The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 1



A/n. Well, this chapter is more centered on other characters and we see first sighting s of MaYuki… I was thinking the first chapter to be quite different from what it is now…cuz this was supposed to be chapter 2 or even 3 but… Decided this would let the story flow more nicely, not revealing too much information until it is needed.

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The Attraction of The Mirror. Prologue


A/n. Yeah, long time no see pals! Well, Saku is finally updating something and it means she will update soon again!!! Yay? Maybe… Ah, procrastination has been on the highest levels and so… Yeah, but I hope I manage to start updating things…. OTL As for now, hope you enjoy this short random crack (another crack is slowly on it’s way, being proofread b someone >_< )

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Capricious Lachrymose

Capricious Lacrymose

Part 2. Matsui Rena

This might have been a trap, and yet it wasn’t. I don’t even remember how I traveled here, but I can clearly say I did not have to pay for the trip. After all the things I have been through this looked like a dream, but it was definitely real. I felt a slight wind brushing past my face, the hot evening sun touching lightly my cheeks, and the vast blue sea, whose singing waves filled my heart with peace and tranquility…

I feel emptiness… Like I’m about to suffocate… These headaches I have, these nightmares… That voice and the feeling of those lips touching my skin… I can’t bear the memory that crept into my head and tears start flowing down my cheeks… Where to run? Where to go? Where to escape? Why did it happened to me?.. I thought we were friends, close family members… We… I… The bond I knew existed now is torn apart… This sadness that I feel… My body is shivering… I pass a lifeless street and stumble on my way to nowhere. I fall on the stone road and yelp in pain. Every tiniest detail of my past life flashes through my head again… Tears blur my vision and I try to stand up, but… I can do nothing about it, as the last time I ate was about twenty hours ago… I rub my eyes so to clear tears away. And then I notice it. No, my tired eyes notice. A white sheet of paper. I crawl to it and take it. The lamppost shines brightly, so I can read what’s written on that sheet. It’s a ticket. Huh… I toss it. Then my mind processes everything, and suddenly I feel an energy rush inside me. I grab the ticket and read it again. It’s a ticket to… Cairo?! Without a name, the economy class… It’s okay, I’m fine with anything, as long as I can get away from here… My mouth is still agape, trying to breath steady… Then time flies faster than the wind, and I find myself on a plane to Cairo. And then here I am, in the middle of the city, empty-handed, without any luggage, alone under the hot Egypt’s sun. Continue reading

Capricious Lachrymose

Capricious Lachrymose

Part 1. Oshima Yuko

I do not even remember how I tossed all most important and needed things to my suitcase with one hand and stopped taxi with another. I do not remember if I left the refrigerator open or the lights turned on, if I locked the doors or what was the discussion with my boss about. I found myself only at the airport, holding my head up, looking at the timetable…

I want to get away from here. The further, the better. I want some sun, warmth and freedom. I have to fly like, right now, and I do not even think about this – otherwise my mind will return to its ‘ON’ state. Maybe it is a good thing usually, but not today, and really not in this case. I know I should not let all the emotions boil inside me and I should think calmly about all the pros and cons. And I know big clever girls do not act like this. To hell! I am no way near big nor clever. I just want at least a bit of tranquility, and then I will think about what to do. The nearest flight to Copenhagen. From there someone will definitely take me South. There, where I can spend some quality time for at least a week, only me, myself and I, and breath some sea air. Thanks to my grandmother Erena, who before leaving this world took care of my financial problems, I now use huge amounts of money if anything happens. Yeah, something did happen. Continue reading

AKB48. Tell Me A Tale: Red Riding Hood

Tale: Red Riding Hood
Words: 7265
Cast: Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Kasai Tomomi, Urano Kazumi, others.
Info: Based on a fairytale, this story received a prety good critique… Enjoy :)

Once upon a time in a small village there lived a husband and a wife. They had a 20 year old little girl, named Minami. She always tied her hair in a high ponytail and always had a huge ribbon on her head, just every time it was that of a different color.

The village was near the woods and in those woods there lived Minami’s grandmother. She was not an old hag, like usually are grandmothers in tales. She was a pretty woman of a decent age, and she always helped her daughter’s family in every way she could.

It was a family’s tradition on every Saturday to let Minami go into the woods and bring for grandma a basket full of freshly baked cookies and a bottle of fresh milk. Every Saturday, after meeting friends, she would come home, take the basket and go straight to her grandma. But this story wouldn’t be told if she was this good all the time.

So one time she got late. She talked with her friends about boys from this and the neighboring villages, and oh they had lots to share. They all agreed that their village has no pretty boys, but the neighboring.. Oh, there are at least five good looking guys, who are not bad by heart.

Actually, Minami had another opinion, but she didn’t want others to laugh, so agreed to their words. Considering boys was THE topic they were talking about, it’s really logical that she came home late. It was nearly evening. Continue reading

A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 4)


Chapter 4

“Oi Sasshi!”
“What Miichan?”
“You’re late! Where’s Reina? You both were supposed to be here an hour ago. I’m tired of waiting!”
“Hey! I had my reasons for being late, because…”
“Gomen!” Reina came running down carrying a crepe in her mouth.
“Where have you been?” asked still pissed Miichan.
“I was hungry so I stopped to get a snack.” Reina said.
“For a whole hour?” Miichan said.
“The line was long!” pouted innocently the fashionable girl.
“Forget it, let’s just get moving.” shook her head Sasshi.

The three girls started walking down the street minding their own business. But then Sasshi noticed they were being followed by some unwanted guests. Miichan and Reina also figured it out and decided it was time to ditch the followers. They made a right turn into an alleyway so no one could see them. Then when they reached a dead end, they turned around to see a group of guys. They looked older and scary but neither one of them was afraid.
“How about you ladies come with us? How about it? We’ll have a little fun.” The guy grabbed his crotch indicating what he meant.
The three looked at each other and smiled. Then Miichan walked over and leaned in close to him.
“You wish~” Then in a flash she kicked him right where it counts making the other guys wince at their fallen comrade. Little did they know, the girls they were messing with were from a popular Yankee school and were very good at fighting. They had no idea they were in one heck of a fight. Continue reading

A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 3)


Chapter 3

“So, as I was saying, we’re really proud of you, Sayaka. You really make our name shine, and we really think you’re doing your best. And congratulations on getting the highest grade possible on your exam.”
“Thank you, daddy. I love you both too.” answered in a deep mature voice a girl with straight, black hair and clever looking eyes. “but you shouldn’t praise me this much…”
“But you deserve it, my dear. All you do are good things. The things we think are beyond amazing.”
“Daddy…” a slight worry was heard in her voice as she glanced at another person by the dinning table. That didn’t go unnoticed by her mother. She also looked at another person with a hate in her eyes.
“While Sayaka is doing her best, you, Tomomi, are not even trying. All we see is your frowned face. You should at least try to smile more. And your grades are not improving at all. And just look at yourself. No maturity, no fashion sense. A fail. A person not worthy of holding and carrying this family’s name.”
“Mom, how can I smile, if even when I get the good marks, you never praise me. All you do is whine, how I am not that pretty as Sayaka, that my voice is too weak, that I lack there and there, that I should become more feminine and respectful.” a cute voice owner answered, trying to hide her striving anger. She had a baby face, yet somewhat sultry looking lips, and long, light brown curly hair.
“Well, I say that, because Sayaka really is better than you. You should try harder, if you want to be respected and praised.”
“You know what, I’m not hungry anymore.”
Tomomi stood up, tossed the napkin on the table, pushed the chair out of her way and went to her room, ignoring the discontent looks from her parents. She was more than pissed by her parents ditching her every single day. She fell on her bed, facing the pillow and gritted her teeth. How long are they gonna rape her mind with this nonsense? How long? Because she felt really tired, trying hard all these years, and still being not good enough. Whatever she did was not enough. She was top student, yet they wanted her to be number one. She became number one, the university she was in was not to their liking. She changed university, her looks were not to their style. She changed her hair from darker brown to light brown, and made them in curls. Then they said it’s her fashion sense that’s lacking. She changed her fashion style, then her manners were not okay with them. Everything she did, everywhere she went, they were not satisfied with her. Only her sister was perfect in everything she did. Continue reading

A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 2)


Chapter 2

“And how about the lights? Did they came up with color mix?’
“Yes, Takahashi-san, they did. They sent us previews. I find them pretty, Yagami-san also was content. Now we only need yours and president’s opinions.”
The manager and the assistant were sitting at a huge table in the middle of the working office, which had more tables around. There were other people, men and women, working at those tables. But at this table were just the two. One of them was very short, had a bit masculine voice. Her hair were in a ponytail, there was also a huge black’n’white ribbon in her hair. Other than that, her clothing was very formal, white blouse, black skirt, black heels. The assistant had dark brown hair in a high bun, with bangs. She had a cute baby face and was always paying attention not only to the manager but also to her surroundings. So she noticed a strange commotion and decided to inform Takahashi about it. She tucked lightly on the sleeve of manager’s shirt.
“Very good. Now, on this part of stage… What’s the matter, Niigaki-san?”
“I think you should raise your head from these papers and look around you, Takahashi-san.”
The short woman raised her head and her eyes widened. Ten of her co-workers were standing in front of her desk with pleading eyes, one of them holding a bouquet of red roses. She coughed a bit and smiled fakely, trying not to offend them.
“Did something happened?” asked she politely.
“Takahashi-san, please go out with me!” asked her one of them.
“No, dine with me!” shouted another.
“Let’s go to amusement park, Takahashi-san.”
“Me, pick me, me!!”
“Can you visit my parents?”
“Let’s work together till the morning comes..”
“I’ll buy you more huge bows for you to wear.”
“We’re the same height, there should be no problems for us to ki… I mean, go out.” Continue reading

A Drastic Change (Part I, Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

“Chi-kun!! Give me that back! Right now!”
“Hehe, come and get it! Yuuka no BAKA!”
“Help! Help! Dangerous earth. Help! Help! The earth cries.”
“Ai-chan, stop singing and help me choose the dress for this kawaii doll!!”
“Sayuumin, you already changed five dresses for her…”
“But they’re soo kawaiiii!”
“Oh please, not this again!”
“I agree with JunJun. Let’s go to sleep or eat some cookies.”
“LinLin, you know we can’t go to the kitchen without Yuko-sensei’s permission.”
“Kana-kun, don’t be such a goody-shoes.”
“Unlike you, Yusei, I like our sensei a lot.”

This happens every day. And every day when Yuko comes to the resting room in Haro!Puro kindergarten, they stop arguing, run to their sensei and happily ask when they are going to go to the park. Yuko loves these kids. Too much to leave this job, though the payment is little. But these kids are everything….that she has at the moment.
“We missed you!”
“Are we going to the park today?”
“Is Maeda-san coming also?”
Yuko smiled warmly at them.
“I was away just for fifteen minutes, and you already miss me?” she let a warm laugh escape her lips. “Yes, we’re going to the park. So let’s clean up this mess you made, dress up and then let’s go.”
It’s like a fairy godmother came to the Cinderella, or like the rain fell on withered flowers after a year with no rain. Yuko’s presence brought happiness, coziness, tidiness, astonishment, and, most importantly, compliance and peace between kids. Her dimples, squirrel-like features, shoulder-length wavy hair made such an impact to these kids, that she had no problems dealing with them. She never needed to shout, to become nervous, angry or mad. She smiled, talked with them cheerfully, and that was all what kids needed. She was a second mother, a teacher, a friend, a role model… Everything in one person. Continue reading

A Drastic Change (Preface)


Have you ever wondered how your life changes when you meet someone special?
I have.
Because after I met that someone special, my life changed drastically.
I was sucked in a twirl of such twists and turns that made me realize I have a side of me I never thought existed.
I always thought it’s not possible to have a side you have no idea of having.
But I do have it.
And I found out about it just because I had to undergo a drastic change.

At that moment it felt like the time stopped for me.
Our eyes locked in a gaze of surprise, amusement, sudden appearance of sexual tension.
Everything around us became non-existent.
There were only two of us in the whole world for those few seconds.
And though it were just those few seconds, it was enough for me to understand what I needed in my life to be happy.
It was HER.
That special person I was destined to meet.
But I never knew it would change my life in such a way, that it affected also those around me.
Now I am in a crossroad.
What to do?
Where to go?
How to live further?
I remember how it all started so innocently…