My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 1


A/n. Hello, guys~ So, as some of you probably know, AKBlasphemy48 got shut down. I just wanted to say thank you to Max for giving us opportunity to enjoy the freedom of posting and reading a fanfiction of no boundaries, for as long as it lasted.

Now, since this is something my fans probably love the most out of everything I posted there (aside from A.L.I.V.E. fanfic, which you can find on AKB Fanfics on JPH!P forum), I am re-posting this fanfic of mine, called My Kuchi Utsushi Butler, or MKUB for short. Hope you enjoy, re-enjoy and be patient while I work on the next update (which is Chapter 6 and a SMUT *grins*)

 WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language.

Silent footsteps, echoing in the halls, kept going and going, until they reached their destination. The person checked its butler outfit and brushed away a single piece of hair, which was not being obedient unlike others, and stuck out in a wrong way. Then he proceeded, knocking on the doors gently and opening them widely enough to get in.

“Ohimesama~ Ohayou gozaimasu~” the cheerful voice resounded in the room. The so called ohimesama shifted in her bed just slightly and continued sleeping peacefully. The butler smirked and placed a tray on the table. Then continued his way to the bed and leaned in very close to the princess’s face. While observing the features, the man noticed a slightly fluttering eyelid and knew instantly the princess was awake. The butler decided to continue the game and leaned in closer whispering something in the beautifully shaped ear.

“Ohimesama~ I’m going to make you wake up if you do not wake up right this moment~”

The whispering did a wondrous job and the butler retreated while looking at the flustered red princess. He chuckled and then opened wide the curtains letting the sun rays fulfill the room with light. It only made the royal girl squint her eyes and hide herself under the blanket.

“I brought your favorite breakfast – melon pans and jasmine tea~.” The butler said in a sweet voice, chuckling at the view after the words been said. The princess peeked with her eyes from under the blanket and her shining chocolate orbs bored into the tray on the table.

“So, can you sit up, ohimesama?” asked the mischievous person and brought the tray closer. It made the princess jolt and sit straight up watching with pleading eyes as the tray slowly descended on the bed. As soon as the butler let go of the tray, she took soft melon pan and sunk her teeth in it letting its sweet and fluffy taste seep into her mouth and cover her taste buds and continue its way down her throat. She let out a small moan from the overwhelming sensations in her mouth and then sipped some tea smiling widely while keeping her eyes closed enjoying the food.

The butler watched her in amusement and smiled widely.

“I will now prepare a bath for you so enjoy your breakfast in solitude, okay?” asked he and the princess only nodded her head while sinking her teeth into another soft pan. The butler chuckled for the nth time this morning and went to the bathroom. The man let the water run inside and poured some lavender foam into it, not forgetting to place the princess’s favorite oil (made every morning from freshly plucked rose petals) by the side of the bath. Then the person in the uniform placed a few huge towels on the chair and dimmed the lights, making the bathroom look more intimate and cozy.

He noticed the princess standing in the doorway just in her light blue nightgown. It reached her knees and was long sleeved. The princess blushed like she always did when her butler was helping her wash herself. She knew what was going to come like it always did every morning yet it was unavoidable. The butler watched in amusement as the princess walked inside and slowly took off her nightgown revealing creamy smooth skin and beautiful curves of her body. The butler felt its whole body going on fire but kept its face calm and just smiled lightly.

“Get in the bath ohimesama. You have an important appointment today and we don’t want to miss it now do we?”

The princess only frowned and got herself comfortable in the bath. She puffed up her cheeks and pouted. One could tell she didn’t want to go to the meeting. But as soon as she felt the butler’s oily hands massaging her neck and shoulders, she relaxed herself and succumbed to the nice feeling. It felt good to be massaged by those gentle hands caressing her skin with light touches pressing harder just in the right places. After massaging the tensed shoulders and neck, the butler let the princess relax in the bath and went to prepare some clothes for her.

After relaxing and then taking the shower, princess wrapped herself up in one of the towels drying her hair and face with the other one. Then she returned to her bedroom where she found the butler with the clothes prepared for her. The princess blushed in deep red and took the towel away while looking at anywhere but her butler. She felt those gentle hands cupping her cheeks and there she was facing that perfect and cheerful face those brown eyes gazing at her intently. She shivered and lost the train of thoughts which was in her mind before.

“Ohimesama…” the butler whispered and leaned in placing a soft kiss on those rosy lips. He traced their outline with his tongue leaving a wet trail then pushing the tongue inside the princess’s mouth. He touched every nook and cranny of that moist cave enjoying the mix of saliva and the muffled moans in the butler’s mouth. The butler noticed the cheeks turning into very dark red and retreated with the sigh.

“Okay, let me dress you up.” He noted and helped the princess to sit down, as the royal girl was all limp from the enchanting kiss of the butler. She was so touched by it, so hypnotized; she could not even process any simple thought. The butler chuckled again and put on the princess her black lace panties and bra, touching the skin barely, seeing the princess shiver at the slightest touch. Yet the butler himself couldn’t show her how he craved her, so kept his cool face on, and put on the lady the red nice dress which suited the princess perfectly.

Then he went to the table and took a small covered dish from it and inside was a spicy cracker. The queen prohibited giving them to the princess, but the butler sometimes spoiled the royal girl even though it was unknown to the queen. In this case it was a necessity to give the cracker to the princess. The butler hated its taste, but it was the only way to make the princess her own self again. He approached the princess, while biting on the one side of the cracker, gathering all strength he had because the man knew the spiciness and the outcome of eating it.

The princess was slightly panting, all aroused from the kiss from before. The butler used a tiny drop of aphrodisiac in the bath which was just perfect for making the royal girl feel drowsy after the kiss. It was a must, an order from the princess herself to do this ritual before every appointment the parents arranged for her. She said it was to gather courage and to not fall asleep. The butler had other opinion but just kept it to himself. It was easy for the butler to place the other side of the cracker into the princess’s mouth and share it with her while kissing on the lips. He already felt the spiciness seeping into his mouth and throat but the person in the uniform was already used to it so it was easier to get through with it.

Then he heard a soft giggle. . It was at that moment when the butler knew it had to stop. The butler pulled away and watched in amusement at the giggling princess who looked at her nails and struggled with the need of biting them. The butler let out a small laugh and brought the princess out of her mischievous state. It was then she spoke for the first time all day.

“Nee….” She pouted and shook her head. ”Okkocha dame…” she whined and looked up at her butler. “I don’t want to go, but it’s my duty. Thank you for always helping me prepare for it every time Jun.”

“Glad I can help, Rena-sama.” He smiled and then motioned to the mirror. “Let me comb your hair and do your make up. You’re still all flustered.”

“Un.” She sat down and let the butler comb her hair, while drying it with the hair dryer. She felt calm, relaxed and prepared for what’s to come… Another marriage arrangement.


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