Unspoken Feelings. Part 4

YuiYuuA/n. Yup yup, finalLY (oh god, why am I leaving this pun here while most of you have no idea of its meaning. Oh well, bear with me ^^; ) I am updating this!!! I know I left you all with double cliffhanger last time and on this update…. Expect the unexpected LOL

  • yakitori are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of the chicken, such as the breasts, thighs, skin, liver and other innards
  • ‘daijoubu’ means ‘all is well; it’s okay; it’s fine; I am fine; etc.’

So, Yuusei said he wants something dedicated to him, and thus – even though he doesn’t like reading much XD – I dedicate this update to him ^w^

Mariya checked if she had all what was needed in her bag and then proceeded on her way outside. She was hoping the person that was supposed to wait for her was not waiting there for too long. Knowing the person, however, Suzuki Mariya smiled and even chuckled. The person probably was either late or would simply forgive Mariya for making her wait and brush it off as if nothing happened. Those who knew Miyazawa Sae as well as she did would definitely agree with her.

“Yo~~~” The Ikemen woman greeted the other while smiling brightly. Her disheveled hair and strange fashion would have made her stand out even in the huge crowd of weirdos and now that it was late evening, she was really easy to spot to. “Su.zu.ma~”

“D…don’t call me like that in public…” Mariya scolded the other and sighed. Some things just never change. “Gomen, for being late. Got into a discussion with Marin-chan.”

Daijoubu~ I can wait for you for as long as you need me to, my time is your time, you know that.” Sae winked at Mariya who was shaking her head in disbelief of hearing such cheesiness from this womanizer female. “So, ready to go?”

“Yeah, I am as tired from the practice as if I was training for the concert with Yuuko-san in charge.” Suzuki finally showed signs of tiredness and puffed her cheeks, appearing quite cute in front of Miyazawa, something the girl would never do in front of any other person.

“Haha, we all knew Yui will be amazing as the captain and see? We were right. That girl has bright future ahead of her and one day – that’s what Yuuko has hopes for and I fully agree – she will lead 48G well.” Sae said with a slight nostalgia. “Glad to hear she has both Yuuko and Takamina abilities inside her.”

“Un…” Mariyannu’s cheeks were still puffed but as they approached the busier part of the street, she had to stop doing so. “Let’s get a cab. All I need right now is just a relaxing bath and good night’s sleep.”

They caught a cab and got in, saying the address of Suzuki’s apartment where Sae stayed every time whenever they both had same work together or simply when she just wanted to spend time with Mariya. Miyazawa cast a glance at the other girl and saw that the girl’s head was bobbing as she was asleep from being tired. She saw how her body was slowly sliding to the other side of the cab, which would have resulted in that clever head bumping into the sturdy window. Sae sighed while chuckling and adjusted Mariya’s body, gently letting the girl’s head rest on Sae’s shoulder. She kept on hugging the other girl and stared at the sleeping girl with a huge smile plastered on her face. Then her expression changed into a warmer one and she leaned in, gently pecking Mariya’s cheeks and soft lips, afterwards returning to the sitting position and letting the other girl rest while on their way home.


“Uwaaaaa~~~~ This is soooo good~~~~” Kawaei’s eyes sparkled with joy as she downed a spoonful of strawberry parfait into her mouth that already had quite a portion inside.

“Baka, you should eat more properly, you know…” Iriyama said, gently biting on the strawberry and smiling from the lovely taste of the fruit she loved so much. “But I have to agree with you, this is really delicious~ Thank god I didn’t eat as much yakitori, or I would have not been able to eat this whole dessert.”

“I dunno, I ate lots of it and I am able to eat this freely~ Are you sure your stomach hasn’t shrunk?” Rina asked and stuffed even more parfait into her mouth.

“Rather your stomach has gotten way bigger…You will gain wait and then you won’t be able to dance properly…” Annin gently scolded her girlfriend.

“Well, at least I am flexible~” Kawaei started and then, after seeing a too-well-known icy glare, hung her head really low. “Sorry…”

“I am sure you don’t want to sleep alone in the living room, now do you?” The ice princess said in a cold tone, even though she really was just teasing Riichan. On the other hand, if it was any other person to touch the not-flexible topic….they would meet her wrath soon enough. Rina was a different case, she was Anna’s girlfriend and the taller one knew that the baka didn’t mean to offend, as it was only a joke.

“Iyada… I want to snuggle to your warm body all night long…” Kawaei whispered and blushed. Only thinking about ‘snuggling’ made her want to stop eating and rush home.

“Hee~” As Iriyama’s cheeks also turned slightly pink, she was more composed. “You want me to make-cuddle you?”

“!!!” Riichan blushed even more, hearing their code phrase for ‘making-love-when-Anna-is-on-top-and-Kawaei-is-at-the-bottom’. She pushed the empty glass away and looked at the smirking other girl with pouty expression. “Can we just hurry home…?”

“Un, we can, baka~” Anna said, knowing all to well how Kawaei was feeling at that moment. She had been longing for their skin contact under warm covers on the soft bed and it was one of a few sole reasons why she was able to withstand Yui’s merciless practice today. She couldn’t wait to kiss those delicious lips and to caress that soft body, to feel every shuffle under her and to hear all the cute sounds the other one was making. She shook her head, feeling too aroused and too excited. “Let’s hurry then~”


Words were not needed, at least not for Juri. She just wanted to feel loved and needed, even if it was for this one night only. She noticed quite a while ago – not without Yuuko-senpai’s help, of course – that Ayaka had been gawking at her. She saw the jealousy in her eyes when Juri interacted with other members too closely and even the bottled emotions in those beautiful eyes. Takahashi was always wondering if Ayaka was into girls for real and if the rumors about her being an amazing lover were true, or the woman was simply playing around and waiting for the chance to graduate and marry a man. After Yuuko-senpai explained the whole deal – which was quite understandable and logical to Juri, yet she really didn’t want to think about it right now – she realized she could seduce the older girl and see what she was going to do. Here she had the result of her not-so-hard work, being pinned down on the bed by Kikuchi herself and kissed in such a way she never imagined even in her wildest dreams.

“Nee….” Ayarin broke the kiss for a bit and stared into the one under her, who was shamelessly smiling with flushed cheeks. “How can you give in so easily without any explanations in waiting? Do you let anyone do this to you?”

Ayaka was simply confused. She knew deep inside that Juri was not such a type of girl who would easily give in to sexual advances, thus she was pondering why would the girl give in so easily. However, she was still slightly irritated by all the teasing from the younger one, thus she couldn’t help but be slightly cold towards the younger one. Also, she just couldn’t think of any reason why would Juri give in to her. Unless…

“If I am to do this with someone, I want to do it with the one I feel would be my best option. I know everything. Yuuko-san told me, so I don’t need your reasoning or explanations. I just want you to keep doing whatever you want to me. I know I won’t regret this. I won’t, if it is you and not anyone else.” Younger Takahashi said and caressed the woman’s above her cheek. “You can have me, Ayaka-san… I will give myself to you, all of me is yours…”

“…” Kikuchi felt dizzy from how much she kept on suppressing the need to attack this dadakko and after hearing the explanation she couldn’t hold back, no more. Her lips found Juri’s lips and started their dance, pleasing the younger one under her as she showed off her well polished skills. Then she pulled back again, this time only for a very short period of time. “Juri…”


“Until the day I choose to graduate…” Kikuchi took a deep breath before voicing out her question in a shaky manner. “Will you…date me in secret…?”

Instead of answering the woman’s question, Juri pulled her close and kissed her, for the first time experiencing what it means to lead the kiss. Her tongue traveled over the older one’s lips, then it dived inside the warm mouth and explored it diligently. She felt the other woman undoing her pants and she knew there was no way back, not that she wanted to stop. Takahashi wanted to feel what it’s like to be touched by another woman, to be pleased by another woman, a very experienced one at that. She was sure their night together will be forever etched inside her heart, more like all of their nights, up until Kikuchi Ayaka would leave the industry.


As they were nearing Yuuko’s house, Yui couldn’t help but be more and more nervous. It wasn’t the first time to stay at Yuuko’s place, however, it was the first time where it would be only the two of them, without any other member to keep their company. Unknown to Yui, Yuuko on the other hand was way more nervous for a very different reason. She had a confession to make and it wasn’t easy to find the right words or pick a perfect timing. Somehow, she felt like it had to be done once she felt it was time. The older one simply couldn’t help but be anxious and unsure of herself, something very unusual for the always confident squirrel.

And here they were, at Yuuko’s place. After getting food and situating themselves in a living room, the two started eating, Yuuko’s casual jokes slightly easing the tensed atmosphere.The woman was feeling nervous and tried to hide it, somehow succeeding and making Yui relax and laugh a lot. The short woman felt pleased with herself, then again, the timing was never right. She simply couldn’t bring herself to start the nerve-wracking topic, let alone to somehow ease her way into it. Maybe she was not careful enough and her worrisome expressions slipped for a second, or maybe Yui’s perception of things was simply too good, rumored to be of Takamina’s level.

“Yuuko-san…is everything okay?” The Kyoto princess asked, putting aside her still untouched glass of wine and staring at Yuuko with a questioning look.

“Ah….mhm…” Now or never, decided Ooshima. “Listen…I have something I want to tell you… I actually wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but… I never found the courage….”

“Eeh…” For the great Ooshima Yuuko to lack courage in something was quite a shocking revelation and for some unknown reason Yui’s heart started beating faster. Maybe her beloved senpai will let her in on something that have been bothering her. It would make Yui feel closer to her and it would make her feel not as horrible for having all these feelings towards the older woman. “I…I am listening…”

“For quite some time now I….” Yuuko started. Now or never, she repeated to herself again. “I have been in love with someone and…that someone…is you.”


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    double cliffhanger again…!? the smut and the confession… (-_-;)

    I know the feel… *pats Yuu-chan*
    at least the words are out… no matter what the result will be it still better to regret for say it than to regret for not say it…

    *off to read some LN again*



    Also I love the ricchannin moment. It makes me smirk knowing that Annin tops. Heheh. Dominant Annin ftw!



    But you know I still love you mama cause you write these awesome fics~~ ❤

  3. man… what… this juri.. sugoi! ayarin your lucky hahaha

    looool haha yuko is having difficult to talk about her feelings.. rare xD yui’s influence xD

    riichan’nin moments.. I’m looking forward ^^

    • yeah, Juri is quite amazing, but ya know, Yuuko helped her out on this one 😉

      ah, well, even the strongest warrior has a weakness of his own, so in this case, even if she is confident in most things…she can become unsure and wavering at confessing…. *cough*sinceweknowKojimarejectedherLOL*cough*

      I wub me some RiichAnnin~ ❤

      thanks for commenting, and hope to see you on mah next chapter 😀

    • I will do my best, I have so many projects and tests and essays to work on, not to mention gazillion of updates, but I’ll somehow try to update this first (and then the wMatsui smut everyone’s been waiting for) ^^ thank you for your patience and liking my writings m(_ _)m

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