New Pencil

A/n. Well, this is another crack shot I decided to write when it popped up in my head so yeah… I hope you guys enjoy reading, and it has some well-known pairings mentioned (with a certain – or a few certain – crack pairing(s) ). The story itself might be pure crack so sorry for any mistakes…. OTL (this is kinda dedicated to AshuraX, Zita, Skyle and nori. Though only kinda cuz…well… You’ll see yourselves >_<


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The Attraction of The Mirror. Prologue


A/n. Yeah, long time no see pals! Well, Saku is finally updating something and it means she will update soon again!!! Yay? Maybe… Ah, procrastination has been on the highest levels and so… Yeah, but I hope I manage to start updating things…. OTL As for now, hope you enjoy this short random crack (another crack is slowly on it’s way, being proofread b someone >_< )

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