Sunday With You

A/n. It’s been a while since I posted a work about 48G members in my blog but… I had a rough year and a lot of things recently happened in my life…

I got a boy mmeotjin!
I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy
Naemam da gajyeo gan

Okay that was out of topic… Not really since I…HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!!

Also, I have a new job!!! Candies, chocolate, milky way factory~~~ YUMMY~~~~

Many other not worth to mention things, except, another kid has joined the family, am I not right, Kahi-dootaa? 😉

Anyways, without further ado, here is the update~ Enjoy~

Sakura was not sure if waking up was a good choice. On one hand, sun was brightly shining outside and it was Sunday, her day off. On the other hand, the dream she had was too pleasant and she would have rather continued dreaming on. Also, being awake meant being tossed back to the harsh reality. That was something the girl gladly would have exchanged with anyone else.

A phone call interrupted her thoughts.

“Moshi moshi?” She answered in a sleepy voice.

“OHAYOU~~~ WAKEY WAKEY PRINCESS!! Rise and shine~” A too well known cheery voice chirped from the other side of her gadget.

“Murashige…” Her best friend and worst nightmare at the same time, Murashige Anna, was one of the reasons the Kagoshima princess hated her life. Okay, to be honest, it was not as bad as she portrayed it but still. “Why so excited..?”

“Mou, Sakura~ It’s Sunday, come on~ No school, no club activities, no nagging teachers or perverted senpais. A DAY OFF. Perfect day for both of us to properly spend time together~”

Sakura wondered how come Anna never got out of breath from talking so much, but that was one of many charms her friend had.

“So you are trying to say I should—”

“Get that round butt of yours out off bed and get ready~ We’re going to grab some food out in the city and then we can go visit Haruka-san~” The ever cheery voice finished for Miyawaki.

“…” Sakura knew arguing was not a choice, not with the ever energetic monkey. “Fine. Give me an hour. I’ll come to your house myself.”

“Okay~~~ I’ll be waiting then~”


Yui was wide awake for a while now. Her eyes stared with a loving gaze at the girl sleeping in her arms. She had this urge to roam her hands all over those wondrous curves but it was Sunday. Her girlfriend was a hardworking person so out of all days Sunday was the only day she had a chance to replenish her energy.

Yui herself was very busy every single day but she didn’t need much sleep anyways. Her much respected senpai who was also school’s Student Council President was graduating this year. For Yui, who was a Vice President, it meant a lot of things. She had to get ready for the President’s position, also prepare for her good friend’s and adviser’s leave. Takahashi Minami was a person who will leave a huge spot after her to fill. She also had one of the biggest hearts out of all Yokoyama’s friends.

The other girl stirred while slowly waking up and stretched a bit, her back slightly arching. The girl’s body pressed into Yui’s body while the cute yawn escaped the pinkish lips. Her big eyes looked innocently at the black haired one next to her and lips formed into a wide warm smile.

Yui held her urges back for more than two hours, letting her girlfriend sleep. Now the gorgeous girl was awake and Hime just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Haruka…” Yui groaned out and got on top of the still sleepy and clueless Shimazaki. “Why are you so alluring…for god’s sake…have mercy….”

“Mh?..” Paruru tilted her head and poked the girl’s above her lip. “Ohayou?”

Yui shook her head and leaned as close to Haruka as she could. Right away she dived in for the kiss, conquering those sweet -unlike the salty nickname suggested- and soft lips. Her hands removed the only piece of fabric between them, tossing that bothersome blanket away. Soon she was immersed in pleasuring her girlfriend, devouring every millimeter and groaning from the huge need.


Takahashi lifted her head up from the papers. It was Sunday morning, the school was nearly empty and quiet. She probably misheard noises outside as a noise behind the door. She was about to continue when this time a louder knock was heard.

“Yes?” Minami said and, as soon as a certain person’s head poked in, she smiled brightly. “Ah, come in~”

“Ohayou.” A beautiful voice said gently and a black haired prim looking girl walked in. “You should be resting at least on Sundays, Takahashi-senpai…”

“That would mean I’d see you less… I like working with Yukirin, so all’s well~” Minami smiled and chuckled at the blush that crept up the other girl’s cheeks. “You of course brought homemade food again, right?~”

“Un…” Yuki looked away for a bit. Her senpai just looked too good in anything she wore. Today Takahashi was in a white shirt-one piece and cream-colored jacket. Yukirin felt like her white skirt and light emerald blouse were of no match to Minami. She sighed and unpacked the breakfast.

Every Sunday morning was a day off to most people. However, Takahashi Minami worked every day and ignored whatever worries and concerns others had. Yukirin had a crush on Minami for god knows how long and her heart just didn’t let her leave all the hard work to Takamina alone. That was why the Student Council Accountant also spent her Sundays at school, at first waking up early to cook delicious food for her dear senpai. Yes, rumors were true, she used to be really bad at cooking. However, she wanted to impress her crush and thus went to Yui. Yokoyama had a lot of patience and thanks to her Yukirin now was quite a decent cook.

“Yukirin…” Minami said while approaching the beautiful tall girl.

“Ye…s..?” Somewhat startled Yukirin sat down. Her legs were all jelly like and she never liked being taller than Minami, thus most of the time she would talk to Takamina while sitting.

“You still have no answer to my question from before?..” The short woman was now standing right in front of Kashiwagi.

“…what question…?”

“Why am I able to be so brave only around you?” Takahashi whispered, leaning closer.

“!!!!!!!” Yukirin now was making one of her infamous reactions, not that she didn’t know what was about to happen. She knew it all too well; that was like a huge resource of energy to her for the whole upcoming week.

Minami smirked and caught Yuki’s lips with her own, sucking on them in a teasing way. The black haired girl was blushing and whimpering, which made Takamina crave for more.


Sakura felt her heart skip a few beats when she saw her monkey friend waving to her from the second floor window. Good thing the light breeze was blowing today; quite a decent excuse why her cheeks were in pink color. The girl leaned her back onto the gates, knowing Aanya will be here soon enough. Still, Miyawaki knew she had at least five minutes to calm herself down, but her thoughts returned back to her biggest problem.

She had feelings for her best friend. She couldn’t explain how, when or why such a thing happened. Sakura wondered if it was because Anna possessed every quality Kagoshima princess imagined her future lover would have. Bubbly but annoying personality, lame but still funny jokes, half Japanese half Russian and, most importantly, beautiful monkey eyes. Well, not that Sakura ever thought about these certain qualities, but those were definitely Murashige’s charm points.

“Mentaiko~” All of the sudden Anna did the silly pose in front of Sakura, scaring her slightly. “Mou, you said my one shot gag was funny, why this face…”

“I just din’t hear you approaching, sorry~” Sakura couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute Aanya looked while pouting. “Let’s go?”

“DA~~PAIDIOM~” Murashige agreed in Russian and the two started heading towards their favorite take out food place. [A/n. Da – yes {from Russian lang.}, paidiom – let’s go {from Russian lang.}]

After getting four servings of tacos with various fillings the two friends walked towards Haruka’s house. They talked about random things and enjoyed the beautiful Sunday weather. Suddenly Sakura stopped.

“Don’t you think we should call her? Haruka-san might be still sleeping, since Yokoyama-senpai is staying over at her place.” Miyawaki knew too well what adults do on Sunday mornings, so she tried to avoid walking in on such a scene.

“Eeh, why would they? Just look at how nice today is~” The monkey spun around gracefully and started walking again. “Let’s do a surprise visit~”

“…” Sakuratan already was in this situation once. Haruppi, her classmate, needed to enter their changing room, not knowing inside MadoNatsu couple were….having a heated session. She made Sakura, who was the holder of the spare key, unlock the room which…resulted in them both having nightmares for quite a long time. “This is not gonna end well…”


Paru was lying on the soft carpet in the bedroom in all her naked glory. One might think she felt cold, but on the contrary, she felt too hot to explain in words. All she could do was moan, whimper, huff, squirm and, most importantly, enjoy. The wave of emotions and feels never went into OFF state, it was always ON.

Yui kissed and licked, sucked and bit, slurped and suckled every inch, nook and cranny of Haruka’s body, pleasuring her in any way possible. Her fingers went in and out, slow and fast, with turns and twists, giving her girlfriend one orgasm after another. Yokoyama couldn’t get enough; she just loved making love to Paru and she didn’t even need to come herself. The sight of Paruru reaching the climax after Hime’s ministrations was the best reward and sight to the black haired girl.

After another nearly soundless shout escaped Shimazaki’s beautifully shaped mouth, she once again collapsed onto the carpet. Feeling Yui kissing her collarbone the girl felt helpless and as much as she wanted to keep going, she knew her mind and body needed at least a bit of rest.

“….i…..” Paru tried speaking but her voice just wouldn’t come out from how dry her mouth was.

“I know~” Yui chuckled and went to get some water for her precious beauty.

Shimazaki always wondered how come Yui could read her mind so well. Yes, maybe it’s because of how much the two loved each other, however, Haruka not always was able to tell what was on Hime’s mind. At those times Paruru would wordlessly hug her and it would result in Yokoyama speaking her thoughts out. Paru simply couldn’t think of her life without her girlfriend. Yui to her was like a glove to a hand, rainwater to a flower, air for anyone to breathe. She was her everything.


Minami pulled back a bit and stared with a serious gaze at Yukirin. Those rosy cheeks and trembling lips, and then those watery and with anticipation shining eyes; it all was so charming Takamina felt like the world around them disappeared. She had no idea what was so enticing about the Kashiwagi girl, but she just couldn’t resist the black haired girl. There was another thing. Yukirin always made Minami forget her worries and smile like a clown whenever the Kashiwagi girl would throw one of her antics. The reaction queen was just so adorable and lovely, and yet somehow captivating and alluring at the same time.

“S…senpai?…” Yukirin sweetly called out, wondering what made Minami stop all the nice things and stare at her with such intensity. “Are you…alright?”

“Mh? Oh, yeah, I am~ Where were we~?” Takahashi chuckled and leaned in again, savoring the tasty lips again, her hands cupping the girl’s cheeks and caressing them with her fingers, pulling the girl as close to herself as possible.

Yukirin couldn’t keep her eyes open because the gaze of her senpai just burned too much. She closed them and clutched tightly onto Minami’s jacket, not even noticing she was sliding it down. Yuki was mesmerized by the tingly sensation the shorter woman was able to inflict upon her every single time their eyes would meet. Kashiwagi leaned her back onto the table side as the chair she was sitting on resided just by the table. She had no idea how inviting she looked and she didn’t really care. All she wanted at the moment was for senpai to continue the ministrations.

Minami chuckled into the kiss and straightened herself up from the leaning position, taking off her jacket and pulling Yukirin up. She saw the girl making another one of those wonderful overreactions and she could swear Yukirin’s heartbeat was probably heard throughout the whole school, as she for sure heard it clearly. It made her feel even more confident with what she was about to do and Minami just knew she was not gonna regret doing so.

“EEEEH?!” Kashiwagi was shocked when senpai lifted her up and laid her on the table. Not that she was against it, it was just totally unexpected. And yet, she knew what was to come, and she was very happy to give in to the pleasures her senpai was going to provide her with.


Sakuratan tucked onto Murashige’s skirt gently, trying to get the girl’s attention, but it was to no avail. Anna excitedly marched through the Yokoyama house gates and stepped in front of the entrance doors. Sakura stood behind her, unsure of what’s to come, when the two heard a loud moan, probably because the windows on the first floor were opened or maybe because the things that were going on inside the house were too heated for them to happen in a quiet manner. However, if Sakura thought it would stop Murashige from entering the house, she was wrong.

“Oh, what is going on inside?! They probably need our help!!!” The monkey girl exclaimed and tried to barge in, but the doors were locked. She tried to get in through the window, however, she was too short to reach the windowsill. Then an imaginary light bulb appeared above her head as she looked for the spare key under the mat. It was not there, so she looked into the pots with flowers, then in the flowerbeds and even around the gates. “Why can’t senpai hide her spare keys in easier to find places?!”

“Eeto… I think it’s better if we just not bother them… From what I can tell, I don’t think they need any help..or disturbance…” Miyawaki suggested carefully to her crush and right after she spoke the words, another loud moan, followed by a ‘ngh, Yuiiiiii, moooooreeeee‘ was a clear proof of what she said.

The two girls blushed and hurried away from the house, their hearts pounding in their chests as fast as possible as they rushed past the streets, further and further away from the residence that caused them to think dirty. After five minutes of running the two finally stopped to catch their breaths, their cheeks flushed more from what they heard than from the intense activity they just did. The girls couldn’t even look each other in the eye, that’s how affected they were by what their ears were able to witness. However, one of the two was determined to end her cowardice.

“Ano nee, Annya-chan….” Sakura started slowly. She thought to herself that if Paru was able to do all those things with Yui, then Sakura herself was at least able to kiss the girl she had a crush on for god knows how long. “Look at me…”

“Hai?” The unsuspecting monkey looked up at her friend, still shocked by what she found out at the Yokoyama-sanpai’s place. The following action was something, however, that she didn’t expect even more. Not only, she never thought such a thing was possible to happen, especially, because Sakuratan was the one who did such an unimaginable thing.

Miyawaki pulled her crush towards her and kissed her. She longed to do this for so long, that now, when she was finally realizing her dream, all of the bottled up emotions exploded. Sakura was not able to hold back or control at all, she just kept on kissing the monkey girl, more and more, until the two were on the verge of suffocated from the huge lack of oxygen. When they parted and started panting hard, trying to regain their composure, Sakura started realizing that the monkey girl replied to her wholeheartedly. She cast a glance at the other girl and saw her smiling.

“I didn’t….expect this….from you…” Murashige started, surprising the other girl with her never before shown serious side. “However…does that mean you have anything to say to me?”

“Um…I…” Miyawaki sighed and looked the monkey girl in the eye. “Aanya-chan, please go out with me!”

“…” Anna smiled and giggled, returning to her usual self. “Okay~ Since I guess we have mutual feelings, nee?~”

Sakuratan blushed and smiled also. She never expected for things to turn out this well, and all the more, she knew it was thanks to Yokoyama-senpai and Paruru-chan that the two were able to resolve this matter. She looked at her friend who was bouncing around and nagging her to go get some ice cream. Maybe waking up early on Sunday morning was not a bad thing, if she was able to spend it with the one she cared about the most.


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