Shopping Time With My Boss

HUGE thank you to Shawn who pushed me to my limits and to Kate, who helped me with this story so much that I probably will be thankful till my last breath!!! Writing this while having writer’s block… I feel like I achieved something huge… ><


“Nee nee, wanna go for chapu chapu with me today?” Milky asked her girlfriend Sayaka on the phone. The atmosphere felt empty at this time of day when mostly everyone was out and only a few others were left in the building.

“Sorry, I have practice with Maachun and Nana, so I really cannot come. Today Matsui Rena-senpai will coach us and you know I cannot miss this archery lesson, as the tournament is coming.” Her girlfriend replied on the other side. You could tell from her voice the girl was really bitter about not being able to spend time with Miyuki.

“Un…it’s okay… Ganbatte nee?” Milky encouraged her girlfriend though she felt really sad and lonely. Recently they both were so busy they barely had time to exchange phone messages and all that was left was their Friday chapu chapu times. Now this was taken away from them too…

After hanging up she decided to go shopping and get her spirits and mood lifted up. Her eyes looked at the computer’s screen to check the time, and seeing it was just a bit past one in the afternoon made her sigh with relief. Checking herself in the handmirror and making sure she looks perfect, the girl stood up and fixed her clothes. Taking a deep breath she went to her boss’s office and poked her head in after knocking gently a few times. She was one of a few people that didn’t need the confirmation from the boss to enter his office.

“Ano….shachou…” She started in a silent voice, unlike her normally loud and cheery one. Usually she had no problems with ‘fishing the clients’, or that’s how her boss – and basically everyone – called it. Yet when it came to her boss, that was a different topic. Maybe it was due to her nervousness with her superior, or maybe there was something more to it that was yet to be known.

“Ah, Miyuki-chan, come in come in.” Her boss said as he closed his calendar and concentrated his attention towards the girl in a white blouse and black pencil skirt.

“Um….can I go home earlier today….?” She asked while fiddling with her fingers.

“Oh, you gonna go for chapu chapu with your girlfriend as usual?” asked her boss with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Um…actually no…. Um….she is really busy….so I was thinking of going shopping and fending off the loneliness….is that okay…?”

“Yeah, I was also thinking of resting earlier today, so maybe you want me to accompany you?” Yui asked, hoping for the girl to agree.

“Oh….wouldn’t that be a bother to you…?” Milky asked while looking at her boss from behind her eyelashes, not even realizing her fishing was at its best without her even trying.

Yui couldn’t even respond as he felt the lump at his throat as his buddy reacted to the unconscious fishing. He simply nodded and turned around, trying to hide his blush. Damn, she was too hot for him to handle, especially today when he knew his wife was away and he couldn’t get what he needed.

“B…but what about Yokoyama-sama? Will she be okay with you going with me shopping?” Watanabe asked while looking away.

“Paru is out of the country at the moment with my sister, they are visiting Riho’s fiance in Cyprus.” Yui tried to hide the annoyance in his voice when thinking about that damn Kadowaki Kanako, thus smiled at Milky. “Let’s wrap things up and then we can go.”


Shopping with her boss felt so relaxing and nice that at some point she forgot he was her boss. They both were like friends and she felt at ease, showing up for him in different clothes. It felt nice, and in between shops they had some coffee and ice cream and just chatted randomly. The topics they touched were casual, nothing too personal or awkward.

At some point they were passing by a lingerie shop and Yui winked at Milky, pointing at the shop.

“Eeeh…” The girl blushed and looked away. She couldn’t even think about shopping for lingerie with her boss or even showing up for him in one. Yet his relaxing comforting gaze towards her made the girl forget once again that he was her boss and she sighed. “…okay…”

Once inside she forgot all her worries and indulged into the paradise as Yui just stood there and watched his secretary getting entranced in the lingerie world.

“Nee, try some of these on. For me.” He smiled at her and seeing her blush just made him more eager. “Like that one.”

Watanabe’s eyes went wide when she saw her boss pointing at the silky dark-blue bra with black lace over it and the accompanying shorts-type of panties. She looked at her boss, trying to see if he was joking but his serious gaze at her left her with a fast-beating heart and a somewhat dizzy head. The girl could only nod, there was no way she could say no to that gaze, thus she went to the changing cabin as Yui ordered for the shop assistant to bring the lingerie to Miyuki.

Milky put on the lingerie with shaking hands, her breathing was uneven and her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. The courage was gone. There was no way she could show herself in front of the boss looking like this.

“I would also recommend this accompanying nightshirt as it is see-through and would look good on your wife.” The shop assistant said to Yui.

“…” The man just smiled and took the thin clothing and went towards the cabin. He didn’t even argue with the shop assistant, as there was no reason to say anything further.


Miyuki’s eyes went wide when the boss came into her cabin. She felt like the space around her was absorbed by the man and she felt tinier than ever. Her breathing stopped when his hungry eyes scanned her body in the sexy lingerie. Yui showed her the nightshirt and motioned for her to turn around. He helped her put it on and watched her pinkish cheeks turn into those of a very deep red color.

“A….ano….sha….chou….” It really was all that the girl could muster as she felt a tender kiss on her neck from the man that was standing behind her. His arms wrapped around her waist as he nuzzled in her neck and she had to bite her lip in order to suppress the moan that was about to erupt from her mouth.

“Don’t say a word and let me enjoy this moment.” Yui whispered and his breaths tickled her neck while the husky voice reverberated in the girl’s eardrums. She let him hug her tighter as she closed her eyes, trying to even her breathing, but to no avail as Yui started kissing the inviting neck, making Miyuki bite on her lip harder.

Suddenly they heard a cough and the man saw the shop assistant looking at them with a smirk.

“I have some other ideas for her, nicer things to try on. Would you mind stepping out so she could try them on?” The girl asked and Yui nodded, not even one bit feeling ashamed or anything. Milky though blushed hard. “You both understand that if I leave you two alone like this, you will never manage to try things on properly, and also, I don’t think you want to stain them before you buy them.”

Milky thought her cheeks couldn’t go redder after such a bold statement from the shop assistant. The girl couldn’t really believe herself. Letting her married boss touch her like that when she herself had a girlfriend… That was so not like her, at all. Seeing Yui leave the cabin and the assistant walk in, she felt strange as the assistant’s gaze at her was a weird one.

“May I know your name, okyakusama?” The girl asked and Miyuki nodded, saying just her name. “Oh, Miyuki-sama, nice meeting you. I am Suzuran, but everyone calls me Ranran. Let me help you change.”


For some weird incomprehensible reason when the girl squatted down and started kissing her thighs while pulling down on the panties, Milky couldn’t argue. It was like she became stoned in place. She was somewhat fished by the other girl, falling into the trap she would usually make others fall into. She bit her lip hard in order to not let any sounds out but it was a hard thing to do, as the girl in front of her was an expert. Her kisses and tender fingers were so good that she let out a moan without even thinking. That moan, though, woke her up from her stupor. She tried to push the other girl away, realizing she was half naked in front of the person she knew nothing about and also, her boss could be coming any minute so she felt like this was really inappropriate.

However, her actions didn’t leave any impact. Ranran kissed up the thigh while holding Milky tightly, not letting her escape. She knew Yui was watching from behind the curtain, it was his plan in the first place to let Ranran have some fun. She wanted to put on a nice show as she knew she will be payed quite  a sum if she does her job well. There was a reason why she put on a sign ‘CLOSED’ after these two walked in. It all started a few weeks ago, when Yui called her and asked if she could help her out. Ranran, being the lesbian that she was, never was too fond of Yui but they knew each other since they were kids thus they always helped each other out.

She knew Yui also didn’t have the hots for her and it was only business and a somewhat thin thread of friendship that connected the two. When the man explained that he wants to seduce his secretary which he had the hots for for quite some time, Ranran realized her role will be to make sure the girl is lured in and unable to escape the situation. The task seemed easy; from experience Suzuran knew secretaries are weak human beings, with their only sports being typing and nail polishing. Sex too.

Yui watched the two with his buddy dying from the longing. Seeing Milky struggling against Ranran while in that sexy lingerie only…it was deadly. When he saw Ranran pulling down the panties, he realized his patience was running out of time and now, with Miyuki trying to escape the grasp of his childhood friend made it even more hard to hold back. Few more minutes and he knew he will be there fucking his secretary like crazy.

Watanabe moaned louder against her own will when Ranran’s mouth took one of her nipples in and started sucking. She never felt like this before, maybe because she knew it was wrong and tried to resist and escape despite her body giving in, maybe because it was the person she knew nothing about who was touching her. Her moans were loud and sultry as she felt Ranran sucking on another nipple too. Yet she tried really hard to struggle against the other girl and maybe the few years in swimming club while back in school helped her, but she freed herself and ran out of the cabin.


She didn’t manage to run far away as Yui was just behind the curtain and caught her unprepared. She couldn’t do anything as he pushed her back inside the cabin and pressed hard against the wall, kissing Milky passionately. He pulled Ranran back in, motioning for her to continue taking the action from before. Ranran, smirking at the defenseless Milky, leaned in and bit hard on one of the girl’s nipples, sucking on it afterwards. Yui pulled back a bit, breaking the kiss but still holding the girl in place firmly. Her moans mixed with a few protest words was music to his ears and he leaned in back again, this time nibbling on her neck just behind her ear.

“Ngh…ah…let….go….ahhhh….” It was all Milky could produce though. Her mind was broken in two like it was divided in two camps. On one hand she felt like this was her worst nightmare, as she really loved her girlfriend and she felt like betraying her. On the other hand, however, she still couldn’t believe that the boss she was looking up to and had liked since the first day at work, was touching her like this. It was clear what he wanted and the worst part was that she wanted the same. The feeling of lust and betrayal at the same time was something that was hard to comprehend thus she tried escaping. Not to mention, she really didn’t want Suzuran to touch her in any way, yet here she was, molested by that assistant and her own boss.

She also felt bad not only because of betraying her own girlfriend but also the boss’s wife too. Miyuki knew the two were married because of business and there was no way the two would ever go separate ways, but it didn’t mean cheating was the option with the woman that was not at fault. She and Paru were good friends, thus she felt like the betrayal towards people she cared about was really immense. Miyuki tried escaping the two again but the kisses on her neck and the sucking on her nipple were making her legs jelly and her own body was becoming very weak. Her protests though were noticed as the kisses on the neck stopped and soon she heard a whisper in her ears, which without doubts made her turned on even more.

“ There is no point in struggling~ I know you want this as much as I do. I know you are thinking about your girlfriend and my wife right now, but try to think of it like this. If we do not give in to what we feel for each other… We will have no piece in each of our relationships.” Here Yui paused and nibbled gently on Milky’s lower lip. “Just let Ranran do her job, I heard from a few females she has the mouth that do wonders~ Let her devour you and prepare you for my embrace,”


Maybe the voice lulled her, maybe the contained space and the absence of reality finally sank in, but Milky had no strength left to fight her urges and the wonders that Suzuran was doing with her mouth. Feeling the licks and sucking on her skin, that sultry mouth going down her side and planting kisses on her thighs left her panting and moaning while hugging tightly onto Yui. She felt defeated but at the same time she knew the defeat will come with a prize and a price to pay also. Having no energy left to think about the price she will have to pay and the consequences of their actions, she let herself get the prize and enjoy what was about to come.

Yui saw that the girl finally gave in and he smirked, leaning once again to capture those sweet lips. He by any means wanted to hear the dirty moans the girl was letting out but the taste of her lips still lingered in his mouth and he just had to taste them once again. Finally getting a response as he felt Miyuki kissing him back turned him on so much he knew there was little time left until his patience runs out. His hands caressed her back, all the way down to the shapely butt and squeezed it hard, earning a muffled whimper that drowned in his mouth.

Ranran probably felt it was time for more action because she sat down on the chair that was in the cabin and pulled Milky towards her, making the girl sit on her lap and face Yui. It broke the kiss between the two and left Miyuki gasping for air. The girl’s head was dizzy and her whole body felt like it was on fire. Seeing Yui come closer in front of her made her eyes go really wide. The bulge in his pants was really big and the girl felt a lump in her throat from what she might be told to do. Yet her worries went away when the man just leaned in and captured her lips for another kissing session, as his hands sneaked around her and undid the sexy bra. At the same time the girl felt Ranran’s mouth sucking on the back of her neck as the other pair of hands traveled up and down her thighs.


Milky thought she cannot blush more than before but when she felt cool air on her exposed breasts it made her face go really red. Yui pulled back, breaking the kiss again, and stared at her breasts with a gaze that was telling it all to Miyuki. He wanted her badly. Yet he didn’t touch her and let Ranran nibble on the secretary’s shoulder as her hands pulled down the only clothing that was separating Miyuki from being totally naked. Yui approached them and grabbed Milky by her butt, lifting her a bit in order for Ranran to fully remove the unneeded clothing. With panties being out of their way, Yui stepped back again, letting Ranran do her job. The shop assistant spread the girl’s legs and nibbled on her neck once again, as her hands cupped the milky breasts and kneaded them passionately. Miyuki blushed hard and moaned loud as it was embarrassing and at the same time felt so good to be attended by Suzuran.

Yui however felt his patience fully run out when he saw totally vulnerable, naked and exposed Milky in front of his eyes. He knelt down and leaned in very close, inhaling the sweet scent of his secretary’s womanhood. He kissed it gently, then his lips found the hardened bud at the top of the wet lips and he started sucking on it, enjoying the loud ragged moans that came from the girls mouth. His fingers traced the path towards Milky’s entrance as he kept sucking on her’s clit, enjoying the huffs and loud moans from the girl.

When two fingers entered her without the warning Miyuki yelped and bit hard on Ranran’s finger that entered her mouth just in time. Assistant ordered her to suck on it and for some reason she obeyed the command, moaning while sucking on the finger. Yui started moving the fingers and it made Milky moan with more passion than before. Feeling those digits move inside her made her let out dirty sounds which where muffled as she sucked on Ranran’s finger ever so diligently.

Yui just had it really difficult, controlling his urges at the state he was in, thus his tongue replaced his fingers as it dived into Milky’s hot cave that was dripping from the pleasure and need. His tongue explored the inside of it diligently, not missing a spot, as far as his tongue could reach while his fingers rubbed the clit as fast as they could. Milky moaned really loudly as she was nearing the peak due to the mix of rubbing and licking she was getting. As Yui moved his tongue and fingers even faster, the girl came immediately, her shout resonating in the cabin and her body arching into Ranran behind her.

“I want you Miyuki, so badly…” The man whispered after licking the juices from her womanhood and standing up. Her whimpers were like music to his ears but he wanted Milky and Milky only, without Ranran being int he picture. “Are you okay with that?”


The girl extended her hand towards him and the guy picked her up, carrying her deeper inside the shop, laying her on the couch in Ranran’s office. Suzuran wanted to follow them, but seeing a firm negative gaze from Yui she went to tidy up in the shop.

“Sha..chou….” Being carried from the cabin into the office slightly brought her back to reality. She felt like she can still stop whatever they were about to do The guilt was sinking in and she tried to push him away.

“No, call me Yui..” He caught her lips in a passionate kiss as his hands roamed all over the girl’s under him body. “I would wait until we get to my place but…you look so damn hot…I cannot wait…I have to take you now..”

“L…listen….ngh….we….cannot….angh…” She was too weak, too limp, too electrified after all the things that happened in the cabin. Her mind tried protesting and she tried speaking but her body just wanted more and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Despite the guilt and the feeling of betraying someone she cared about….it soon flew away as she felt the impatient fingers inside her again. Feeling them move in and out, slowly then faster then slowly again and with hungry lips sucking and biting on her breasts, it was impossible to think straight and all thoughts left her head but one. She wanted him inside her, badly. Right now, right this moment.

“H..ha….hayaku….” Miyuki writhed under him as she hugged the man tightly and wrapper her legs around him. “Put it in….now….”

“As you wish~” He pulled down his pants and shorts, freeing his hot and hard buddy and making sure to put safety on. Right away he entered the girl without any warning which earned a long whimper from the secretary.

His hips started moving, feeling her so tight around him as her hot body pressed against him and her moans filled his mouth. Yui moved his hips faster, pulling his head back a bit, inhaling air and listening to the loud sounds that Miyuki’s mouth produced. With every thrust her voice went raspier as she clung on him tightly, trying to move her hips in the same pace.

Suzuran could hear everything thus she was siting on the floor next to the office, leaning against the wall as her fingers went deep inside her as she was turned on so badly by what the two were doing. She frantically moved the digits inside as she moaned and listened to the two with her eyes half closed. This was the best part of this agreement, she really enjoyed listening to those two having sex and with herself getting aroused and being able to indulge in some of the activities before was really worth all the sum she was going to get.

Miyuki felt her head going blank as she moaned out Yui’s name aloud. It seemed like soon she was about to explode and it felt so wonderful that it was Yui and not someone else that filled her all so perfectly inside.


He moved his hips as fast as he could, letting out low growls while the thrusts went stronger with every push. The girl arched her back and yelled loudly, cumming soon afterwards with another loud shout, clutching tightly onto her boss. Yui also came right away, biting on her shoulder from how good and awesome it felt, then he fell onto her, both panting from the overwhelming emotions and feels.

Not so far from the office on the floor Ranran also came and was panting slightly, enjoying the aftereffect of today’s activities and the raspy breathing of the other two, that was heard through the doors that were left open.


“What happened in there…” Milky started when the two were in the car.

“It is only between us and no one will find out. I know.” Yui continued. “However, I don’t think it’s something as simple as that… Can we….some other time….repeat?…”

Miyuki shook her head right away. The guilt was too strong, she felt like she betrayed the most important people to her that trusted her and loved her equally. Despite how good this experience was, she felt like she cannot lie more than this to other people. This one thing is the secret she will carry to her grave, something she will always feel guilty about, although, she will never regret this. However, she will never ever repeat this again. No more shopping time with her boss ever again.


15 thoughts on “Shopping Time With My Boss

  1. Kanakichi though XD
    One would think it would be Maachun instead XD
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove ths smut scene though ❤ Smooth as always~ It's so… Sakura-like… :v

  2. this is AWESOME…and you wrote this while on writer’s block?! standing ovation for you…

    milky the secretary…that thing alone already give a hint of something ‘bad’ will happen later…then comes the ‘evil boss’-who had set his lustful eyes on her secretary-and his evil plan… *evil laugh*

    after all the fun and pleasure she had, milky still can refuse to do it again?but what will happen IF she saw her evil boss and her beloved girlfriend having an affair…would she still refuse it? *evil laugh again*

        • well if I ever manage to write continuation, then of course it would mean she was not able to resist him. Just think about it, he is her boss and she sees him everyday. Either she has to go to work in another company – which is probably unlikely – or she will eventually give in to his charms 😀

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