Letters (post-Muffin)

To: My silly princess

From: Kumi-chan

How have you been? D’you still have trouble falling asleep? Do you still watch that show you used to love? How’s the weather there?

Here it’s raining, and it’s inevitably making me miss those days we used to spend together in your apartment watching movies till late. D’you still remember? We made popcorn and even if you didn’t like the sweet ones that much, you still made the candy popcorn for me.
I clearly remember how foolish I looked because I wanted to eat popcorn without letting you go, ended up making a mess, pouting and upset for my failure and you laughed hard but still, I couldn’t let you go, so you ended up feedin me like a spoiled brat I was.

Something I never told you is that I didn’t really care about the movie, all I wanted is to have you in my arms. It also made me realize I acted differently depending on what kind of movie we were watching.

If it was an action movie, I always ended up thinking of what would I do to keep you by my side.

If it was a horror movie, even though I didn’t like them, they were the perfect excuse to get closer to you and besides, for me the most scary thing was losing you.

If it was a romantic movie, I usually lost myself remembering the first time we met. Do you remember? I was looking for Muffin who ran away and he guided me to you. Or the time you confessed to me when it was supposed to be me doing it first…

Comedy movie…. Do I have to remind you of all the silly stuff we used to do? I have to be honest, I love your laugh, your smile and how your eyes shine. So I didn’t care if I was a big fool as long as I could see that smile.

And drama … I’ll never forget the day I told you I was moving away….the sadness in your eyes and how I made you cry… I’m sorry about that.

All those movies we saw, I miss those days the most and now I’m on the other side of the world.

Anyway. How is your relationship with Manatsu? I bet it’s all going well. And I also bet that she’s falling hard for you. If you marry her, will you invite me to the wedding?? But maybe that’s to much to ask after I ran away.

I also wanted to apologize for my last visit to Japan, actually, to Nagoya. You know, for a second I forgot you were in a relationship, thank god a random phone call from my coworker stopped me from being stupid…or things could’ve went further to a point of no return..

It’s just that I missed you so much…

It’s late here now, so I should go sleep, tomorrow I have work.

I miss your gentle voice and that creepy but cute laughter, the way your eyes sparkle when you see your favorite food, or the way your skin feels against mine when we cuddle…

I should go.

Have a great day, Rena.

With love,


To: My silly princess

From: Kumi-chan

How are you? Were you dreaming of me today? Cuz I spent half of my day sneezing.

I got out of the office late and, what a surprise, is raining again. I’m walking back home, I’m lucky to live close by. Rain always reminds me of you, so I started playing under the rain as we used to, just alone and then I remembered THAT date.

D’you remember our first date? It was Sunday, both of us had the day off and decided to spend it together at the mall. I won’t ever forget that endless talk in that cute coffee shop. It still amazes me how we started talking about cakes and it went all the way from talking about that idol group you like so much, to that actor with great abs, going to global warming and your warm blanket, to my childhood teddy bear and the newest games, finally ending on me saying “anyway I prefer chocolate cake” hahaha it was too random but it was always so fun to talk to you.

After what it seemed like hours, we went to play at the arcade. I’m sorry I was so distracted by the games. but you know, I watched you pout whenever you didn’t get enough attention, it was so cute that I did it on purpose a few times.

That day, it started raining just like today, we were walking holding hands. I didn’t mind the rain, I was too happy to care about my wet shoes or the water soaking my hair. I was just smiling like a fool.

Have you forgotten our first kiss? It was that day. You know I don’t like PDA, but that day I couldn’t hold back anymore, you were just perfect under the rain. It was slow and I made sure to put all my love, I just wanted you to know that you were my only one. I just felt I needed no words as long as I could prove to you my love.

It’s funny.. Back then I was the quiet one and you would always speak your mind. It’s not that I had nothing to say, is just that I’m not good at speaking out my feelings, and that was the reason that drew us apart.

God, I’m so horrible at talking about my emotions that I couldn’t even tell you I was flying right away that night after our fight. I just said “I got a great job opportunity, I’m moving away”. I knew you wouldn’t stop me. Because even if you tried, you know me well, it would be useless, at the end I would just to things my way.

I’m not the type that talks about feelings because for me it’s confusing to understand it all and it scares me. But I guess at some point pouring my all into a kiss, a touch or a simple smile is not enough. You needed to hear it from my lips. I never quite understood that till now. After that time in my flat when we both said “I love you” to each other, not even once I repeated those words again, getting more and more scared of how they might affect me as a person. It took me going miles away and seeing you with someone else to understand the importance of talking it out.

I’m an idiot right? Missing you and remembering everything about you when I’m the one that walked away.

Are you eating well? I hope Manatsu treats you to melonpans or spicy curry rice. Then, are you sleeping eight hours a day? I never liked how hard you pushed yourself, so I hope you rest well.

I’m almost home, so I should end this letter here. I don’t know which number this letter is, still no answer, I guess Manatsu is treating you well…maybe too well.

Though I don’t mind if you don’t reply, I know you read them all, maybe more than once.

I miss you.

And yeah, I’m a fool for leaving you. But I still think it was the right thing to do.

Take care Rena, you will always be my favorite princess, the only one.

With love,


To: Kumi-chan
From: My silly princess

Hey there, Kumi-chan 🙋

I am doing well, thank you ☺

I do have some issues with trying to fall asleep when I am alone, but I am still keeping the promise and getting the so much needed eight hours, well, sometimes seven, so no worries ✅

I am watching a different show now from last time, it has more mystery than the previous one and the cliffhangers are the best! ‼‼

The weather is nice, it feels finally like spring 😊

Rain always reminds me of you… I especially remember that one time when you were scared of thunder and ran from your floor to mine, knocked hastily on the door – thank heavens Jurina was out on a trip with Yui-chan – and when I opened it, I was blasted into a wall by a scared you. Then we ended up in my bed, me holding you in my arms and calming you down by singing random songs. I know it made you forget the storm 😏

I dream of you too much and you know that but my dream past night had nothing to do with you, I dreamt of intermingled families of my relatives and that was a bit creepy… I understood nothing of that dream and realized I would rather dream of you and wake up in pain because you are not in my arms anymore than have weird dreams that make no sense to me… 😔

I miss your kisses, those slow sensual ones, or when we suddenly kiss so passionately and wildly, that even Muffin used to run and hide in another room, I guess he also does not like PDA 😂

I miss you, I need you, I love you… I am dating Manatsu and I am happy, but you know you are always on my mind and I will never forget you 💖

You are MY fool, my baka Kumi-chan 😍

With lots of kisses,

Your Silly Princess 👸

To: My silly princess
From: Kumi-chan

Yea, I’m a fool.

You have no idea how happy I am right now, even my coworkers noticed the change after I read your letter! I wasn’t expecting anything honestly but I’m smiling like a fool since early morning.

Do you really had to remind me of that stormy day!? And my fear of thunders!!! Ahhh that was an embarrassing day because I’m sure the others saw me running like crazy to your apartment with Muffin going after me. And really, at that time I didn’t even care if your imouto was around or not! Though, honestly, the point here is, thunderstorms became my favorite after that day we were trapped inside my car.

Do you remember that night? The storm was heavy and we decided to wait till it slowed down, we talked about everything till that thunder hit close and of course I jumped on you. I have to be honest, it wasn’t only my fear of thunders, I wanted to hug you so badly, to have you close to me and I needed an excuse…. -specially after those dreams I never told you about-…. I got lost in your eyes and that kiss, slow at first and then, before we knew it, it became wild and I remember the change in your eyes, I desired you as much as you desired me. I don’t remember how exactly we ended up on the back seat but I do remember the taste of your skin, your soft lips, and the sound of your voice, that sensual sweet and sexy voice and I even remember the taste of you….

It was the perfect storm.

And again I’m remembering things I shouldn’t.

How is Muffin? I bet he hates mommy for leaving him behind. I couldn’t take him to The States, my building doesn’t allow pets and I have to admit that I’m lonely without him.

I’m lonely without you…

Guess what, I had lunch with my boss. We were talking about the next business trip and somehow, out of nowhere he asked if I had someone I missed back home….and I said yes…. We talked about Muffin, I miss that ball of fur.

You should stop dreaming of me! Is hard to work when all I do is sneeze!

Does Muffin still hide in another room when he sees PDA? I hope he is biting Manatsu’s leg. OK, I shouldn’t say that…I’m sorry, I know she is a nice girl and she takes care of you well…

I should go sleep now, it’s past my bedtime and my head hurts a little.

Don’t tease Manatsu too much and stop thinking about me. I don’t deserve it, not after what I did. So I’ll settle with being just your friend.

You don’t have any idea how much I want to say those three words…but I promised to myself I wouldn’t say them again…..

Ahhh maybe one last time…

Just three words…..

I…..am sleepy.

Have a great day Rena.

With love,



-no title- (Nobunaga x Gekikara)

Matsui Rena has long forgotten her name or last name. No one has ever addressed her other than Gekikara for ten years now. Well, not that she really cared about it. Her sanity was far gone, glimmers of it only appeared with Ooshima Yuuko present. She missed her mentor greatly and the sorrow in her heart never went away. On the contrary, it turned into more viciousness and craziness, making Gekikara the most formidable fighter in the city. Other than Maeda Atsuko, that is. However, the so feared Yuuko-san’s successor was in jail for quite a few years, which wasn’t really such a bad thing, considering Takahashi-san frequently visited the Maji female in her cell. Whatever happened during those visits, no one knew, well, no proof was ever-present even if they did.

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D-7. Muffin

[A block of flats in a random street in Nagoya, not any different from any other apartment block. A building of twenty storeys, renovated and with a nice garden and parking lot next to it. Its inhabitants of course are a bit more interesting than your usual crowd, thus our story will be centered around them. Not all, but some particular floors and flats. First, let’s peak into their everyday lives, to get to know them.]

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Rekindle The Flame

A/n. Thanks to Misaki gurl for a perfect quote that made me have a title instantly xD this is so random guys but seriously, despite the certain tsundere being super mega tsundere, I still have faith in this ship… Just so you know, this is all a fantasy and I really hope Jurina is not having these depressing thoughts that I will write in here… Oh, and this story is obviously for Misaki, and really, for all those wMatsui shippers who, like Jaqueline said to me, felt like this ship was sinking faster than a Titanic… Well, let me bring you an Ice Age, so this ship can be pulled out of the water together with the whole iceberg that brought it down in the first place. Keep believing, folks!

*drops le story*

*runs away*

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 5


A/n. Hello, dear readers~ Um, I know this update is way way WAYYYYYYYYY too late, nd I have no excuses, other than procrastination… I hope you guys enjoy this. This is a late Birthday present to Bunny, kinda ^^; I am just glad I was finally able to update this and cannot wait for the last part which will be very….HEATED.

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 4

YuiYuuA/n. Yup yup, finalLY (oh god, why am I leaving this pun here while most of you have no idea of its meaning. Oh well, bear with me ^^; ) I am updating this!!! I know I left you all with double cliffhanger last time and on this update…. Expect the unexpected LOL

  • yakitori are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of the chicken, such as the breasts, thighs, skin, liver and other innards
  • ‘daijoubu’ means ‘all is well; it’s okay; it’s fine; I am fine; etc.’

So, Yuusei said he wants something dedicated to him, and thus – even though he doesn’t like reading much XD – I dedicate this update to him ^w^

Mariya checked if she had all what was needed in her bag and then proceeded on her way outside. She was hoping the person that was supposed to wait for her was not waiting there for too long. Knowing the person, however, Suzuki Mariya smiled and even chuckled. The person probably was either late or would simply forgive Mariya for making her wait and brush it off as if nothing happened. Those who knew Miyazawa Sae as well as she did would definitely agree with her.

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 3

YuiYuuA/n. AAAAAAAAAND here is another part (not the last part, so it’s gonna be more than three parts…) Enjoy~

  • just letting you know that the word ‘kikotsu’ originally means ‘backbone’, but it also can mean ‘spirit; soul’, and thus these latter ones is the meaning I am using here
  • if any of you, who are reading this, are not familiar with the term and team KGSK, lemme explain
  • ‘KGSK’, or ‘kusogaki’, means ‘annoying kids’ and is referred when talking about Oshima Ryouka, Kawaei Rina, Kodama Haruka, Takahashi Juri and Tano Yuuka; it is a running joke in Team A and even has become part of their image in the AKB48 group itsef
  • ‘dadakko’ means ‘brat; spoiled kid’

Ayarin shifted her gaze uneasily towards another object in the hotel room. She couldn’t believe her luck, or maybe demise, of sharing the same room with Juri. It was already hard seeing her in the theater nearly every day. And now here they were, in the hotel room. She felt really uncomfortable, mainly because Juri was just in cozy hoodie and panties, rolling on bed while memorizing the lyrics to one of the stage songs. Kikuchi just had to look away or she would pounce onto the poor unsuspecting girl.

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 2

YuiYuuA/n. So, part two is here, some things are escalating, so I guess enjoy? 😀

Kawaei slipped into a pair of jeans and a white sweater. After looking into the mirror and seeing she looks the way she wanted the girl left the dressing room, slinging a backpack over her shoulder. Her eyes scanned the theater and seeing the person she was looking for, Rina chuckled and skipped over to one of the benches.

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 1

  A/n. Heyo people~ Not gonna talk much. Just a few notes about this update.

  • it is gonna be a OS consisting of 2-3 parts
  • this is set back in the day, way before the Dai Sokaku Matsuri, when Mariko-sama graduated and appointed Yuihime as the new Captain
  • most of the ships in this OS are my crack ships that I enjoy shipping secretly


Sixteen sweating bodies, sixteen passionate hearts, sixteen people moving in the same rhythm. Mirrors on the wall covered in a thick layer of fog, air in the room heavy and lacking the so much needed oxygen. Continue reading

Sunday With You

A/n. It’s been a while since I posted a work about 48G members in my blog but… I had a rough year and a lot of things recently happened in my life…

I got a boy mmeotjin!
I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy
Naemam da gajyeo gan

Okay that was out of topic… Not really since I…HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!

Also, I have a new job!!! Candies, chocolate, milky way factory~~~ YUMMY~~~~

Many other not worth to mention things, except, another kid has joined the family, am I not right, Kahi-dootaa? 😉

Anyways, without further ado, here is the update~ Enjoy~

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