The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 4

RenaKin-075A/n. Oh god, it’s been So Long! since I updated this story and good thing I know everything that needs to happen in it, so yeah, just had a mood to work on it :3

Hope you like this 🙂

Just a heads up, this chapter is from Rena’s POV, continuing from where we left her in Chapter 2

P.S. How many references to 48G related things will you find in this update~?

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The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 1



A/n. Well, this chapter is more centered on other characters and we see first sighting s of MaYuki… I was thinking the first chapter to be quite different from what it is now…cuz this was supposed to be chapter 2 or even 3 but… Decided this would let the story flow more nicely, not revealing too much information until it is needed.

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The Attraction of The Mirror. Prologue


A/n. Yeah, long time no see pals! Well, Saku is finally updating something and it means she will update soon again!!! Yay? Maybe… Ah, procrastination has been on the highest levels and so… Yeah, but I hope I manage to start updating things…. OTL As for now, hope you enjoy this short random crack (another crack is slowly on it’s way, being proofread b someone >_< )

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