Checkmate. Chapter C

A/n. Sorry for my long absence… Another fixed chapter, soon part D should be up too…

As always, thanks to NORI for proofreading!!


“Awk..” A man choked on his own blood, his pained expression longingly observing his own hand lying five meters away, a trail of blood being the only thing uniting him with his now detached hand.

Another man coughed after spitting the last remains of his lunch that were left in his mouth after vomiting. He could not see anything as his eyes were covered in the blood that ran freely from his now dead companion’s wide open stomach, in which his face was shoved in before. His own body was full of bruises and open wounds, and he knew he was left here like that to die a slow death.

These two men, the only men that were still alive, suddenly stopped in their actions. One stopped looking at his hand, another stopped squirming and trying to get away from the bloody stomach of his friend’s. They stayed still as they heard peculiar sounds of very careful steps passing somewhere near them. The one with a dislocated arm could at least see and so he noticed the person passing by. It was a hooded figure. No, a black-haired girl with a silver colored hoodie. She was wearing brown Timberland shoes, had a backpack on her back and was wearing some skirt. If he had a possibility to look higher, he would have noticed the girl was chewing gum, listening to an MP3 player and was wearing a sly expression on her face, holding her hands in pockets of the hoodie.

(Mayu POV)

Losers… They are not worth even half a penny… Ah, Gekikara really did an awesome job. However, she was just playing this time. Not like the last time, when she was all serious and frustrated. A dropped piano a year ago was nothing compared to what happened last week… Ah it makes me shiver, the thought and the view of it… When I think about it… Seventy men, there were seventy men and she was all alone against them. All that was left after she went out of the building was a jumbled pile of flesh and crushed bones, loose eyeballs and tufts of hair scattering everywhere… Ugh… Yuck.. Yeah, that was not a very nice view for the eyes, not like I’m not used to these kinds of things, but that time… Well, for a monster like Gekikara it was like a little kid playing with a house of candies and cakes that you can eat all you want… Anyway, I have to hurry and leave this place, if I don’t want to be caught. Well, I have at least an hour or so, so I have to try and not to step into any puddle of blood. So far I’m doing a good job. Now, I have to go there, then leave the building and report to father that Gekikara did an awesome job, not that it is needed knowing her abilities..

“Stop right now and raise your hands were I can see them clearly. Do not make any sudden movements. You are under arrest as a suspect for this massive murder.” Someone shouts and I turn my head to the direction where the voice came from. It’s a police officer.
Wait, WHAT THE HELL?!! How did this happen?!! It wasn’t in any of my calculations!! Damn it…

(Atsuko POV)

Ha, I got her. Now Matsui Rena will come to us herself, she wouldn’t leave both of her sisters in jail, now would she? I just know she will come and then… A trap will await her.

“Miyazawa, Akimoto. Take our suspect to the car.” I tell my subordinates, who were in hiding not far from here. We do not barge into Mafia Wars, but if any of innocent people – there were many those today – are hurt in the process… They handcuff Mayu and take her to the car.
This place… I’ve seen worse, but… this massacre… Only Rena could have done this, I can’t think of any other person.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha… Nee…okotteru?..” I hear a voice and turn around, face to face with my enemy, all covered in blood and biting her nails while giggling, her head tilted to the side. Creepy. But I can’t arrest her. I can’t let out any voice. For some reason this creepiness got into me, the Ace of police forces. I can’t move, I just stare at her. I should arrest her,and yet all I do is to watch her come closer, her dark obsidian orbs gleefully observing me. She’s enjoying all of this, that bitch.

“I have a present for you. Do you want it?” She asks and giggles. Not waiting for my answer – not that I could answer to her anyway – she continues. “I’m going to give myself in. But not today.” she giggles again.

Really, why should I believe in her? But her eyes, those dark orbs are so boring into me, that I somehow believe in her.

“Matsui Rena gives you her word, and she never breaks it.” She giggles yet again.

I never thought that this crazy killer, this monstrous person could talk this way. She just spoke from a third person’s point of view… But then again, she is a psycho, so this characteristic is considered normality to them… I guess…

“Tomorrow… Wait for it… At your office…” She laughs creepily again and while giggling and biting her nails leaves the building. She’s clever though, she went to the side where policemen are not present… I still can’t move… I even can’t report her…

She left me all stoned in the middle of destroyed and scattered bodies… This place is giving me creeps but that person… I just know it’s her job and tomorrow, if she keeps her word, I’ll have her in a cell. Somehow I believe in how ‘Matsui Rena keeps her word’ words. I wonder if I’m going to regret this…

(Mayu POV)

So, the trap is set, hehe. It wasn’t in my plans to get myself in jail, but oh well. After Rena gives herself to police tomorrow, Gekikara will strike again and they’ll have to release me and Rena. Jurina…she got into trouble herself and this was all her fault; she wanted to play with that gang. She killed them in a brutal way – though I think brutal is too light to describe the massacre she did – and now she has to pay. Well, she can always wait for her best friend to come back and to free her by paying lots of money.

I wonder if I can make a call. No lawyer, just daddy. I need anime and manga, also a PSP and some cash. If I pay, they will let me have those things, I just know it… And mother could bring some delicious food, too…


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  1. Long time to hear from you.
    Good to have you back, I missed your stories.

    Sure Matsui Rena keep her word, but not Gekikara MUHAHAHAHA (that is my evil laugh)
    Mayu is little boss here.:D

    • you’re welcome 😉 I was actually thanking myself too, cuz I wanted to update but lacked willpower…

      yup, AtsuRena will have their moment in the next or even the nextnext chapter >_<"

      YESH, Gekikara FTW! XD

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