Checkmate. Chapter B

A/n. Yup, another fixed chappie is here~ Thank you, Yuki, for proofreading and helping me in all other ways with this chapter!!!       m(_ _)m


(Rena’s POV)

I hate my family. I hate myself. I hate the entire world. Yet I am so weak I can do nothing just be a double faced person. Nobody knows what in reality Matsui Rena is. They all think Matsui Rena is a creepy and frightening inhuman, who can tear a person into the smallest pieces only by her bare hands. They think she loves blood, that she is very strong, can’t feel pain and so on and so on. However, they are wrong because they don’t know anything about this family. It so happened that I am from yakuza family, the strongest and the scariest one at that. My parents have three kids…or that’s what people know. Actually, they have four and I really wish I was not a part of this family.

My youngest sister Jurina is proud of being a member of this family. To others she appears as a cold person. She is also known as a lady killer even though she is female herself. Jurina is really good at handling knives, rifles, shotguns and other guns or killing tools she can find. She never fights with bare hands, never uses tables, pianos or pencils like a certain someone… The youngster chooses all kinds of guns, knives, bows…anything that can kill instantly; if one was a skilled user and knew where to aim. All that is her outside appearance that she creates for the so called ‘spectators’ because when at home (definitely not in front of parents though), she acts childish and cute and that’s even worse than her cold side… I know she’s still young but I hate those nights when she, using her childish side, comes into my bed and… I don’t even want to remember all that…

My younger sister Mayu is even crazier, considering the fact she is a genius. Her IQ is 210, so I am not surprised that she is able to speak fifteen languages or is good at using all kinds of technologies. She also can drive cars, trains, buses, bikes or pilot planes and helicopters… Yeah, such a genius is of course to be feared. However she has one weakness. Although she is a good strategist and can avoid most of the attacks and punches, she cannot fight and would lose against a bunch of armed people. So she never gets into fights, she just observes and lets others fight. She’s like a sly rat; no wonder her nickname is Nezumi, and she in fact likes that nickname. “Don’t underestimate the fertility of mice.” she says to her opponents and enemies. I hate her because even though I am really good with computers, I still cannot show my skills because of her being a genius. That makes other people look low in front of her and no one ever trusts others if they can get help from Mayu. Also, I cannot show my skills because of yet another person that I should love the most, yet I hate her the most.

Yes, the secret fourth daughter of Matsui Clan, Gekikara. Her real name… Even I, her twin sister, don’t know it; and actually, I don’t care because she is the reason of all my problems. She is the itch on my skin; she is my nightmare, my world’s end. I am a quiet and shy person, who is afraid of darkness and blood. I can’t eat raw meat (I prefer no meat at all) and am always weak. I at least don’t feel pain; apparently my twin cannot feel it too… So, I have this twin who is such a bloody monster, such ‘inhuman’, that her identity cannot be revealed. My ‘mission’ is to be her. That is, everything she does goes to me. I am a serial killer, I am inhuman and I am so powerful not even a fly can rest on my shoulder. Yeah. If only they knew the truth… I am not thankful for this respect out of fear. I always wanted to be a normal average person who goes to school, has fun with friends, attends some circles and goes out to watch movies. Instead, I am homeschooled. I also have to attend various meetings as creepy Rena, I have to dress in leather and, the most important and most hated thing, I have to attend training… I am really very bad at sports, so I get scolded, scourged and even have to miss supper because of any mistakes I do. So if anyone ever sees me all bloody, trying to stagger to her own room, it’s not after some victorious fight. It’s after I’ve been punished.

If anyone thinks twins are two parts cut from the same cloth, they are so wrong… Me and my twin… We are exact opposites. We look the same, we even have the same scar under our left eyebrows (mine was made by Gekikara, so I would not fail to imitate her at least by looks), but our beliefs and abilities are totally different. It was always like this… Even when our mother gave birth to us… I was the first to come out, but Geki pushed me out of her way and that is why she is older than me…and stronger… She was always bickering and mocking me, always trying to bite, kick or punch me, always taking things and food away from me. We are twins only on the outside. Inside we have no connection or whatsoever. And yet our fates are bound because if she dies, I’ll have to totally do all the things she is doing now, which is IMPOSSIBLE. So I have to watch her ass, even though I’m afraid and angry at her. What a miserable life I have, right?

Still there is another ‘happy’ thing that I have to go through. I feel like someone’s been watching me for the past week and I’m not beautiful or something… I’m ugly… Yes, I do not consider myself pretty, although Jurina keeps telling me otherwise That sly little devil is gorgeous, but me… I wonder if someone is after me because of Gekikara’s doings. If it’s true then he or she are on the wrong track and I have to help them catch myself. That way when my twin continues to kill people our family’s name will be cleared from all the accusations and killings (yet we are the ones who are capable of doing all that stuff). That’s the only way for me to gain family’s respect and to have my freedom. I do believe jail is a better place than this farce I have to live through. I will let them capture me. It’s the only way to be finally free.


6 thoughts on “Checkmate. Chapter B

  1. The reason why I started like Rena is because first time I saw her she was playing Gekikara.
    But I know it is troubling have a twin sister. I have one. So many troubles in our lives.
    I really want to know how this will end.

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