Unspoken Feelings. Part 3

YuiYuuA/n. AAAAAAAAAND here is another part (not the last part, so it’s gonna be more than three parts…) Enjoy~

  • just letting you know that the word ‘kikotsu’ originally means ‘backbone’, but it also can mean ‘spirit; soul’, and thus these latter ones is the meaning I am using here
  • if any of you, who are reading this, are not familiar with the term and team KGSK, lemme explain
  • ‘KGSK’, or ‘kusogaki’, means ‘annoying kids’ and is referred when talking about Oshima Ryouka, Kawaei Rina, Kodama Haruka, Takahashi Juri and Tano Yuuka; it is a running joke in Team A and even has become part of their image in the AKB48 group itsef
  • ‘dadakko’ means ‘brat; spoiled kid’

Ayarin shifted her gaze uneasily towards another object in the hotel room. She couldn’t believe her luck, or maybe demise, of sharing the same room with Juri. It was already hard seeing her in the theater nearly every day. And now here they were, in the hotel room. She felt really uncomfortable, mainly because Juri was just in cozy hoodie and panties, rolling on bed while memorizing the lyrics to one of the stage songs. Kikuchi just had to look away or she would pounce onto the poor unsuspecting girl.

For quite some time Ayaka had a chance to be in Team K under Sayaka’s and Yuuko’s wings and was told she had a kikotsu of a pervert thus was recognized as a true Team K member. She was taught well and already very used to not hiding her perverted side but with Juri it was different. She was holding back as much as she could. The reason for it was…Ayaka didn’t know it herself. The age was not a hurdle for her, she didn’t mind having sex with underage girls once in a while. However, since she had actual feelings for younger Takahashi, it just felt so wrong to just think of trying any action on the girl.

“Nee, Ayaka-san, do you think we can order a pizza in here?” Juri asked, tired of learning the lyrics and feeling hungry already.

“Didn’t we just eat an hour ago?” The older one asked in a cold voice. She didn’t intend to talk like that, it probably turned out this way because she was resisting too hard and in a bad mood.

“…but I am hungry~” It seemed as if Juri was totally unfazed by Ayaka’s irritation, and the girl even grinned at the surprised woman. “Or shall I call my KGSKs here and have a party~?”

“No. Anything but that.” Kikuchi sighed and stood up. “Fine, let’s order then, dadakko…”

“I am not dadakko though~” Juri replied while putting on pants and then dialing the pizza order number. “I am a kusogaki~”

“You are…” Kikuchi was so frustrated she couldn’t hold back, she had to let out that frustration somewhere. All things that piled up just overwhelmed her senses and she was not even thinking of what she was doing. “Juri?”

As the girl was about to ask what, the phone was tossed aside and her lips were kissed roughly by another pair of lips. It stunned her but at the same time she felt as if her feet were lifted a few feet above the ground. And then she felt bed sheets beneath her. Things were about to get more serious than she thought. Despite feeling nervous and somewhat scared of the upcoming events, Takahashi Juri was happy her teasing worked out.


Staring at the food in front of her Yui felt relieved and happy. Being on a ‘date’ with Yuuko and eating delicious food while talking about random things and changes in Teams after some members graduated was a nice change to every day’s packed schedules. Other members, who were not as popular, had more free time and were able to go out. For Yokoyama, this was a celebration and she knew for Yuuko it was a rarity and once in a blue moon happening.

“I was just thinking if I should graduate soon and then he tossed this responsibility at me…” Yuuko suddenly confessed in the middle of their conversation. “On the other hand, I know I still have to teach these kids a lot, you among them too… Thus i am grateful for this chance…”

“But it is a burden to you, especially because you now carry the name of AKB48 center on your shoulders…” Kyoto girl sighed and looked at Ooshima with seriousness in her eyes. “I know you have other more important and close members to rely on, but if ever you need someone to talk with or just be there for you… I am here.”

Yuuko was slightly taken aback by the sudden words of encouragement. It felt so nice to hear it from Yui but at the same time she realized the girl is oblivious to Yuuko’s feelings towards her. She decided to speak up and tell her at least a bit of the emotions she had towards Yokoyama.

“You are important to me, Yui, more than most people that are currently in 48 group. Remember that even when one day I won’t be by your side in idol industry.” The woman spoke in a serious and sincere tone. “One day you might have a whole group to lead, because us, older generations, will be not there anymore. When that happens, at least in my eyes, you are the most reliable to carry on our duty and burdens.”

“Yuuko-san…” Yui felt like crying for no apparent reason, maybe because she was always a crybaby or maybe because she never thought someone saw her as reliable as Yuuko just now described.

“This is why Mariko-sama made you the new leader, it’s be cause we have faith in you, we see you as the captain and maybe one day even as a leader. you have a potential to be one.” Ooshima spoke more and then sighed. “However, there is a more important reason why I wanted to spend some time with you. Would you mind staying over at my place instead of going to Karaoke?”


9 thoughts on “Unspoken Feelings. Part 3

  1. ARGHHHHHH….!!!!

    double cliffhanger in one chapter?!

    ひど~い~(sahoo’s style)

    AyaJuri smut please….

    *is there any way to put some onion emot here? I feel loneLy without them T_T*

  2. I hate you so much for cutting tha. YuuYui part q.q

    I hate you for making me have feels cause of YuuYui q.q

    I hate that I’m loving every single interaction that they have. ;-;

    I love this fic so much I don’t even know what to say.

    It kinda weird how I want it to be a love triangle for a while, but ofcourse it’ll be yuuyui in the end.

    This ship has sailed and I’m onboard!!


    I hope I get to see more yuuyui in the future! But YuiParu & YuukoRena FTW!

  3. man…. juri and ayaka. so random haaha but so cool. I like random couples. I really like. but Juri’Nin it was good too. since juri is my oshi and an’nin one of my favorites…they’re together is so great. but an’nin with any girl is good for me ^^

    thanks for the fic. I’m looking forward for the next chapter!

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