Shopping Time With My Boss

HUGE thank you to Shawn who pushed me to my limits and to Kate, who helped me with this story so much that I probably will be thankful till my last breath!!! Writing this while having writer’s block… I feel like I achieved something huge… ><


“Nee nee, wanna go for chapu chapu with me today?” Milky asked her girlfriend Sayaka on the phone. The atmosphere felt empty at this time of day when mostly everyone was out and only a few others were left in the building.

“Sorry, I have practice with Maachun and Nana, so I really cannot come. Today Matsui Rena-senpai will coach us and you know I cannot miss this archery lesson, as the tournament is coming.” Her girlfriend replied on the other side. You could tell from her voice the girl was really bitter about not being able to spend time with Miyuki.

“Un…it’s okay… Ganbatte nee?” Milky encouraged her girlfriend though she felt really sad and lonely. Recently they both were so busy they barely had time to exchange phone messages and all that was left was their Friday chapu chapu times. Now this was taken away from them too…

After hanging up she decided to go shopping and get her spirits and mood lifted up. Her eyes looked at the computer’s screen to check the time, and seeing it was just a bit past one in the afternoon made her sigh with relief. Checking herself in the handmirror and making sure she looks perfect, the girl stood up and fixed her clothes. Taking a deep breath she went to her boss’s office and poked her head in after knocking gently a few times. She was one of a few people that didn’t need the confirmation from the boss to enter his office.

“Ano….shachou…” She started in a silent voice, unlike her normally loud and cheery one. Usually she had no problems with ‘fishing the clients’, or that’s how her boss – and basically everyone – called it. Yet when it came to her boss, that was a different topic. Maybe it was due to her nervousness with her superior, or maybe there was something more to it that was yet to be known.

“Ah, Miyuki-chan, come in come in.” Her boss said as he closed his calendar and concentrated his attention towards the girl in a white blouse and black pencil skirt.

“Um….can I go home earlier today….?” She asked while fiddling with her fingers.

“Oh, you gonna go for chapu chapu with your girlfriend as usual?” asked her boss with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Um…actually no…. Um….she is really busy….so I was thinking of going shopping and fending off the loneliness….is that okay…?”

“Yeah, I was also thinking of resting earlier today, so maybe you want me to accompany you?” Yui asked, hoping for the girl to agree.

“Oh….wouldn’t that be a bother to you…?” Milky asked while looking at her boss from behind her eyelashes, not even realizing her fishing was at its best without her even trying.

Yui couldn’t even respond as he felt the lump at his throat as his buddy reacted to the unconscious fishing. He simply nodded and turned around, trying to hide his blush. Damn, she was too hot for him to handle, especially today when he knew his wife was away and he couldn’t get what he needed.

“B…but what about Yokoyama-sama? Will she be okay with you going with me shopping?” Watanabe asked while looking away.

“Paru is out of the country at the moment with my sister, they are visiting Riho’s fiance in Cyprus.” Yui tried to hide the annoyance in his voice when thinking about that damn Kadowaki Kanako, thus smiled at Milky. “Let’s wrap things up and then we can go.”

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