Unspoken Feelings. Part 1

  A/n. Heyo people~ Not gonna talk much. Just a few notes about this update.

  • it is gonna be a OS consisting of 2-3 parts
  • this is set back in the day, way before the Dai Sokaku Matsuri, when Mariko-sama graduated and appointed Yuihime as the new Captain
  • most of the ships in this OS are my crack ships that I enjoy shipping secretly


Sixteen sweating bodies, sixteen passionate hearts, sixteen people moving in the same rhythm. Mirrors on the wall covered in a thick layer of fog, air in the room heavy and lacking the so much needed oxygen. Continue reading


Checkmate. Chapter A

A/n. Well, I am sure some of you oredi read this piece but I kinda edited it because I felt like finishing it. But oc, before posting the final part I wanted to edit and fix all the things that were inconsistent and wrong in the old chapters.

Once again, thanks to nori for proofreading!



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The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 1



A/n. Well, this chapter is more centered on other characters and we see first sighting s of MaYuki… I was thinking the first chapter to be quite different from what it is now…cuz this was supposed to be chapter 2 or even 3 but… Decided this would let the story flow more nicely, not revealing too much information until it is needed.

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