Don’t worry, I’ll find my way… *eyes have a haze on them again* hahahaha~~ *staggers away while giggling*
Gakuran: …I told her only because I know she needs to reconcile, but what if she gets killed….?

And here she was, somehow unnoticed by cameras, unseen by any of the guards, deep underground of prison HOPE, looking for a cell that kept Center’s older sister. Here she could finally admit to herself that being insane was her way of coping with a loss of someone she once loved, and seeing Center brought so many emotions in her, that’s why she always was so anxious to fight the cocky girl. The resemblance to the one she used to care for dearly was unbearable. Now she knew why. Gekikara couldn’t even keep her mad stance as she stalked down the maze of underground space, every cell of her body on guard and anxious at the same time. Here she wasn’t the creepy formidable monster, she was a girl who had feelings and a heart beating faster than usual.

Then she saw it, the seemingly wider corridor, with only one huge cell at the end of it. It looked somewhat magical, due to the moonlight that shone through the small bars-covered windows at the very top of the low cell. A shape of a person inside the cell in the shadows left Gekikara’s mouth dry, but she bravely approached the bars, trying her best to put her creepy face on. She failed, once the person walked out of the shadows and those soul-piercing eyes met with her longing ones. If the woman in the cell was surprised or even shocked to see her, it wasn’t visible whatsoever.

Gekikara: … *unable to utter even a giggle*
Nobunaga: well well…

Matsui Nagako was slightly taken aback. She never expected Matsui Rena to show up in her life ever again. Of course she knew of Gekikara, who didn’t really, in their line of work? Yet Nobunaga always avoided any kind of chance to meet her back-in-the-day friend whom she had not so innocent thoughts about. Seeing Rena here like this she couldn’t help but want to punish the girl for making her feel this way. She was locked behind the bars – not that she couldn’t escape if she wanted – and that daunting female was standing right on the other side of them.

Nobunaga: don’t try to put your Gekikara act on me, Rena *glares* I’m sure you heard about me enough to know it simply won’t work on me *smirks and approaches closer to the bars* Plus, I know you better than that~
Gekikara: … *still locked in place* *gears turning in her head* *somewhat in panic*

Gekikara thought she will have control of situation because Nobunaga was locked up behind bars. She didn’t expect the other female to call her by the real name or to have so much control of her emotions. The crazy girl hated to admit, but she was intimidated by the gaze that Nagako was throwing at her, the slightly dangerous aura around her was not what she expected to be afraid of. The formidable Gekikara was scared of Nobunaga, a prisoner behind bars. Unheard, unseen and unexpected.

Then all of a sudden one thing followed another and soon Gekikara was also in the cell, bars tightly shut in place, Nobunaga roughly pressing her against bars in a tight lock. The gaze was both gentle and fierce, emotions fighting inside her, eyes reflecting them like a mirror. Minutes later, Gekikara and Nobunaga were gone. Nagako’s hands were removing the dark green jacket from the girl in her arms, lips not giving rest to that delicious mouth, not even thinking how much blood that moist cave tasted throughout her life.

Rena’s fingers tucked onto Nagako’s hair as she tried to keep her head in check, despite the lack of oxygen and the heavenly sparks that Nagako made her feel with her lips and hands in action. Soon the jacket was on the floor, the top blouse torn away from Rena’s body, the bra also following soon. Nagako’s teeth were leaving marks on Rena’s neck and shoulders, sucking on the skin around the chest area, not touching where Rena needed the most.

Whereas Gekikara was loud and bold, Rena was quiet and shy. She was huffing and letting out soft mewls, enough for Nagako to bask in them but for the guards somewhere deeper in the underground to not hear anything. Bit by bit, both girls were naked and on the floor, their bodies tangled and on fire, huffs and moans filling the cell. Not even a word was spoken, all bottled up emotions were let out through touches and kisses, through scratches and bites, through love-making, not sex.

They loved each other. One thing followed another and they were separated, but now the two females were reunited once again. Nothing mattered, just the closeness and the feelings. After a while, few days later, when Nobunaga’s cell was being checked, it was found empty. No trace of her or anyone else being there. However, somewhere far away, in another country, two people were rejoicing in finding each other and being able to spend the rest of their lives together. Well, four, if we count Center and Nezumi.


2 thoughts on “-no title- (Nobunaga x Gekikara)



    okay…i’m calm now lol, it was really amazing , i wonder what did Center and nezumi own Geki,. how in the world geki able to reach to Nobunaga, she sure is smart girl. Omg I just lost when their lovely dovely started, i thinking i really needed it thanks for amazing fic.

  2. I thought they’re going to fight or something… well.’……..

    The emotion… the feeling.. (0////0) eermm.. *coughs* something stuck on my throat. Wait. *drinks pocari sweat* oh, yes. I’m sweaty just now. I think that’s enough to explain what I feel on THAT scene. :3

    I hope Black won’t get jealous.

    Ok. Just two mysteries left unsolved. How the hell Geki got into the cell and how the hell they escaped from there…. alright. Ignore this. Since I’m sure everyone who reads this would be focus on THAT scene :3 lel

    That’s it, that’s it!
    I must admit it’s a nicE reading~ nyahaha~
    *four thumbs up*

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